20 Feb 2010

I remembered something and it made me smile

I was going through my blog posts and I stumbled upon the one I wrote before my birthday. It said that I promised to not cry on my nineteenth like I'd usually do on my previous birthdays. Good news: I didn't. All of a sudden, I felt proud of myself. Twenty-ten is going to be really good. I haven't been through half of the year yet but there's this certain air that is just so comforting. Or maybe it's just me and my positivity.

Also, I got my hair cut yesterday. Now I am forced to wear girlier clothes due to my extremely masculine hair.

Yesterday's outfit: Misfits shirt, skinny jeans, red plimsolls (Keds)

18 Feb 2010


Finally changed my URL into something more related to me other than neverthehopeless which sounds absolutely emo. I might change it again along the way when I think of something that is more related into fashion since I have decided that this is going to be a fashion blog. Hmm, lots of luck to myself?

Why Don't You Play the Game?

Currently browsing fashion trends for this year since the only access I have right now is the Interweb (thank God!). No more magazines plus I don't get to see my loving fashionista BFFs anymore which is already too bad. I'm not saying that my UST friends are unfashionable, they are.. it's just too mainstream for my liking. That's why I always find myself in a tee, shorts and flats. My new default outfit for the summer.

Anyway, I would really like to get my hands on a few new shoes, accessories, and clothes of course. Oh, and I am also planning to change my 'do for 2010. I'm tired of having stupid-looking blonde hair paired with stupid-looking black eyebrows so I decided to cut my hair short again.. SHORTER than I had it before, and I'm having it dyed back to black again. I wanted something like Agyness Deyn's hair with longer bangs. Or something like Mara Reyes' (PRP Season 1). Whatever.

16 Feb 2010

Fresh From Tumblr

Since I am too lazy to update my blogspot (which I won’t be posting the link of), I am going to update here since it is a lot easier. Haha! Lazy me.

Let’s begin, shall we?

So I’m going to start off with the fact that my parents left me home alone - penniless - again. Even if I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be seeing a movie with my friends today, they only ignored me.. like they always do. Not being emo here or anything, it just sucks that they don’t acknowledge the fact that I am only human and I need to have as much fun as I need. Oh well, parents are just.. annoying sometimes.

Another dilemma I am going through as a teen is having fashion mishaps / troubles. You don’t know how much this is hurting me. Not being able to cope with the fashion world sucks. A world that I FIRST belonged in. Remember, before being a photographer, I was in fashion school and that it is my first love? So there. Now you know. So yes, I am actually having problems with it. The trends are killing me since I don’t get to shop as much anymore.. seeing that I am always in my uniform anyway (which sucks big time), my parents don’t buy me clothes that I don’t need. They would only buy me black shoes and black pants. FML. Isn’t it annoying? Ugh. I wish I transfered to UP-D and took up Clothing Tech like Tin Iglesias. There, nobody would care about what you’re wearing. It would also be easier for me to travel seeing that it’s only one ride away from where I live. By transferring there, my parents would also consider buying me more stuff that aren’t in BLACK because there is no required uniform WHICH IS JUST SO GREAT. Oh yes, regrets regrets. I should have transferred last year when I had the chance. :( It would have been great though because my parents wouldn’t worry about the tuition fee so much plus my allowance. Also, my brother might transfer to Ateneo next semester if ever he gets accepted to their football team or if ever he passes the ACET. Is it too late to transfer?

13 Feb 2010

Fashion Blog? Photo Blog?

I don't really know how to categorize my blog as a fashion blog or a photo blog since I'm pretty random with the things I post. But wouldn't it be cool if this would be a blog about fashion? Just saying. Honestly, putting a single theme and applying it to everything I post might be hard. Nakakatuyo ng utak. If you didn't understand that, never mind.


Whatever! Must stop thinking about a theme. This is my blog and I'll post whatever I want. HAH. On the other hand, I am still stressing over Adobe Lightroom. The interface is so confusing and it's being slow, IDK why. I do hope I get a hang of it soon because it seems fun to use. Too bad for the textures I downloaded earlier - wouldn't be able to make use of them soon. Well, not really but whatever. Right now I'm just editing my friends' photos for fun, trying to befriend Lightroom as if we've known each other for months and not mere hours.

