31 Mar 2011

Day 9: Nine things you look for in a significant other

  1. Kind-hearted
  2. Can make me smile a lot
  3. Can make me laugh, too
  4. Good english / good diction / knows his grammar
  5. Similar taste in music (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  6. Knows how to dress well (a shirt / button-down, semi-skinny jeans and Vans, preferably)
  7. Witty
  8. The two Ts (tall and tattooed). The tattooed part is a plus
  9. Cute face, long hair (brownie points)
Basically we can say that I'm never going to have a boyfriend here in the Philippines. I don't think so, I know so. *sigh*

I'm really hoping that the next time I enter a relationship, I get it right. I don't want to help him dress up each time we're going out. Or teach him proper grammar when we're hanging out. I'm just sick of that crap. I need somebody who knows himself. One who isn't about impressing other people because he doesn't need to anymore. A guy who I know my parents would approve of - and my extended family, too. Because they matter a lot to me. And if ever he does have tattoos, I just wish it's not a stupid tramp stamp - or an extremely gay tattoo. YKWIM.

30 Mar 2011

Day 7 / Day 8

Day 7: Seven words that describe you
  1. Independent
  2. Unattached
  3. Indecisive
  4. Moody
  5. Random
  6. Artsy
  7. Eccentric

Day 8: Eight things about your family
  1. I only have one sibling (a younger brother)
  2. Everybody in my family is involved with art (one way or another)
  3. Both my parents graduated from UST
  4. My brother and I study in UST
  5. I only have one grand-parent left (dad's side) :(
  6. My mom hates my tattoos.. therefore, I shall get some more
  7. I have cool parents
  8. I'm taking up the same course that my dad did when he was in college

28 Mar 2011

Day 6: Six things you accomplished today

  1. Watched a movie with my mom and her friends.
  2. Talked to my photography professor regarding my grades. Failed this one. But at least I got to talk to him about it right?
  3. Went to the grocery and bought a hair conditioner and facial wash.
  4. Was able to tell my dad about the whole FA thing. Ended up crying when I got back at home. He didn't get mad, though! Yay!... Nay.
  5. Fixed my schedule for tomorrow.
  6. Wrote it down on my planner, bitch! FUCK YEAH.

27 Mar 2011

Day 4 / Day 5

Since I'm a day late once again, it's going to be another two-in-one sort of post.

Day 4: Four Secrets
  1. That time I told my mom that I was sleeping over at my dad's place, I was really in a party getting shit-faced with my friends.
  2. I steal songs from my brother's folder in the computer. But I think he already knows that.
  3. I wear granny panties when I go to bed. Not like you have to know it.. I mean, it's probably TMI but what the hell.
  4. Sometimes, it may seem that I'm clingy and sweet. But deep inside, I'm really distant and unattached.

Day 5: Five things that someone wouldn't know about you
  1. I have alektorophobia (fear of chickens). And it's not funny.
  2. I can be a good liar when I need to be.
  3. When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I don't bring my attitude to where I have to go.
  4. I rarely listen to pop / rnb / hiphop songs
  5. My music taste only goes back and fort from rock and electro. But I swear, my horizons are wide.

26 Mar 2011

Day 3: Three of your favorite bands / artists

So I totally missed my third day (which was yesterday) because I was so busy hanging out with my friends, David and Ched. Plus, I was buzzed up until I woke up this morning and even when I got home. Totally lost the sensation when I got up from my three-hour nap.

Moving on!

1. Phoenix
These guys has got to be one of my favorite bands ever. How can I not love them? Their tunes never fail to lighten my mood whenever I'm having a bad day and they always get me to my feet, making me bob my head up and down.

2. All Time Low
What can I say? This group of boys who play their pop punk songs are stuck inside the cavity of my chest also known as my heart. You should see my iPod, it's filled with All Time Low songs.

3. The xx
For those cold nights I spent alone in my bedroom. For those nights I spend with friends trying really hard to get stoned. For those nights in the car where all we have is an awkward silence. I love The xx and their melancholic / mellow sound. They're the kind of band that you'd like to listen to when you're hung-over cause I swear, they sing the softest and nicest sounds I've ever heard.

