3 Jun 2008

You are a mystery

Everyone, meet Mystery Man. Well actually, he's no mystery to me.

Tomorrow is one of those days which got me excited since last week. It was all set, really. Until something comes up, of course.. and then I go all sulk-y and dull and boring and bratty and hot-headed.

Last week, MM and I had a plan for next week Wednesday (which is already tomorrow) to see a movie, have merienda and eventually hang out with my fashion school friends. It got me thrilled because I haven't seen him since last May 21 where I got all bitter (Hint!). I'm okay now, if you didn't know. And if you have no idea what's going on with my life then don't meddle, I guess. I don't think it will get you anywhere. So yes, back to the topic, everything was set, I already have something to wear (HAHA) and we're bound to see Sex and The City (SEX AND THE CITY!!!) with my friends. But of course he doesn't know that one yet. What he knows is that we'll be seeing Iron Man (Okay, I'm a loser.. I haven't seen it yet :|) alone.. together. But there had been some change of plans, so we'll be seeing the other movie. Also, tomorrow is my tita's birthday. She and Tita Dith will have a day off. So my mom was telling me (Not asking) to guard the shop in Tiendesitas. She didn't even ask me what I was going to do tomorrow. How inconsiderate. :( Now I'm all dull, and I don't know how to tell MM over here about the change of plans. I mean, I could have asked him to come with me to Tiendesitas but all the tinderas there would just gossip about me, being with someone else. And this someone else is a guy! So it means trouble. You see, I haven't introduced him to my parents yet. And no, we are not an item. Yet. So there, I'm going to try and discuss things with my mom. I hope she doesn't go all cranky with me since I'm just going to tell her what I have to do tomorrow. Not about MM, of course.

This week is my last week in Slim's (Fashion & Art's School). And I'd love to spend time with my Makati friends. And I would also highly appreciate it if she considers my plans. I was going to buy tita Beng pizza from Yellow Cab tomorrow but if mom insists on me, staying at the shop then no more pizza. And I'd be all suplada tomorrow, most probably. THE WEATHER WILL PROBABLY MAKE HYSTERICAL AND GROSS. And if she doesn't let me go to school tomorrow, I'd look awful. No make up, no efforts in dressing up, I'd look like trash. Something that hasn't taken a bath for weeks. No. Someone who looks absolutely hopeless. The sole fact that I'm thinking of not looking a bit decent is awful, but I'm trying to be rebellious. *Fails badly*. I'm the greatest wuss, I think. But if, I really, really don't end up going to school tomorrow, I'm drowning myself in Wuthering Heights. I love you Emily Bronte.

I'm so sorry, baby :(

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