30 Apr 2010

My Life is a Rip-Off From Skins

A lot has been going on with my family now. You know typical teen drama and all that shit. Anyway, it's really a lot to take in for me and I feel like I'm going to turn to my vices all over again (e.g. drugs, dope, smoking, drinking, etc). It's as if I'm Effy (from Skins, duh) but my story's backwards. Everything that's happening with her parents only the other way around. If you watch Skins then you'd know what I mean. Well it's just reeeeeally messed up. That's the way I feel, at least.

I Love The Rain

I absolutely love and adore the rain. What can I say? I'd rather have it raining than to get heat stroke. Lately it's been extremely hot and I'm really happy that it started raining the other night. And last night. And it rained here tonight already! So yes, that certainly uplifted my mood.

This is what I wore the other day (Wednesday) when I went shopping with my super fabulous friend-slash-soul mate, Nicole. A plaid vest, a white "Indie Fever" printed tank top, black denim cut-offs (all of which I've successfully DIY-ed), a pair of black slip ons and my ever-so-trusty black chained bag that I got for an extremely low price at a thrift shop. The glasses are from Nicole! She's so lovely.

I bought
  • A pair of white sneakers similar to what I'm wearing in the photo
  • A striped dress
  • A tiger-printed mini-dress
  • An electric blue patented skinny belt
Yeah that's it. But they're all pretty nice and I can always go back for more.

All in all, this week hasn't been so bad. It's not over yet so who am I to speak right? Plus I don't want to jinx anything. Tomorrow I'll be having dinner with my high school friends or maybe we'll go night swimming but we're still not sure about that. Might be able to wear the striped dress tomorrow if ever we're going to have dinner instead of swimming.

See I'm not really a fan of water sports. I don't know why.

Looking forward to a better weekend!

26 Apr 2010

Do You Remember Anything Better?

I forgot to mention that today, I watched Inglorious Basterds. Been itching to see this movie ever since it went out but I never really had the time and chance to catch it on screen. It was awesome.

Oh and the other day I watched Ninja Assassin. The other day meaning Saturday. It's a good movie as well. Too much bloodshed for three days.

On a more personal side of my life.. I am only a girl. And it feels good to know that somebody loves you. Being single though is my thing (for the mean time). I'm not planning on getting in a relationship just yet. My friends are more than enough, believe me. And I am happy because of that. So maybe I'll look for one in two years. When I'm twenty-one and in England. That sounds like a great idea.

Finally done with it!

I have worked my ass off the whole day just to finish this layout. The codes confused the hell out of me! And I couldn't be more thankful that I can now sit calmly, not wondering what color to use here, or if I'm typing the right codes because right now, I should just stop dealing with HTML (for the mean time, at least). Not only that, I had to keep my old version of Photoshop open in case I needed to resize or edit anything. Now I am more than happy to close it and just relax a little.

Honestly, I'm pretty happy with how the layout came up. I used the same header because I put a lot of effort on that plus, it's cute anyway. And besides, I think that having a too professional-looking blog will definitely kill my buzz when it comes to writing and stuff. It would probably make me look like a boring person. So this is what I made. Youthful, isn't it?

Just to catch up on my everyday life, I will tell you what I've been up to lately.

Last week, I didn't do much. Just went out with Nicole last Wednesday. The night before I was with Franz and Kyle in The Fort. I got a book and I ran out of money for my supposedly shopping trip with Nicole. But it's totally cool, the milk tea we got from Hap Chan made all the guilty feeling go away. Actually, Hap Chan was already closed when we came in but we managed to force them to serve us our Hong Kong milk tea. I sounded like a pregnant woman, wanting to give in to her cravings. It didn't seem healthy but it sounded like the best idea at the moment.

Am I making sense?

And towards the weekend, I managed too give myself a boyfriend.. a hot boyfriend, more like it.

That's Luke Worrall, by the way. I'm pretty crazed by him lately. He's actually Kelly Osbourne's fiancé. What a lucky girl. They look pretty happy. Well that's actually Kelly over there with Luke but I decided to put my face in hers just for laughs. It did turn out pretty cool, didn't it?

This is what I'd like to call my masterpiece. Even better than the Jake Cuenca photo manipulation I did. I mean look at that, doesn't it look like my head's really at the crook of his neck?

And this is Jake Cuenca by the way. Looks pretty edited, yeah? But give me a break, it's the first photo manip I did.

25 Apr 2010


As you can see, I decided to associate myself once more with HTML. And yes, it made my nose bleed. I'd have to make a lot of changes tomorrow though because this layout seriously looks like crap at the moment. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll be making a new one. A more professional one so to speak. Because the header I made looks too teeny-bopper. I like it though. It's just that I'd rather opt for something cleaner. Like a black and white scheme. So yes, tomorrow I shall decide on what my blog must look like. This is rather spontaneous.

Plus, I just loathe the fact that there is no "signature" on the bottom right or whatever. It's bothering me.

17 Apr 2010


Today was a great day. I hung out with one of my good buddies, Nicole. We went swimming, ate and watched This is England and ended up not finishing it because we were too hungry to do so. It was basically uneventful but we had loads of fun.

Y'all might think it's weird that I'm really good friends with my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend but neither of us (Nicole and myself) give a damn about it anymore. I mean, it's just some petty thing we don't care about. So yes. I love her. She's amazing. :)

We've actually made plans on going to England after college for further studies or to just work. Isn't it an amazing plan? We don't wanna jinx anything. But I guess blogging about it does? Well I'd really appreciate it if you guys would pray for us and all that. We have so many things to worry about, two years isn't enough for fixing everything. So yeah, I need to stop shopping and start saving up!

Ciao x

6 Apr 2010

I Will Cross the Atlantic For You

I asked my parents for a two-way ticket to Paris as a graduation gift. Seeing that in two years, I will be graduating. And just in case they don't send me there at all, I'd have to start saving up now. Whatever, if I'm going to dream I'd better dream big.