24 Mar 2011

The 15-Day Challenge

Yesterday, I've decided to do this 15-Day Challenge thing that I came across in Tumblr. I'm not exactly into these kinds of stuff but I thought - hey, it wouldn't be so bad if I gave it a shot right? I obviously already started last night so I'll be posting day 1 and 2 right now. (I hope you don't mind!)

DAY 1: A Picture of Yourself

Anyway, that’s me (no shit?) last Valentine’s day. I had a date - with Nicole of course! We just finished shopping and I just picked up Tyler. Also just finished having some early dinner (Mexicali, YUM!). We decided to pick up some bubble tea and headed over to Toy Kingdom. It was a fun day. :) We both had a great time.

DAY 2: Things You Love

My 5th Gen iPOD Nano. A gift from my dad. Definitely one of the things I don’t leave home without. Music is a part of me and other than art, it’s pretty much my second nature. It takes me to a different world - my own little version of “peace and quiet” no matter how loud or soft my music is (genre-wise). In other words, music is not only my passion but also my escape. Somewhat like my home away from home - if that made any sense.

Toms. Because holly hell, they are the most comfortable shoes I own! I can practically die in them, seriously. The best thing about these shoes other than how comfortable they are is the fact that I can just wear them with anything. Even my uniform!

* * *

Do you know what this means? It means I get to update my lonely blog everyday so it wouldn't be so lonely anymore. How's the sound of that? Oh, and if you want, you can always try this too!

Day 1: Post a picture of yourself
Day 2: Two things you love
Day 3: Three of your favorite bands / artists
Day 4: Four secrets
Day 5: Five things that someone wouldn't know about you
Day 6: Six things you accomplished today
Day 7: Seven words that describe you
Day 8: Eight things about your family
Day 9: Nine things you look for in a significant other
Day 10: Ten things that cross your mind often
Day 11: Eleven things you miss the most (memories, friends, etc)
Day 12: Twelve things you'd like to do this school year
Day 13: Thirteen places that you want to visit before you die
Day 14: Fourteen things you can't live without
Day 15: Fifteen goals you have for your life


20 Mar 2011

Mini Rant

I just realized how uninteresting I must be for a twenty-year-old. Okay, so I’m not a teen anymore and my life has been absolutely nothing but a bore for the past two months due to school and crap like that. Seeing that my so-called “social life” is basically non-existent at the moment and my only link to the outside world is school, plus my “night life” has vanished almost completely off the face of the planet. Now I’m actually starting to feel bad for myself.

Last night was the first attempt I have tried to socialize in weeks! And it was to help my friend for her freaking school project. I know, I know.. my existence is as lame as it gets. But this I promise you, next weekend, I will party and I will party hard. Besides, by that time my life would be a ball (Ha ha Rebecca Black)! School’s going to be over and I’ll be having all the time in the world (two months IRL). All I have to do is to make the most out of it. I’ll be wearing my “Balenciaga” Harness boots, act all bad ass, smoke hemp and go crazy. Okay so I’m probably not going to be doing those but hey, a girl can dream.

And yes, I just ranted on my blog. Now prove me that I’m not that uninteresting person that I think I am and ask me stuff through Tumblr. There must be a couple of you guys who happen to come across my blog and think that "hey, this girl isn't that bad at all" and it just sucks to think/assume that you probably see me as some heartless bitch or a weird clingy girl (If ever, I really hope it's not the latter. I've been called a heartless bitch so many times it actually doesn't faze me anymore). And I’m pretty sure none of you would do that (unless of course, you were bored when you found me here)! So come on. Don’t make me feel like I’m this old, boring person who is not cool at all because I swear, I have a little bit cool on me.

I swear to God I am not always like this.

17 Mar 2011

Throwing Punches at Ocean Waves

I think it's about time that I actually update my blog and write something with sense. I've been itching to write about hell week but seeing that I rarely have time to do anything else than a crap load of my plates, I just had to postpone the writing and stock up all the stories to tell. Not that I've been doing anything interesting lately but you know the drill right?

