4 May 2013

My Top 5 90's Crushes

After weeks of not updating, I finally managed to get my blogging groove on and write about something that hopefully, most of my readers (If I have any, that is) can easily relate to. Never mind my supposed graduation post that was looong due, I think that this is more interesting than telling you about the three grueling hours of waiting for my name to be called, just to receive a piece of paper - that is sadly not my diploma, but a calendar. And so this is what I came up with. My top 5 crushes during the 90's.

It was really difficult to narrow down the list since 8-year-old me had countless of cute crushes back in the day. Celebrities, mostly. Because my grade school classmates just weren't my type. Lolsies.

Let's start.

1. Nick Carter
Why of course he's in this blog post. And don't you even try to deny that you did not have a crush on BSB's heartthrob. The Back Street Boys obviously were the sh*t back then, and I can say that - with no shame - I still listen to their tunes.

2. Freddie Prinze Jr.
*Insert grunt here* Sarah Michelle Gellar is so lucky to have him as her Prinze Charming (Sorry, I couldn't help it!). As a child, I probably didn't appreciate Cruel Intentions all that much but damn. Look at that smile! Hng.

3. Aaron Carter
Who didn't have a crush on Nick Carter's younger bro? He continuously makes me want to sing "I want candy" - the candy being his face because it just looks so sweet! I wouldn't mind getting cavities because of him (Although I really do).

4. Taylor Hanson
Okay, okay. Let's admit it; we all thought we were lesbians when we started crushing on one (or any) of the Hanson brothers just because their long hair was so misleading (Also longer than mine!). And we probably wouldn't mind at all! Taylor Hanson is extremely ermahgerd-worthy. And that voice... oh, that voice! I'm hoping that I wasn't the only girl who was thrilled when a couple of years after, The Hansons came back to the scene with their song "Penny and Me" looking like - yup - BOYS! Boys who are just so damn gorge. Luv ya, Tay.

We're down to the final one, guys. And I definitely saved the best for last. I can openly admit that I still think he's a fine piece of... Oh, you know what I mean!

5. Justin Timberlake
I first saw him in N*Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" music video, and my first thought was "Whoa, this boy's cute". Despite the badly bleached, and kinky hair that looks a little bit greasy, I still found him a lot cuter than JC Chasez (No ofense, JC) who all the girls in my grade totes crushed on. Fast forward to a decade, he makes a comeback and boom! His hair is a gazillion times better. This is probably my only celebrity crush whom I will gladly cry a river for. Oh, and for the record, I absolutely love their "It's Gonna Be Me" video.