Hah, it's as if I don't have NSTP to attend tomorrow morning. I'm still up even if I should already hit the sack. HOW CAN I SLEEP IF I KNOW THAT SOME HOT GUY IS OUTSIDE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW, HANGING OUT WITH MY BROTHER HUH? Ugh, my brother's friends are so good looking.. annoyingly good looking in that rustic way. Plus, this guy's like Filipino-Spanish-Chinese. How do you imagine a guy with that much nationality in his blood? *Sigh. Nicole Torres, you know what I'm talking about here. His presence is tormenting me! Well, not as much as that guy I usually see in the train does.. especially what SD does to me! Oh my. Me and my horrible, horrible luck. Can't step up to a cute guy unless I've known him for ages or we're good friends. MLIA. I wish I had more guts in me. GLAD I DON'T.

Boyfriend Blazer

Been wearing and loving them since 2008. Why is it only now that it got noticed? Wore this outfit for PFW '08.

If I Ever Feel Better

Amber and I
@ the Salcedo Weekend Market
My dog, Cook
Last two photos taken by Amber (The little girl I was carrying at the first picture, AKA my niece).

This isn't really what keeps me busy, it's what keeps me entertained so I wouldn't go out of my mind. At some point it keeps me sane. I used Lightroom for editing, usually I'd use Photoshop because that's what I'm used to. But this software's been getting good feedback from my friends so I decided to give it a shot. I love the pre-set edits but it still confuses the crap out of me. Oh well, I have the WHOLE week to get used to it since I don't have classes because of the thesis defense the seniors in my University's having. Loads of luck to them, by the way!

Time check: 3:47 PM
Still haven't taken a bath. Oh yes, the glory of weekends. I wouldn't have to take a bath at 4 in the freaking AM, instead, I can take a bath when I'm ready. Which right now I'm not (yet). There's nothing to do as well. Staying home on Saturdays are the new in thing. Get on with it.

Back on Track

I might just go back to traditional blogging. Not tumblr. I miss blogspot, I miss telling stories about myself. I just miss this so-called lifestyle. Why am I coming back now? It's because this is where I discovered my love for writing - it frustrates me so much up until now.

Time for me to pimp my page all over again!

12 Feb 2010

Friday night blues

Rest in Peace, Alexander McQueen. You will be missed.

It's sad that the fashion industry just lost one of its best designers. Every fashionista is mourning, believe me. From now on 'til whenever I feel like it, no more dull clothes. McQueen has always been known for his lively prints, and that's what I'm trying to emulate.

11 Feb 2010

That's Trina on the left, one of my best buddies in school.

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to strawberry fields, nothing is real

Been listening to The Beatles the whole week that's why I came up with The Beatles week for Nicole and I. We'd only be posting lines from their songs as our Facebook status. Isn't it fun?

Anyway, a lot of things have been coming up. I haven't been able to use my super lovely planner in the past two weeks because of my laziness. Updating my blog(s) are on the bottom of my to-do list too. Well I should start filling it up with.. err.. stuff. Like deadlines and appointments and stuff like that.

Regarding school, I'm so excited for the juniors' upcoming fashion show, Year Zero. The theme's somewhere in between Apocalyptic and the end of the world which is pretty creepy. I only thought a few minutes ago that since the theme is like that, I wanted to wear white Doc Marten boots (which I don't have) with my high-waisted Zara silk skirt (in pewter). I haven't decided with the top yet. I'm exerting so much effort right now, obviously because I haven't dressed up nicely for quite some time now. I'm always in tank tops, shorts, cardigans and flats. Seriously, it does not amuse me to be in this outfit 24/7 (other than my school uniform). The event is two weeks away and I'm completely broke; it's a great thing that I was able to go shopping last week and there are a few clothes in my closet I haven't worn yet. Majority of which are skirts. Makes me wish I bought more tops. Oh well, I guess it's time to go to me and my mom's favorite outlet again.