29 Apr 2008

I'm in the city!

It's 10.30 in the evening and not at home on a weekday. Yes, I'm actually elsewhere other than where I'm supposed to be (up at the boondocks). Frikkin fab!.. or not.

See, I study in Makati right? So it's fun with a capital F. And then my parents told me to go home ahead of them since they'll be heading back late (like around 11 probably? IDK). So as a good daughter, after having a meeting at Glorietta (Starbucks, the place to be) I went to Ayala Ave. where I usually ride the FX home. But then there was this super long line but I tolerated it - FOR AN HOUR. So how's that for being patient, huh? So yes, I was standing there, barely moving a muscle, waiting in line. Hoping that an FX would arrive soon for us. Good thing I texted my dad who was apparently a few blocks away from me (He was in Rada). So he told me to just go to where he is instead so I wouldn't rot in Ayala. Thank God he ha mercy! And now I am here in the office of whoever owns this (my dad has a project for the boss), online. I haven't been on for two days because my brother has been too into it. Oh well, like I can do anything about that? I'm just glad I'm not standing in line, worrying and extremely nervous to get home late and get another good dose of scolding. Which is not my thing.

I think I can breathe well now. I know I'll be home in a few.

Tomorrow is outfit day! :D We're headed to Rockwell.

27 Apr 2008

Oh Joy!

So my mom really did throw away (or hide, whatever) my Gossip Girl DVD. Ugh, thank God for YouTube. Pathetic. I'll continue watching it on YouTube anyway. Not that she can stop me or anything.

Congratulations! You just reached the top of the social climbing ladder. That's to the person who thinks she has everything just because he/she knows somebody popular (i.e rockstar, actor, actress, artist, model, any social figure). They say never forget to look back from where you came from. But whatever happened to this person, I don't know. Sweetie, it doesn't mean that if you're connected to somebody such as the people mentioned above means that you should forget what you were. Like, you never ask me for money for your food. As if! Funny how you forgot about hanging out with your friends. You know, the ones who stuck around when you were busy hunting for the opposite sex and flirting with anything that has legs? When we were so busy lecturing you about things like that (love) aren't forced, what did you do? You still went on with your thing. Ah yes, those times. Now we're just so busy to even notice that you're gone and we're so into our careers, studies and our family, busy not being the prodigal child in the family. We all see that you're the type of person who when gets in a relationship completely forgets about the outside world. Goes with the partner everywhere (literally) and anywhere he/she says so. Honestly, sometimes I think you're after that person's money. Sad.

Anyway, why am I ranting about such thing anyway? Such shallow thing. Hmm, let's see.. Maybe because we've been best friends since last year and now you completely blew me and the others off? You can call this bitterness. And yes, I miss you and our sleepovers. (I think this paragraph is totally giving your identity away) I'm not pathetic as you are though, I don't want to continue a low life. Don't expect me to always be there for you after your lover dumps you, or you dump him. Since you do have this thing about breaking up after a hundred days, right? Don't expect me welcoming you with open arms. So maybe I will, but just remember things will never be the same again.

How pointless could this post get? Oh yes, I completely forgot this is my blog after all. And I am now indulging in a sarcastic laugh. This is a post offered to the bestest friend you could ever imagine. The type who leaves you hanging, that is. I'm not completely saying this is a post of hatred, this is just my outlet for my emotions.

Anyway since I'm watching Gossip Girl, I might as well swoon over Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). I know I know, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) = Hot. But Dan Humphrey's (Penn Badgley) personality is just, way awesome. And his smooth voice? I wish I had a boyfriend with such. And I love Rufus and Lily's "love team" here. It's amazing. Okay, so I'm gonna get back to my Gossip Girl marathon.

Catch you later.

25 Apr 2008


I finally got enrolled and I finally have my schedule with me. Imagine my face when I saw that I had TWO vacant days! And imagine my face when I saw that all my first subjects start at 7 in the morning. Except for my PE of course which the schedule, I chose myself but not the sport (Volleyball. Ugh). See I was supposed to enlist in badminton which is my main sport since summer of sixth grade and finding out that the schedules (I had two choices) were full, I was simply horrified and I didn't know what to take up. Soccer was my main pick. But we don't have soccer during the first semester (CFAD, at least) so I'll take it up next sem. And I will make sure that I enroll early. I don't want to get all the horrifying slots. Ugh.

