16 Nov 2007

Party In My Tummy

Oh jeez, I swear this song is so disturbing! Have you heard it? Oh goodness, the video - tell me, have you ever seen a TALKING CARROT? Or, TALKING GREEN BEANS! Goodness, Miel (my classmate) is so right. Very disturbing and it will be your last song syndrome.. FOREVER! How scary is that? The beat is cool though, that I have to admit. It's electronica. And I love electronica! How tragic is that? So for all of you who's actually curious about it, here you go! Enjoy.

14 Nov 2007

A new way to make you get sick

Here I am, typing away in my mom's computer. I'm currently waiting for her to get home since it's practically my job to wait for people who aren't home yet. When my dad's still out, or my mom, and even my brother! So this is basically my nature. *shrugs*

Today it seems that I'm the only one who isn't tired one bit. Because I didn't go to school since my mom forgot to give me my daily allowance. My father went to school, so has my brother and my mom has an engagement this evening; and I base this on how she was dressed up. And honestly, I was surprised she actually dressed up rather well and she didn't need my help on it. I love my mom's outfit.

And speaking of outfits! Last Monday, November 12, I was dressed like a boy! The only thing that made me look a bit feminine (read: a bit) were my MASCULINE EARRINGS! Imagine that ha. My lightning bolt earrings actually made me look like a Japanese boy; plus the hair cut and outfit. Picture this, I was wearing my camera shirt (the one from Human), black skinny jeans, black vest and my pink chucks. Come to think of it, it weren't the earrings, it were the shoes for real. Due to this.. happening (for the lack of a better term), I am now forced to dress up in a girlier scheme. Well my choices of clothing for the past weeks and even months were on the girly side although the colors I mix and match are not very feminine (see here). I play around with monotones most of the time. And if not with very similar-looking colors. Or complete opposites. I play with my outfit. But then my outfit really depends on my mood. When I'm wearing a tank top, skinny jeans and skimmers - it means I'm really lazy. Same goes with a big shirt, shorts, leggings and flats. Even with a shirt, jeans and flip flops.. obviously. I can go on and on about this! My out of the ordinary outfits really depend if I feel it. And I just have to plan on what I'm wearing.

Yesterday, due to not being able to contain myself, I bought a new pair of sandals from SO F.A.B! They're so nice! And.. THEY'RE BLUE! My first ever pair of electric blue shoes. It's T-strapped, peep-toe and patented. Another great thing about it is that it's really comfy. And that it's on sale. Tell me about a girl who doesn't love with a capital L, SALES. 50% OFF!!! Oh how it makes me so happy. Another thing that actually excites me is wearing it, and also my ninong going to China and get me boots as pasalubong! You have no idea how much I wanted - and still want - to have boots. I hope he gets the right one. Flat, suede, scrunched boots. Just the way I want it.Something a bit similar to this one. This is quite nice isn't it? Whoever owns this is a luck owner. I wish there were more boots here in the Philippines. But then.. DAMN THE CLIMATE. The cool weather is a great excuse for fashionistas out there to pile on their clothes, wear coats, scarves, BOOTS. My mom always told me to dress accordingly to the weather. But I love hoodies, I wear then even when the sun's up. But it's different now. I now followed her advice. Although sometimes it's just very tempting to do so for the sake of fashion. It's different with Aki though, because as he always says: Fashion before comfort. What can I say?

I was browsing shoes in Rustans (Shangri-La) yesterday with my mom, tita Dee and tita Charu. The look on my face while checking out those amazing BUT expensive shoes. I'm very particular about Aerosoles, T and STEVE MADDEN - come on, his shoes are lovely! I was telling tita Dee that I need heels, she asked why and I said: party shoes. She agreed, it's very mortifying to appear at a party in flats - worse than that: very casual flats. Unless they're really dolled up, if not, forget wearing them on a night-out.

New York really is my dream destination. Other than that it just has to be London. Think of it this way: it's easier to dress up, layer, pile on random stuff on your body. The catch is, no one will care. T-Mobile's Sidekick, we don't have it here in the Philippines. Everybody has a LOADED credit card that's why it's easier to pay and shop through the Internet. And I just have second thoughts about buying here online. Although, I'd have to say it's all up to you, me.. US.

All hail the Internet. I actually get to browse for nice clothes. And get nice ideas for future get-ups. I wonder what should I wear tomorrow. Hmm.

11 Nov 2007

So I'm now actually promoting a party. It's by my friend's org so please do come! And comment on this post too if you are cos I might just.

