11 Sep 2009

Late night dress up

(black top: Tiendesitas; Sequine-like belt: Germany; Bodycon skirt: self-made)
I'm so proud of myself for being able to make my own bodycon skirt! It's Japanese cotton by the way. It was a skirt I made two years ago in fashion school. It's really long, I had to fold it and pin it up so it wouldn't drop or whatever.

(Skeleton shirt; white tank: No Boundaries)
And yes, I am also very fond of DIY-ing my stuff. Skeleton shirt by yours truly.

(Shirt: mom's closet; vintage necklace; high-waisted shorts: Tiendesitas)

(Red faux snake skin belt: Germany; Plaid high-waist tulip skirt: Thrifted)
Found the striped tee in my mom's closet. It was pretty crisp. And there were parts that was eaten by ants / cockroaches. Ugh. Annoying much? This shirt looks great with high-waisted stuff.
That night I also decided to play with red lipstick.


Finally changed my incredibly boring URL into something.. a bit more fun. I mean, this is my NEW fashion blog after all, right? So it deserves a better whatev. LOL.

Anyway, no fashion for now. Just plates. I'm dying to sleep! It's not even my finals yet but I'm already spending my nights without sleeping. It's just sad. When I finish this soon (hopefully) and get to bed, I doubt that I'm going to wake up on time. My class is at 12 noon but that's not an excuse for me to oversleep. It actually gives me less reason to be late. Ugh, I don't know if I should be happy or not because my class isn't at 7am like it always was when I was a freshman. The only thing I'm afraid of right now is making this plate a mess. My blockmates' were so neat and mine is just.. UGLY. Ugh, I hope this gets better.

So yes, I take back the no fashion thingy.