Supposedly, my classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (my dad laughed at me when he found out!). Basically I have to be out of the house by 5.30 to not be late. I hope it all goes well, though. I've always been late.

I don't want to talk about what happened yesterday. It was horrid.. especially my ID picture. I think I should lose the identification card to have another picture taken. Look, I don't want people behind me checking out how I look like in my ID picture as I swipe my ID while I go inside the building! That's just.. UGH. Anyway, it was a tiring day yesterday. And I'm just glad to get home.

When I did, I immediately watched Gossip Girl since I couldn't stop thinking about it since last Sunday when I bought it. And apparently, my mom arrived from an engagement in San Juan. So she lied down and watched with me. Until Episode 7, at least. You know, the whole sex thing going on between Serena and Dan, and Blair and Chuck? She then, as a mother, couldn't stop lecturing me about how it's not our culture (pre-marital sex) and so on. So right after the episode, I stopped the player and placed the CD on top of the case then mumbled something about not watching it while she's there. And yes, she said something about that too but I didn't catch it since I was already in my room, shutting the door.

This morning though, when I was going to start watching again since she was about to leave and all, I suddenly couldn't find the DVD. Can you guess why? Good enough, she was still outside while I was looking for it so I rushed to her and asked about the CD. She just said she doesn't know anything about it. Pft, who is she mocking anyway? I'm not eight. And I know things! I couldn't find the CD anywhere, I even texted her about it and no response from her. Ugh. I was pissed for a couple of minutes then just settled on watching Devil Beside You that wasn't very interesting but hey, it kept me occupied! In the middle of the Chinovela, Mico called. No, he doesn't usually call me here at home but I guessed that he has nothing to do. So we talked, and he told me that they have a condo in Crame (yes, Camp Crame). And then he suddenly said "Roomies!" and I go "?". When he mentioned this, I already told him about my unattractive schedule (being out of the house by 5.30 in the morning and classes ending at 5/6pm). He actually wants me to live with him and his brother (David) in their parents' condo in Crame. And he said that there was a spare room, which is apparently, his parents'. How could I live there? Jeez. But maybe we'd talk about it some more next time. When our parents are present. Whew, that was kind of off topic but hey, it's a part of the story!

.. And now I'm watching Gossip Girl's eighth episode on YouTube. Tell me how much of a loser I am. At the same time downloading the whole season in Torrent (all thanks to Mico for giving me advice about this whole thing, he even advised me to check out the trash can for the CD because he said that his mom's like that. Throws pirated CDs away. She's into the whole anti-piracy thing). So yes, I'm having fun. Actually.

Ayala tomorrow with Bang (WeeWillDoodle event in Greenbelt) and then Shang with Jepoy. Ah yes, some decent people to hang out with and talk to. Finally.

24 Apr 2008

Quick Post!

I'm enrolling in UST today. Actually and honestly I'm a bit nervous, I have no idea what to expect or what to do for that matter. They said parents weren't allowed inside, I wonder why? But my father's a professor, does that mean he's allowed inside or not? I mean, if he does go in there as a teacher or whatever. You get my point? I'm dead serious when I told you I was nervous. I hope we finish fast though, I don't want to stay in line for more than two hours. See Franz and myself have experienced the whole reservation of slots thing in Benilde where I was supposed to go to school and we waited in line for a long time, I tell you! But we didn't get to enroll. Ah well. I hope Danee (a friend who's going to UST as well) arrives early so we can go in line together or something. And then we'd know the process together. I'm not used of being alone especially in an environment I'm not familiar of (I will be soon, though). Dump me in Glorietta or Shangri-La, I'd know where to go. Do you get the whole point now? And I hope I don't forget anything like when I submitted my requirements (I went there with just one copy of the Certificate of Good Moral and I don't have the bright yellow paper which states that I passed with me!), because I swear, I will freak! But anyway I asked Danee what to bring. One of her batch mates already enrolled and she (the batch mate) told Danee that we would need the long paper and the Certificate of Enrollment. In that case I'm bringing the Admission Slip (the yellow paper we, the USTET-takers, had with us during the exam together with the receipt)
since it's stated there that it would be needed on the enrollment itself.