10 Nov 2007

Today is My Day

Tell me of a girl who doesn't love shopping. And I bet you won't be able to answer. Basically, a girl is not a girl if she does not indulge in shopping, or even just desire of being able to. That's just stupid if you, a girl, don't.

Today was indeed a great day for me - I have said earlier (and also my mother), that it is my day. No doubt about it, I must say. My mom bought me a nice shirt - one that I have actually liked (or loved, if possible) since it came out. And also a pair of earrings that I can wear anywhere with anything! It just adds too much funk in my outfit. Out of the ordinary, I dare say.

I've been looking for this item for a long time now and the moment I saw it, I got it right away! But I'm still thinking about the neon-colored necklace (that has a lightning-bolt pendant). Maybe I should buy it tomorrow? But then I'd think about it, still.

If I didn't had an appointment with the dentist then I would have not went out at all. Since my Fridays and Saturdays are exclusively for myself. But I guess I made an exception? But it's been a great day. Not too much of a drag. Although our car's air con just won't work. Other than that, the day has been great. And I also had a hair cut!



I asked my new favorite hairstylist to make the top short, and also the back. And long at the bottom. More or so like a mullet. I like my hair short. Next time I'd have to make my hair a lot shorter.

After going to the dentist, we went back to Tiendesitas and met up with my Ninong Hans; one of my mother's good friends during college. We ate at this nice Italian restaurant in SM HyperMart which was right across Tiende. Apparently, andami na nyang utang sakin. And since he has mentioned that he's going to China next Sunday, then he asked me what I would want. My mother suggested him to get me boots because I always blabbed about how much I wanted to have a good pair. And luck must be on my side because he's getting me those! Oh joy! I asked for flat boots, the scrunchy, suede ones. And in black. I would want a royal blue pair but black is a lot easier to match with anything. So yes, I am getting boots soon! Maybe in three weeks or two weeks time? Hah, let's hope for the best. The sooner the better! Kidding.

You must be perfectly aware that I have been reading a great book (Pride and Prejudice). And you probably know that I decline to watch the movie if I haven't finished reading it yet. But yesterday was different. My boredom was winning against my will of just reading the book! But I cannot contain it any longer. So I watched it. Watched it thrice. Once before I went to bed, twice at the peak of loving it. And I still do. I always will.

9 Nov 2007

In This World of Big and Small

Thursday is a different story. Aki wasn't there, and I managed to almost finish the dress that I'm making. Sorry loves, no more Pride and Prejudice talk for now. Well that's what my best friend, Jobel calls it. My moment wherein the vocabulary I use is just incredibly deep for some reason. But since I haven't been reading Pride and Prejudice again due to my business, and since I barely have time here at home because I'm usually in front of this computer, then I'd have to say goodbye to it for a while (a few hours, yes). But since it's a Friday, and my Fridays are meant to be spent at home, being a couch potato and practically watching Detective Conan, and in this case, reading. So today, I would have more time to indulge in my favorite pass time: reading. It is actually the one thing I will never get tired of.

So anyway.. THURSDAY. Went to school, right? Then went to Glorietta with Jobel to wait for Monty because he's going to pick us up there. We waited for a few minutes then he arrived (hooray!). After that we went to Pasig because Monty had to talk to his band's producer and get a copy of their third album (UP AND COMING). You should watch out for it, I heard the songs and they're really good. Mayonnaise's music is no heavier and trust me, it's a good album and it's gonna be worth your money. The album launch (according to Monty) is on December 23. Better be there. After Pasig, we went to Tiendesitas to watch Urbandub because they had a shoot for MTV Sessions and they did it there. They were good; but good is such an understatement. They were SUPERB, GREAT, AMAZING! Agree?

This is the only picture I have with some of the band people. Yes, I am actually in this photo - peeping down there. See me now? This shot was taken by Monty using Jobel's camera. Look, I would've brought mine but my mother took it without asking permission. But what can I do, right? She's my mother. Moving on, that's Poch in the cap. He's Mayonnaise's new bassist, then Nico over there (he's looking at the cam). And lo and behold, Jobel's big face. Priceless isn't it? Next time I get to hang out with them or something, I must make sure to bring my camera.

My father, who also watched Urbandub, became a bigger fan than he already was. He kept texting me and telling me galing nila. Which is non other but true. And who wouldn't agree with such comment, right? "They're tight" - said my father.

Aside from such happening, I woke up at around 11.30 today. And the sleep I had a few hours ago; superb. I don't remember anyone trying to wake me up (which is good). The only thing I can sort of remember was I woke up, probably around 9am and the sun was shining. Then two hours later, it was gloomy outside. I love the rain. And I love gloomy weather. The it's-dark-and-windy-outside-I-think-it's-gonna-rain weather. It's actually my excuse of wearing my scarf. Same thing goes with wearing stockings, hoodies and winter stuff. Bear with me.

