4 Sep 2008

Life Could Be a Party

It's up to you how you make it one.

Last night was a great night, considering that I was finally able to have a good-night sleep. Well yes, the other night was basically sleepless. Which means I stayed up finishing my plate for Design & Color 1 (DC1). The watercolor part was stressful, I must say. Especially the part wherein I have to use poster paint (which I made in school). Nope, it's not fun. But the best part was finishing ahead of my classmates. Then I started to feel bad. Because the previous day, I stood up under the rain for a few seconds. Probably less than a minute. And then there I was, stuck with a cold and a fever. But I'm kind of fine now. :)

So maybe you're wondering what I'm doing here. Our classes got suspended from 7am-1pm. Classes resume at 1pm and I have classes with Ms. Becares (ugh) at 2pm. But I won't be attending her subject. Hee-hee. I'd be in one of the pavs, doing my CTEC. Ugh, let's not even get there. Me and my blockmates are all working on the first part of our prelim plate.

Monthsarry din namin ni Ken today. :D LOL. Greetings?
If you go to UST and you're planning to look for this vandal, it's in pav one. Thanks to Ice for the decorations. Hahaha!

Time to jet to school!

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