They said that the enrollment process was tiring. And literally breath-taking. We might need to walk to the main building and back to the CFAD then to the gym. Heck, I'm just extremely thankful that I just have to get my schedule and probably enlist in a PE (I'm choosing soccer, definitely) then pay. Sounds like a piece of cake, I know! But when I get there, I don't know.. I just don't know.

Oh my. Is this a quick post? I swear, it is. I've been typing for just around five minutes. So maybe I'm too focused on ranting about the enrollment and stuff. Wait until the first day. That would be something else.

My heart is pounding inside my chest like there's something in there trying to get out. Yes, I'm very much nervous about the enrollment. Petty thing, petty thing. That's what I keep on thinking about, that's what I'm currently thinking about. And I can't wait to get this over with! Because after this, I'd just have to probably buy my uniform (just the top) and then scout for black pants (dad and I want the ones from Space, in Rustan's and probably look around some more) and shoes (I'm still considering the Crocs, mind you).

Okay enough about this. Dad's taking a bath and I should too. Don't want to delay anything ;)

Wish me luck! Whew.

22 Apr 2008

Just a Pre-School Ritual

Lately I've been incredibly drawn to people.com. For some reason I couldn't put my style together. Meaning summer is just not my thing. I've been ranting and ranting to myself and I thought hey, I have a blog, I'd just rant there since it's nice to use fancy words. So here I am in my white tank top and red skinny jeans (I know I said no pants on the previous entry but I had nothing else to wear. My denim cut-off shorts are for tomorrow). Well, you know my style icons right? The Olsen twins, Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Agyness Deyn. But the style is just a bit last season so I should go and look for new style icons for the summer. And then there was Gossip Girl. I know that their outfits are more on the cool sides (tights, boots, coats). But her style in Gossip Girl was very feminine. Ruffles, florals and all that Upper East Sider thing. I just love it. I wish I hadn't been so boyish. I was practically a guy back in high school. Heck, I didn't even comb for crying out loud! So how's that? Oh and I don't know, maybe I just wanted to say this but Blake Lively is my ideal Rosalie Cullen for some reason. Nikki Reed? I just don't know. Anyway, I like Blake Lively a lot not just as Bridgette (right?) in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But as who she is. You know where I'm getting! Anyway I'm going to work on my feminine side. I've been too intouch with my masculinity recently (i.e, by wearing shorts, pants, no dresses, no skirts). Maybe because I don't have skirts, I don't have a lot of dresses either.

I should seriously go shopping. And buy new boots. This sucks, I think I should wait until after I get enrolled in UST.

Well, I miss London anyway. Better shop around next week, my closet is practically giving me a hard time!

21 Apr 2008

A New Kind of Love

I've never read a book. AT ALL. I know, it sucks (that I haven't, I mean). But last night I started watching the first season and I like it. Heck, I might even love it! But I hate the fact that I'm already watching the series while I still don't have my hands on the book. And I have a lot to spend on. Maybe it's time to tell my dad that I need a new book.. again. It's practically the only thing I ask from him and mom. A new book. They would rather buy me books than clothes. Is it normal? Jen's mom would rather buy her clothes than books. She (the mom) said that books will just rot in the book shelf. Since Jen's just going to read it once. Ah well, books are fun. They make me happy and depressed (it depends on the story and how it ends). And it entertains me. That's what's important!

I prefer Serena than Blair. I don't know, maybe it's the character? But who am I to judge? I haven't even read the book. Maybe I should.. don't you think? *pauses* I think so too! Then I can't wait to go to Bonifacio High Street again. They probably have all the books I want.

Like Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan . Have you read it? I was eyeing on it since I-don't-know-when in Powerbooks. Ah well, I find it very intriguing. Two teens falling for each other overnight. That's something, don't you think? I mean, that doesn't usually happen right before our eyes everyday. I think it's a unique story. Honestly now. Oh and there'll be a movie about it, too! What's up with novels becoming movies nowadays huh? Most of us readers prefer books of course and the movies disappoint us. But we give them a shot anyways! That's fair. A little bit of trivia about the up and coming movie, the guy who's playing Nick is.. *drumroll*.. the guy who played Paulie Bleeker in Juno. Amazing and absolutely cool. Norah's persona though is very pretty. Kat Dennings. Who I think looks a little too old for Michael Cera's baby-face. But he's what? Around nineteen? Oh wait, almost twenty.