6 Nov 2007

When it All Falls Down

Today I sat by an old couple in the MRT. The woman had her head rested upon her husband's shoulder. It was as if their love never really faded - not a single bit. And with this, I think, would me and my other half remain this way?

I can never really answer anything as such at the moment. Because at the moment, I can't afford to be busy with that since I do know that I have all the time in the world. Being successful counts first. So, I'm setting my priorities. School first of course!

5 Nov 2007

The Big Red Dot

When I woke up this morning, I had a horrible feeling that my period had already started. Wishing luck was on my side, but then it isn't. I do have my period. And as awful as it may sound, I am sort of thinking twice if I should go to school today. The only thing that could make me go to school (or the only person, rather), is Aki. No other than my partner in crime. Looky here, he just sent me an SMS saying that he's going to school. You know what this means.

If you hadn't noticed, I already put up my dailies. Yes, they're blogs too (or sites, nonetheless) - but they're fashion blogs. They upload pictures of fashionable people and whatnot, which I find incredibly interesting. I've been into too much western fashion, something that screams London and New York. Something well-put together but it doesn't seem like I made too much effort on. Something incredibly laid back with a dash of complexity and elegance. Do you get me here? Hah, as much as I want to dress up in such manner, sometimes I just stick to the ordinary. But then I think, what could go possibly wrong? If I don't like the outfit, I'd feel bad the whole day and lack self-confidence. But I could always edit it right? Since I've made such a mistake mixing and matching this and that, I can always - ALWAYS change it the next time I actually decide that I can give it another try. And these blogs on my dailies are worth the look and worth the time. But I can't help on wishing for a cooler weather. Do you agree with me? It's easier to dress up if it's really cold. Because I love to layer! If not then I'd just put on a nice top with shorts or something since I am fond of wearing them. And I'm sort of deciding if I should make a blog like those. And it could be a nice excuse for me to meet fashionable people as well. But I do hope they're not too arrogant and disagreeable.

Anyway! - off I go to school. Can't wait to show Aki my outfit.

4 Nov 2007

Also into Cats

Oh the joy! Life must be on my side. I finally got my hands on Pride and Prejudice. Are you aware of how much delight it has brought in my life? Reading books, simple pleasures and such. I have actually started reading it since this evening. And I think I'm already around chapter 8 or something like that. And believe me, read these old English novels (Classics), and you'll start having such deep vocabulary. Plus an annoyingly fake Brit accent! Really, I just had one a while ago. It actually helps if you imitate the way they talk to understand the deepness of the words more.

My mom's Laking National Card has finally come to use. The book I wanted wasn't really that expensive so we only ended up paying 1/3 of the price which is really good. Mom's really patient with all the point-collecting. My own Laking National Card, on the other hand, still hasn't been claimed by me because for some reason, I have lost the stubs; and recently, I just found them! So since I'm getting them here in the Antipolo branch, it would be easy.. a whole lot easier at that.

While we were on the way home, my brother (who was sick and stayed here) requested for a double cheese burger from McDonald's. I had suddenly noticed that most of the girls who live here in Antipolo (if not all) have the same fashion sense. Not that I'm ridiculing their styles, but it's too.. busy. I mean, there's just too much going on. The thick headband, pink top, shiny earrings, shiny necklace, shiny bracelet, shiny ring, flared pants and fake chucks. What could be more annoying that excessive matching? No offense to anyone here because I, myself might just try to pull off something similar but probably far from it. Go on with what you wear though, just make sure you can carry it well. That's my advice.

Tomorrow is a new week. And tomorrow is my dad's first day as a professor in UST (University of Santo Tomas). I wish him much luck because that's probably what he needs. The dress code for the teachers is killing him though. Polo, slacks, and definitely NO rubber shoes. Look, my father practically lives in a t-shirt, short pants, and rubber shoes! Now isn't that a complete opposite of his overall style? I feel for him, then. But tomorrow, it's time for me to go back to school. Not only me I think, but also the other high schoolers out there. Although I am no high schooler, I am a college student who isn't attending a regular university but instead is taking up a vocational course in Dress Making. Hey, at least I got some back ground.

So speaking of tomorrow, it's a Monday. And it's for sure, going to be a busy Monday - a very busy Monday at that! - and it's not even funny, not at all! The thing is, I still don't have an outfit to wear. Something that fits the weather. Something really nice yet laid back. So I was thinking about wearing this jersey dress I never wore, and my pink chucks. I'm going monotone tomorrow. Just because it's my new thing.

