23 Sep 2008

Here We Go Again

I just got home from school and I promise that I tried to stay away from the computer. But then I realized that I have something to check out anyway to be able to finish my plate. Tee-hee. The LCD and keyboard is always so tempting -- especially the Internet. *sigh* I wish I had a good grasp of my self-control.

Actually! I'm quite proud that I can multitask. I'm finishing two plates for my FDR now. And later I'll be finishing that other one for CTEC due tomorrow @_@ I know, I know.. I cram a lot. Tell me of a Fine Arts student who doesn't cram. ;)) Ah well, don't waste your time because you won't find one.

Oh, and this may be shallow but I hate it when people steal other people's layouts :( It's a sad truth. Mine has been stolen twice this month. Such losers :D Ina-add ko nga para mapahiya. Haha!

11 Sep 2008

False Alarm

AKALA KO NAPUTULAN KAMI NG LINE! Nag-bago lang pala ng server ang PLDT DSL. Well, wala man lang warning. Pero ayos lang. Haha!

I'm trying to start with my plate in lettering. It's such a hassle to do, I swear. :|

9 Sep 2008


Okay, 2am na. Pero humaling na humaling parin ako sa binabasa ko dito. Hello! I love you Internet! Super kilig meeeeeee XD Ok lang ba yon? Ok lang ba na kanina pa 'ko sa school kinikilig dahil nung nasa CR ako ng grandstand eh dumaan sya at nakatingin sakin? Pwede ba yon? At hinintay ko pa matapos class nya at grabe talaga nafifeel ko na nagpapapansin talaga sya sakin chever! Grabe baklaan ba this? Tama na nga. Pero di ko mapigilan sarili ko, hanggang tingin na nga lang, pagbabawalan pa. Ano ba yan, may girlfriend nanaman ba yung gusto ko? Whew, malas ko ba? :)) K, wala na yon.. tinigilan ko na yon grabe, promise talaga. Anyway sige, kikiligin na ulit ako. :D

5 Sep 2008


My eyes are fucked up. I seriously don't know what's wrong with them. Bat ganito, dumadami ata problema ko sa sarili (Phys). Una excema, tas low immune system, tapos ito nang mata ko nagpapahiwatig! Oh no! Wala pa 'kong pera na pampa-check up. Ayus! :))

Party nalang tayo, please? Tara, labas mo 'ko? Tara ah? Sunduin mo 'ko dito sa bahay. Nakakasawa na mag-kulong dito. WAAAAH.

Jet na me. Magsusubmit pa 'ko ng part 1 ng prelim plate kay sir Nacario. GRABE TALAGA. Puyat nanaman eh! Hahahaha. Namaaaaaan. No sleep again. yehey! Ok lang enjoy naman ako. Oy bat ganon, yung ibang letters na tinatype ko dito parang di ko nakikita. Labo no?Parang andaming kumikilos na ewan sa loob. Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz.

4 Sep 2008

Bust It

They don't ever mind.

Life Could Be a Party

It's up to you how you make it one.

Last night was a great night, considering that I was finally able to have a good-night sleep. Well yes, the other night was basically sleepless. Which means I stayed up finishing my plate for Design & Color 1 (DC1). The watercolor part was stressful, I must say. Especially the part wherein I have to use poster paint (which I made in school). Nope, it's not fun. But the best part was finishing ahead of my classmates. Then I started to feel bad. Because the previous day, I stood up under the rain for a few seconds. Probably less than a minute. And then there I was, stuck with a cold and a fever. But I'm kind of fine now. :)

So maybe you're wondering what I'm doing here. Our classes got suspended from 7am-1pm. Classes resume at 1pm and I have classes with Ms. Becares (ugh) at 2pm. But I won't be attending her subject. Hee-hee. I'd be in one of the pavs, doing my CTEC. Ugh, let's not even get there. Me and my blockmates are all working on the first part of our prelim plate.

Monthsarry din namin ni Ken today. :D LOL. Greetings?
If you go to UST and you're planning to look for this vandal, it's in pav one. Thanks to Ice for the decorations. Hahaha!

Time to jet to school!