Apparently I'm looking at this site about the movie. I was only looking for a synopsis and this is what I got. More to look forward to; great! I was kind of hoping to see more movies this year. This summer actually. So yeah, if you've read the book, the movie's coming out on the eighth of October. In the States, at least. I wonder if it'll be shown here in this country. Hmm.. Oh oh! And this Asian guy in Disturbia's going to be there, too! Goody goody. *grin*

Here's another novel that I want to read. Love Falls by Esther Freud. Whew, since when did I start reviewing books? Damn. So anyway it's about a seventeen-year old whom her father asked to come with for a vacation in France. She falls in love, go figure.

Oh yes, the amazing benefits from staying in Shang for a long time. Thank God for National Bookstore and Powerbooks. They've been a constant hang-out next to our (me and my friends) ever-so-often The Ledge. It's a gift, I tell you. The bookstores and Ledge. But then there's nothing else like Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. They have loads of books. In fact they have too many, I don't even know where to start! But I personally like browsing in the young adults / teen section. I'm a sucker for teeny-bopperish love stories. And I know that deep inside, you are too. There's no use denying here now. Be honest.

I wish I had a job. Or at least have a loaded ATM card so I can buy all the books I want. I guess the Gossip Girl series will keep me busy all summer long. Or weekends, rather. Since I'd be busier with school (fashion school). Where were we? Oh, the money! Yes, of course. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some girl here who's filthy rich. That's just.. not true. My family's sort of well off? I don't know how to describe it. AGH, the hell. That's not important.

It's summer, it's extremely hot, and my closet is loaded of jackets and hoodies. I have dresses sure but I guess I've been trapped in my black tights, dark-colored dress, and my ever so trusty black patented flats combo since the rainy season. And seriously? I don't wanna be trapped in them. I need new stuff, people! And I should seriously stop hoping for at least a rainy summer. I'm talking about summer dresses, gladiator sandals, shorts, florals, skirts, flirty/flowy tops, plaid and NO PANTS! Not exactly no pants but you know what I mean.

Say hello to my style icons during the cold:

The Olsen twins (more of MK, actually), Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and of course, how can I ever miss my favorite model, Agyness Deyn?

As for my closet staples during the good times.

My original red and white Shemagh scarf, dresses with black opaque tights, the flats that I practically live in (I got mine from Debenhams, they don't really look like that on the picture) and my flat, gray, scrunchy boots from Baguio, which I love.

You have no idea how much I miss those days where I can freely wear tights. I miss wearing tights. I miss wearing my boots. My flipflops make my feet wider. I should probably stop wearing them already this summer and try to look for new flats. I'm telling you, I've used mine so many times they literally have to be replaced.

I've got a lot in mind. But dad needs to use the computer now. Pls pls plssss replace the video card. The PC's practically shutting down by its own *sobs*.


19 Apr 2008

What About Happiness?

I'm currently focusing on my styling. And in all honesty, I don't think I'm getting a paid styling job anytime soon. But I did a shoot with besties Aki (David, actually: Designer) and Ivana (Bang: Model) for Chalk but I didn't get paid. It was more of a something to be put in my portfolio. Not bad, right? So I am requesting you, you and you to buy Chalk's June issue.

Anyway last Wednesday I met up with Jen at Shang since she's leaving for the US (for college) on the 26th. Boohoo. So we scheduled this thing right away the moment I found out. So yeah, I was wearing my mother's top that seemed like a dress to me (since it's in a big size and all that) and shorts underneath of course. I didn't mind the looks, really although it was quite bothering at the start since I did begin my day in frickin' Makati. No, not Makati-Upscale but Makati-PLAZA FAIR. Haha! Seriously now? But we went to Glorietta right after to meet up with thy awesome friends. Then to Shang. So back on track, Jen and I were in Zara and these girls were dressing up the mannequins. Seriously, they style the mannequins for Zara. I got pretty envious, to be honest. I'm right now compiling/fixing my portfolio for future jobs and stuff and I was sort of hoping to get into this window/mannequin styling job. Something a bit grand, you know? Maybe for Gucci, or Escada, or Versace, maybe Chanel and Burberry. But if not then I guess Zara's a great start! I know it's upscale at some point but I really would love to work for them. What's holding me back? School. I'm enrolling in UST this coming Thursday (24th) so this is what I'm practically busy about. Sigh. I really want that job.

