29 Jan 2008

Great things happen

The day before my birthday, the same day of my celebration (25th), I received an SMS from my cousin who studies in UST saying that I actually passed the USTET. So imagine me in SHOPWISE (of all the places, right?) buying something to drink for my celebration. And my face was like "O_O" and ":O" or maybe "8O" that could also be "8D". As much as I want to deny how incredibly stupid I looked like while I was reading the message, but I do and that's fact. With no hesitation I sent a GM right away after receiving the message. It was a sort of overwhelming happiness. It's great to finally have a school. Before I was too decided upon entering CSB without knowing or acknowledging our financial capabilities. My parents were so supportive of me taking up Fashion Design & Merchandising in Benilde but later on forcing/convincing me to take up Multimedia Arts instead.. I agreed. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't enroll. Well I don't blame them. CSB is way too out of our league anyway. Too much. Anywayyy, so passing UST is a great way to start my birthday right? Although it's not my birthday yet during that time. Earlier that day I wasn't even feeling it. My day didn't really start right but my walking around Shopwise sort of helped.

My birthday celebration was even better. They were late, yes but it was still a lot of fun. And THEY LOVED THE FOOD! - WITH A PASSION, I tell you! We had a few shots, lots of laughs, all-girl dance party in my room, happy times, sweet moments.. you know those type of things. And to top it all off, I really had a great time.

All of the pictures are uploaded in my Multiply of course ;) It's for contacts only so be sure to add me up as your contact first.

So there. I'm actually 17 now. My parents still haven't given me anything. Except for my mom who bought me a pair of black skinnies that aren't really skinny (or tight) because it's a bit lose on my thigh and leg area. But the small is just too tight (I got the medium). It was on sale, and it's TERRANOVA! I love Terranova. So much for that, I might ask a pair of Nike Dunks from my dad. Christmas and birthday gift, mind you. I don't like asking them for something too much for just one occasion (i.e my birthday alone, just for Christmas). Just because I don't like giving them a hard time.. sometimes. But my dad wants to buy me the dress first (for prom) and the shoes and also the super pulido stockings/tights. Yes, I cannot wait for the Dunks. My shoe rack seems too dull without one. *tear*

23 Jan 2008

Bad things happen

There was this one whole week that I didn't go to class because I was too lazy. So instead, I hit the mall. That's what my parents didn't know. A while ago, my parents found out because I think the school I go to called here. They also called Cassie so it's just such a bummer. What do they know? It's so stupid though. Well anyway, my parents told me that I shouldn't do it again 'cause I did it only around four times. One whole week two weeks ago, my last school-day (Thursday) my parents knew that I was in Glorietta 'cause they were the ones who actually dropped me off and all. And then today because I wasn't in the mood at all. At first school was really great, I didn't wanna miss a class because I was feeling all happy and fulfilled, but after our Christmas vacation I just felt like bumming around with my friends! You know, the hangover you get when you just remain at this state where you don't do anything - yeah that, it's bliss. But since my parents sort of talked me out of cutting classes, I won't anymore. Thinking about the tuition fee they pay for me to be able to learn how to freaking sew. Makes me wish that I should have taken the USTET last year. :( My tuition was already good for a semester, I guess. Tsk tsk, it's just too severe. But at least I got to learn something during my spare time. And yes, I won't slack off anymore. As much as I hate to say this but I miss academics (Yes, math and science too).

Speaking of school, my mom wants to enroll me in LaSalle College International. Just this short course, Fashion Photography. And I really want it too! My dad was telling my mom not to get me into it and keep the money for my DSLR (YAY!) but her point was for me to have a certificate. I'd agree with the both of them. I want the DSLR, and I want the certificate. HERE I COME, PHOTOGRAPHY JOBS!

Her name's Cheska (aka BEBANG). This was last year, June. We went to this Toy Convention / Cosplay in Megamall. I love her outfit! I was just wearing this blue Chinese top, black skinnies and flipflops. How plain right?

And these lovely ladies are Ivana and Mie. I love them a lot. Shot on the same day. :)

It's funny how I can switch from this topic to that even if they're poles apart. Could be a gift?

Who could ever miss this?
Yeah, too bad right? But was it really suicide or was it drug overdose?
Wait, what's the difference? Psh.

The deal with the "L" word

When somebody tells you that he/she loves you, what would be your initial reaction? Sure we've been saying that a lot towards our friends, family members and relatives, probably a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Maybe it's been too long or maybe I'm just plain clueless about this. Love knows no reason, they say. Does it really have no reason at all?

