14 Jan 2008

What is love?

Some people might say that it's love when silence is better than words. Maybe for me it's just a huge waste of time for sixteen-year-old girls like me trying to be too cool for something like math or science. My mother changed my so-called point of view towards couple-hood. She's right - I'm selfish and immature - and what more, I can't handle a relationship yet. I'm not closing up the possibilities though because I just don't want to be committed. Yes, it's all about the big C. And it's not cancer.

Okay enough about that.

Last week has been well-spent with my friends. Simply hanging out and having fun. It was a great week, I tell you. I was also able to spend time with my niece (my cousin's daughter) which was great considering that she's going to be back to New Zealand soon; and that was yesterday. My Multiply is regularly updated again (YAY!). Internet is such a luxury, I tell you. Well I'm assuming you already know that.Meet Chelsea. ;) She's extremely pretty even with the funny face on. She told me that we should stop taking pictures because she might have a nightmare. The next day she said that she didn't have any.

Last Friday I went to Laguna with my mom, Tito Gino and yes, Chelsea. It wasn't much of a trip but it was okay. Didn't get too tired. We had dinner at the Espina's aroud 7pm. Hmm.. Gambas. *Drools*

Saturday was spent in my High School where they held a fund-raising event for Sir Ruel (who has Colon cancer, if you didn't know). Had lots of fun because I was finally able to spend time with my high school friends. They all sort of looked different except for some of them. And I'm not going to name names. As they say, there's always room for improvement.

It was a crowd full of freshmen and sophomores. And they dance in this sort of slutty manner. Ugh.

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