8 Things which Anne is Passionate About

Talking (Haha)
Fashion books... ?

8 Things which Anne Wants To Do Before She Dies
Shop 'til I drop!
Go to London
Go to New York
Shop in LDN
Shop in NY
Have my own grand fashion show
Be famous
Get really rich

8 Things Anne Says Often
"No way!"
"I think..."
"I honestly think that those people aren't drawn to fashion because they actually like it. It's just for the heck of it."

8 Books which Anne Has Read Lately
New Moon
Royally Jacked
Spin Control
Pride & Prejudice
That's about it, I guess.

8 Songs which Anne Can Listen To Over and Over
Uh Oh - Taken By Cars
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
It Means Nothing - Stereophonics
Chemistry of a Car Crash - Shiny Toy Guns
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
Naive - The Kooks
You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol

8 Things That Attract Anne to Her Best Friend(s) *In my case
They make me happy.
They get me.
They make so much sense after all my stupidity.
They make me feel better after a horrid day.
We all have the same thinking at times.
We're all opposites but we get along well.
I have fun with them.
They're absolutely, simply the best.

I'm saving up PhP10,000 for these dresses. And they're not just dresses. Dress #1 is Chanel while Dress#2 is Gutey. But there are other dresses that I'm incredibly attracted to. Like this MiuMiu and AnnaSui dress. And also these BCBG dresses and Maxmara! Oh and I can't forget Dior. Their prices make me sad though. I think I need to have a job first before I buy them. But they're so cheap! Compared to the original price of course. And they're not fake. My friends are selling them for really low prices (compared to the original price.. again). And I'm practically in love with them. :x Sigh, I can't wait to have money.

13 Apr 2008

The Cinemas Keep Me Sane

This week I have seen around four movies, I guess. My Monday (A holiday) was spent with David in Greenhills. Scouting for an incredibly decent point-and-shoot camera and also checking out Wiis and PS3s. He was smitten by the PS3 though, so he's really thinking about whether to get a camera or just the PS3. So anyway, we saw Semi Pro that day. Tuesday rolled by and after school I met up with dad in Makati Cinema Square, bought An Interview With A Vampire and Nacho Libre. Saw those two as well. And then yesterday, I saw The Other Boleyn Girl with Mico. Today, I watched Secret; it's a Chinese movie and you should go see it. It's kind of heart-breaking, actually and I love it! Okay, so that makes five. :))

Just to feed your curious minds on how I thought of the movies I've seen this week, well Semi Pro's funny (I didn't like it too much, obviously). An Interview With A Vampire is extremely amusing and I love it (you know me and my obsession :P). Brad Pitt = HOT, 'nuff said. Nacho Libre is funny and I rest my case. Jack Black is to be loved by everyone. The Other Boleyn Girl was sick (in a good way)! If you're a fan of Across The Universe, then you should see this. "Jude" is Scarlet Johanson and Natalie Portman's youngest brother. Wicked huh? And as for Secret, I love it a lot. I hadn't been smitten to an Asian movie / soap for a long time and this just brought me back to my feet. And I nearly cried.. if only my parent's weren't there. It was so heart-breaking. At some point you might have to clutch onto your chest because of this certain pain. That happens with me, I just don't know with you. See I'm always like this especially when I get carried away. May it be with the books I read or the movies I watch. Ah well, you know what I mean. Bottom line: I love Secret.

As I move on to another topic, you must know how much I loathe Crocs. Even with a passion! But since my mother is over-excited for my college life (which has already started last year) wanted to look for a good, expensive (with its reasons) pair of school shoes. So we browsed through Rustan's. She wanted to buy Aerosoles for me. But WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? I don't want to spend that much amount of money on shoes that I will probably end up using just to walk through UST's field and uneven grounds. And that's not me, I like being practical with a reason. And I like to splurge with a reason as well. But since my mother is insisting on buying me a nice pair, she was actually thinking of Crocs. Yes, those bulky-looking plastic-rubber shoes whatever material it's made of. We actually think it looks like a farmer's shoe.. hmm, yes it does. But when I landed my eyes on Alice (OMG TWILIGHT MEMORIES XD):
It looks good (meaning it doesn't look like a farmer's shoe at all), plus is just TOO comfy. And I could run in them around CFAD's slippery corridors. Especially when I need to go to the bathroom in a hurry or the next class in a rush. It's not that bad isn't it? But we're still looking around. I think it might look a bit awkward with the black pants required. Ah well, come what may. I'm thinking of the Kung-fu flats from TopShop though. But they're not leather.. And I might slip in them. I need something sturdy.