Ladies tend to expect so much from the guy after he tells her that he loves her. A girl's mind is extremely (if not alike) different from a man's mind. Us, ladies, anticipate the future; what could happen, what couldn't, what you don't want to happen, what might, what you want to happen and so on. Diba totoo naman? Okay, so maybe this doesn't apply to every female out there but most of the time, that's what happens. Kaya mabilis masaktan. It's not easy to do the things you say. Like maybe, I won't get carried away, I'll forget him, I won't text him, etc. But isn't it funny when you're already at it then he suddenly pops out of nowhere and you forget about the things he did to make you do (or attempt to) what you just said a while ago. Tell me if I'm wrong about these, okay? ANGHIRAP MAGING BABAE! Hahahaha. But it's fun. DIBA?!

Let's lighten up the conversation.

Please don't tell me what happened or the story. I know it's a musical but that's just what I want to know at the moment. I'm going to see it for myself. Probably with Cassie and whoever else. Or Dora and Desi maybe.

And this, I am to see with Aki ;)
And maybe my other fashion school classmates too. That'd be fun, don't you think?

Oh, and also this one!
Yeah it's that Million Dollar Baby chick and that 300 dude. Wait, Hilary Swank IS the girl in Million Dollar Baby right? My mom saw that movie. Here at home of course. So anyway, I don't know who I'm seeing this with yet. But the whole 'He broke her heart when he died' thing kind of gave me the creeps (in a good way, for sure). And it seems romantic. And last but not the least, I just have to watch My Best Friend's Girlfriend (syempre bold na sya kasi yan lang yung walang picture eh :P). Seriously?! It seems interesting. And sort of typical. AND it's Richard Gutierrez's movie for crying out loud! I think I've seen most of his movies. Around three-fourths. And I'm not kidding. I am a sucker for Pinoy films and yes, I LOVE One More Chance and I'd definitely love to see it again. May DVD naman na diba? :P

Have you noticed the sudden change of topic? Well, I don't wanna talk about LOVE all through out this post. That will be.. too serious. And I'm not the too serious type of person. And that's it.

I miss him.

20 Jan 2008

Laziness will kill you

Oh yes it will.

If you would notice, my layout is pre-made. Just because 1) I'm a bit too lazy to make my own; and 2) I can't think of something creative. If I were to be creative, that would only apply on photography and fashion. HTML and editing, I don't think so. Unlike before I would change my layout almost every week (or probably after a few days after I upload/post my new layout), but it's sort of different now obviously. But truth to be told, I already want to change my layout. I'm just waiting for the time when something inspires me.

Oh and HI, I'M GOING TO PROM AGAIN! Hah, I'm a bit more excited because.. I don't know? I just am. David (Espina) is going to be my date because I sort of forced him to. Yeah but when he said that he doesn't need a prom date anymore (cue: SOB), then he asked me to be his date again, I said yes! Without a doubt, yes! And I don't even have to ask my parents for permission because it's an automatic YES.. obviously. I mean, David and I have been extremely good friends for ages. And our moms, oh don't get me started. They've been best friends since I was in fifth grade. Now I'm already in college (currently taking a vocational course because my parents just won't send me to CSB) and they're still the bestest of friends. With additional crazy minds like Tita Tess and Tita Jeny. Insane. Okay so that's very off-topic. Speaking of PROM; a while ago, mom and I were looking around for new shoes for prom because I think it's going to be held at their principal's house (their school has very little population, so don't mind the fact that they're going to have their prom in her back yard, most probably), and I can't wear the heels that I wore during my prom and the LSGH prom because the heels are just sky high. So I'm looking for something a bit lower. Probably around two and a half inches? I don't know, just not four, please. Okay so we were looking around right? Then when we were in People are People, I FOUND A DRESS. Not like it's anything too significant and amazing because what I know, is that I already have a dress to wear (the one I wore in LSGH's prom). Then my parents told me that it was nice and all that so they'd get me that one for prom. So okay I was happy and all and yay I have a dress, and I MIGHT ALSO GET NIKE DUNKS FOR MY 17TH! Yay! *dances* Sam on the other hand, is getting a pair of Vans (the one with the maze-like print) because he's wearing those for prom. I'm glad he's getting a new pair of shoes because all he ever uses are his red futsal shoes. So we're both happy. And my parents are happy too. :D

Don't you think it's a great year? I think so too ;)

We're all hoping that this never ends. Let's pray harder, then :D

14 Jan 2008

What is love?