Just for the record, I'm saving up a huge amount of money just so I could go shopping. Shoe shopping. The shoes just have to be bought in TopShop or Zara. And I'm also going to buy the full-length leggings, the ones that go down to your ankles, yes those. Ah, I love shoes.

Those are from TopShop. The ones from Zara, well.. They're mostly high-heels but that's just because I'm trying to be more feminine and at the same time, trendier. How I love fashion.

3 Nov 2007

You Are My New Hero

Last night, I was decided to finish The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I would have to say that it wasn't very interesting at first because, well I have my own look on things. And to be honest, I never really thought I'd be able to finish it because if I find the start of a book uninteresting, for that matter, I only end up reading up to the first chapter. But The Alchemist was different, I tell you. Through out the story, it became more and more interesting. Santiago learns a lot of things as the story unfolds. About omens, alchemy, traveling to Egypt, the pyramids, and the treasure that he's after. The people he meets, the love he feels, and becoming wiser. All in all, I take back what I said about it, being boring and all. Because it's a good book. And Paulo Coelho, as we all know is a good writer. Need I say more?

Going back to what I've always read, they were mostly about a teenager's life, falling in love and such. And most of the time, after reading the book, I'd end up finding myself dreaming, wishing, hoping.. that my life would be as exciting as theirs. But who am I kidding right? It was fiction; and I live in the real world. And no matter how much I desire of being these girls in the books, there is no way that it could happen.

Maybe you understand me. Getting a hang over after reading something. Even a story in Quizilla could make you feel excessive pain, or joy, or excitement! But we just have to put in mind, that it's not our story. And somewhere along time, we are bound to feel excruciating pain, overwhelming joy and nonstop excitement. We are, and we know it. As the book I've read last night calls it, our Personal Legend. Something that nobody can take away from you.

You can say that I've gotten carried away. But you can also say that I have realized so many things while reading it. Don't you think?

Now I am convinced that after going on line for a few hours, I have nothing to do. So when my dad woke me up, I told him to buy me a book. Pride and Prejudice of course. Because after watching Becoming Jane, I have decided that reading her books would be not a waste of time at all. And besides, she's a world-known author and I must read her books. Also, reading it would make me understand the movie better. Although reading first would help me a lot, and I'd see right away, what have gone wrong in the movie. And at this moment, I shrug. Because I have nothing else to say.

The other night, while watching Becoming Jane, I have noticed that thin was not in back in the days. Englishmen preferred, well.. how do I put this - ah, women with extra baggage. And it makes me wish that I was born during the 1900's. Wearing all those customized dresses, the tight corsets and such. Wouldn't it be great? Hah, who am I kidding. And the night after that, I saw In The Land of Women. Honestly now, I only wanted to see it because Adam Brody looked rather great in it. Pathetic right? But you have to admit, he did look hot there. Well maybe he really is. You all know that, don't you? Okay, okay, shutting up.

So moving on to a better topic: Grey's Anatomy, Season Four.

Are you currently watching it? I mean, I haven't seen a single episode yet! Just because I was waiting for them to release the complete season on DVD. How impossible is that right? It would take them ages before they ever release it! But I'm still waiting. In the mean while, I'm actually thinking about Gossip Girl. I have never read the book, but I'm planning to. How many Gossip Girl books do they have anyway?

Is it just me or did I suddenly become a movie / sitcom whatever freak? Hah, I don't know if you can answer that but I do think that yes, I have become this let's-watch-movies-til-the-end-of-the-world person. Maybe there's nothing left to do, and yes, there isn't. My parents didn't let me go to school this week (I had classes during Tuesday and Wednesday) but told me I should have a break. And I can't wait to get back to school, sew the dress, finish it and hang out with my friends. I miss Makati, my partner in crime (Aki), my teachers, Ate Milka and Ate Jen. Oh well, two days to go and I'm back to the old routine.

Happy birthday, Chelsie. :) I miss you!

2 Nov 2007

I'm Back!

To blogging here in blogger :D I was on hiatus for such a long time, you see. And I don't even mind updating any of you with my life. And right now, I have started a new blog. New URL and all that.

You can still check out and read my previous posts in anne-x. And I also post blog entries in my multiply (contacts only) and deviantArt (in it are mostly my photography).

Last night I was indulging in Becoming Jane. Her life was rather interesting. Some of you might have found it boring and incredibly unworthy to see but she's a writer, and I wanted to be a writer. Well now I'm striving to be a fashion photographer and a designer. And I haven't realized this until the last minute. So yes, I will keep this post short as of now. Maybe I will update again in a while. ;)