To start off this little "rant", last week I've been trying really hard to organize every single day of my life with things I have to finish and when they're due. Lucky me had to stay up three consecutive nights just so I can submit these paintings / collection of drawings / digital art / package design mock up of a cereal box and a freaking cut-out toy / photographs / ads / animation on time. So far, I've only done the emphasized ones. I still need to work on the photography and animation plates I have for my professors who are actually siblings. Ugh, they're too nice, they actually sort of let their students bully them! Please ma'am and sir, don't be like that. Anyway, I'm obviously craving for sleep on most times so I try to catch some Zs whenever I can. Like on the way to school; two out of three of the rides I take to get to school I actually get to nap. It's perfect because by the time I get to school, I'm like the freaking Energizer bunny we all can't seem to get enough of when we were kids (or maybe that's just me).

You might just start accusing me of how I'm faking the whole sleepless nights thing. Well I'm not.

Exhibit A:
Trying to keep my eyes open on day three. Give me some credit, guys. I look like a zombie minus the bite-mark.

And just so I could continue to humor you guys, this is me the week before.

Exhibit B:

See what I mean? I actually looked quite decent in this photo. But now my eye bags are basically screaming bloody mary.

Well I hope I humored you enough that you guys would actually like to comment.

*Clears throat* While hell week has been going on, there might have been a couple of changes in regards of my musical choices.

Remember back in 2007 when nobody gave a shit about independent experimental rock music and then all of a sudden in 2008 that's all people ever cared for? Oh yeah, I'm talking about the scene / emo phase. Some of you might not have gone through it but I sure have.

When I was in high school, I never really know that much people whom I can talk to in regards of music. There are actually around two people who did listen to the stuff I did (Shout out to Miguel and Paula!). Back then my playlist was made up of Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Saosin, and Circa Survive. The time I got off that hell hole (I graduated in 2007), I started widening my horizons. Meaning I started listening to Bring Me The Horizon, Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, Pierce the Veil, Breathe Carolina and the likes. I know, it's sort of out of character for me but hey, this week has been absolutely gore-y for me so why not let the tunes be in line with my mood? It helps keeping me awake and surprisingly enough, no headaches came.

Right now I am embracing my seventeen-year-old self. It feels good to be back to that phase actually. I'm in college now and still, nobody seems to share the same taste (in music) as me. I bet you a thousand bucks I'd be back to listening to The XX in no time.

Okay, I've been rambling. Enough of this. I need to go back to work.

13 Mar 2011

Take Part

If you haven't heard of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, then you must be living under a rock. It has got to be one of the worst things that happened in history. More than eight hundred people died and about 10,000 are missing.

It was tragic - how the waves just took away the buildings, their homes, their lives.

Now, I'm no professional blogger nor am I the best writer. But what's important is that I send out a message. I don't want to be just a by-stander in such thing. Let's help Japan.

1 Mar 2011

The Naked and Famous

In my last post, I mentioned how it was weird that I'm not talking about anything fashion or music-related. Now, this post is it.

Are you naked? Most of all, are you famous? I bet not.

These guys certainly are. They're not naked but they're absolutely climbing their way to the top. They are The Naked and Famous; an alternative rock / electropop "shoegaze" band based in New Zealand who brought us "Young Blood" - their single that debuted at number one in the charts in 2010. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. The first notes to the song sent my head bobby up and down, my hips swaying side to side and my hands raised above my head. It was an instant hit. When I heard them I figured "Hey, why not check out their other songs?". Punching in a Dream and The Sun were an instant mainstay on my playlist.

Check out their music video for Young Blood.

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood from The Naked And Famous on Vimeo.

I'm sure that like me, you'll fall for them too.

They make New Zealand more appealing by the minute.

February is over!

Twenty-eight days of February have gone and it's time for us to start the month of March. As a kick start, I would like to share with you guys my block's retreat during February 21 up until the 22nd. An overnight sort of event held in Caleruega. It was pretty kick ass for a Monday if you ask me.

Desiree and I

The extremely adorable and lovable dogs in the retreat house. It was so hard to ignore them!


As we were going around the place, my friend and blockmate Jerome saw this nest. It was the first one I saw one with chicks in it.

The retreat went well. It strengthened our friendships and helped build our characters a bit. So yeah. It's weird I'm not discussing anything in regards of fashion but I think this is good enough. A filler, definitely but I'd rather update than do nothing about it. So, later kids. ;)