Some people might say that it's love when silence is better than words. Maybe for me it's just a huge waste of time for sixteen-year-old girls like me trying to be too cool for something like math or science. My mother changed my so-called point of view towards couple-hood. She's right - I'm selfish and immature - and what more, I can't handle a relationship yet. I'm not closing up the possibilities though because I just don't want to be committed. Yes, it's all about the big C. And it's not cancer.

Okay enough about that.

Last week has been well-spent with my friends. Simply hanging out and having fun. It was a great week, I tell you. I was also able to spend time with my niece (my cousin's daughter) which was great considering that she's going to be back to New Zealand soon; and that was yesterday. My Multiply is regularly updated again (YAY!). Internet is such a luxury, I tell you. Well I'm assuming you already know that.Meet Chelsea. ;) She's extremely pretty even with the funny face on. She told me that we should stop taking pictures because she might have a nightmare. The next day she said that she didn't have any.

Last Friday I went to Laguna with my mom, Tito Gino and yes, Chelsea. It wasn't much of a trip but it was okay. Didn't get too tired. We had dinner at the Espina's aroud 7pm. Hmm.. Gambas. *Drools*

Saturday was spent in my High School where they held a fund-raising event for Sir Ruel (who has Colon cancer, if you didn't know). Had lots of fun because I was finally able to spend time with my high school friends. They all sort of looked different except for some of them. And I'm not going to name names. As they say, there's always room for improvement.

It was a crowd full of freshmen and sophomores. And they dance in this sort of slutty manner. Ugh.

8 Jan 2008

This pain will last forever

Call me a bad student because I didn't go to school and my parents sort of know I did. So keep your mouth shut and let's be good friends. Anyway I just hung out with my friends (from school) because we were all too lazy to go to school. Maybe I can tell my parents that I'm just not in the mood to go there but then that means no allowance. Sob. Oh, and you don't have to worry or whatsoever because I still have plans on going to school, just.. not now. The head-master is gheyyyyy. Don't ask me why.

Do I look happy? I am. Well no, not because of him dummy. He's Aki, just so you know. Well don't ask anything else. Basta ako, masaya. :)

Tomorrow's a new day. With new people (not really). And I'm going out with Chelsea and do girl stuff. I'd have to go with her to Nail Spa tomorrow just so she'd experience the whole being prepped up thing. She likes the idea.

6 Jan 2008

Saturday nights, drunken dreams

Just got home from Mega Mall with my friends. I missed them a lot although I'd have to say it's not the same as before. It was a bit different. Okay so it was completely different. With a whole lot of new people. New faces. It was awkward. Seriously. But anyway Dora and Paul were there. That made me feel more comfortable. And also, meeting new people isn't really a bad thing, right?

Well I don't wanna make this long. I'm glad that we FINALLY have DSL again. It's such a relief. Less hassle indeed :) Amazing.

1 Jan 2008

Happy '08!

I have been thinking hard if I should go to the My Chemical Romance concert because I just have this feeling that I'd still be able to see them in the future (whenever that is, I'm waiting). And well, March 09's Incubus is just so tempting, don't you think? I mean, MCR's a good band.. I love them (except for the third album which I don't love as much), but it's just not the same anymore. So I wound up with the thought that - NO - I won't see MCR. And besides it's my birthday the following day (haha promote!), my parents might not allow me to go out with my friends and have a night out.. somewhere. And besides, I'm saving up for a DSLR and it's gigantic flash.

So I'm still looking for bands to play on February 09. My production's first gig. If you're interested just click the link.

I can't wait to go shopping! And buy neww stuff for my 2008 wardrobe; like new pants, more short Like new pants, more shorts, new shoes, dresses, flipflops (iPanema and Havssssss!). Also, new hair. Should I cut it real short? Hmm. And since it's new year, I'd have to do something about my plans! Hah, and I want to make use of my planner. Sayang naman if I don't use it.
Seventeen feels so good. Hah, it probably feels the same only better. It's just a step (year) away from freedom.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss school; since what I'm doing now is different from college (vocational, yo!). And speaking of school, I'm going to find out the results to my USTET on the 28th so wish me luck. I wanna go to a university. Study Math (hahahahaha) and Science (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). My brain needs this.