6 Apr 2008

We all coo'

Mico's birthday was a blast! Even if we had to stay at Omakase (Japanese restaurant in Libis) 'till closing everything was still great. The food was amazing. Probably the best Japanese food I've had so far. After eating and staying in Omakase 'til closing, we bought.. well.. what is there to be bought when it's your birthday? Yes, liquor. After buying these, we went to his house and got ice, glasses and a fork (That we didn't get to use) then drove to the tank.
Yes, that's the tank. It's more of like a rooftop of some sort. Ah well, so we went there and that's where we had our one on one. We talked and had a few shots. And since the driver wasn't available, Mico had to be the one to drive me home. It was his first time to drive without someone authorized in the car. It was a great experience for him since he's already an adult (sort of) and it's sort of memorable for me too because he's the first guy (who isn't my father, or my uncle, or whatever) who drove me home so we're really cool with it. Haha and the great thing was we didn't get drunk. I had all the rights to be, and he doesn't have any since he's the one who's actually going to bring me back to my parents. So yeah, I sort of kept on freaking out on him though. He's a good driver.

Oh, and I just came home from Pangasinan. We didn't go to the beach :( Maybe next time.. SUBIC *drools*. I'm totally looking forward to that one.

3 Apr 2008

Look at the sun!

Yesterday wasn't a very good day.. At least the beginning and some parts of it. Not really the majority but you know what I mean. My schedule yesterday was to go to UST, submit the requirements and then go to Shang and see Shutter with Mico. Pretty smooth going I know but then I lack one Certificate of Good Moral and the yellow paper thingy that proves that I passed. And also, I don't have two 2x2 pictures yet so when we got to UST, the first thing that I did was that I had my pictures printed. Then went to CFAD with my father to submit my requirements. I know it's not a very good first.. I should have had everything that I needed before I submit. I thought I had all the things I need to bring and submit. Using my father's authority this early isn't very good. But I do know that when I start studying in UST, I won't be using that any longer.. probably. Ah well. But things went well, I'm glad. All I lack is that Certificate of Good Moral thing.. That's just it.

I finished everything I had to do in UST around 3.30pm. And since Shutter starts at 5pm, I had to be early of course because I do know that time is gold. But since my mother is.. well.. my mother, we always had to pass by some place. And in this case, we had to pass by St. Lukes because Nico (a friend from church) was sick and his mom is a friend of my mom (obviously). He's awfully sick, and I hope he gets well ASAP. But mom was the only one who went to his room. My dad and I were too hungry to even face people and socialize. Sure, but maybe after we've eaten.. we're really grumpy people. Anyway as usual, my mom took long. We waited for her for more than 30 minutes. And she knew that I was in a rush. Of course I couldn't really say anything about her not being time-conscious (again) but she's my mom, and I'm just her kid. But when I'm the one who gets late for what? Five minutes? She gets infuriated. Not quite a sight. She always lays on the guilt trip. Ugh. Anyway I got to Shang around 5.05pm; not that bad, I know but then I wasn't able to start the movie. Ugh. But then I'm totally cool with it.

After the movie, we went to The Ledge. And then to Cibo where grandma (Espina's) was. And the fact that the cute waiter was the one who served us. The one who went to Spain and came back (inside joke). I sent Cassie a message that very moment. And then after that, we went to Tender Bob's to eat. We didn't eat in Cibo. It's just grandma. I got pork chops. Since I don't want buger. Tender Bob's is really good, a bit pricey though but I think it's worth it. Then Mico and I bought candies. OH JOY. I love the sunflower seed thingy and also the pebble-looking ones. And of course the Dracula teeth. Just delish. So we came back to Tender bob's. Oh, we also took some pictures. The day wasn't so bad after all, huh?

They liked the blurred pictures.. After watching Shutter and all that. *Shrugs*

Today is Mico's birthday. And to him, I give my half a bottle of long neck stuck in my room! Inuman na. :))