18 Mar 2010

Stress, Stress, and More Stress

So while waiting for the Wacom driver to finish installing, I have decided to blog. Yes, to blog. About the recent happenings in my life (which has been pretty much filled with SCHOOL WORK). My social life has went down and my skin looks like shit with all these pimples. I hate break-outs.

Anyway, today was like any other. I have to finish a lot of stuff due tomorrow and it's KILLING me. Can't wait for all of this to be over, really. But first thing's first. I have to revise the Ad Design 2 drawings for animation and ALSO convert it to a video. Then I have to finish that plate I lack for the same subject. I just hope I don't get a failing mark on it since I'm submitting super late (although I have told my professor that I had a meeting that day that's why I wasn't able to comply to the work due on that hour). Plus, I have a Literature exam in the morning. Good luck to me! Tonight, I will be sacrificing laying on my bed and dreaming about what-nots.

If you think being a Fine Arts student is a piece of cake, think again. So maybe we don’t have to memorize a lot of things. And sure, we just draw. But I hope you don’t underestimate our course because it’s a lot more than what you see. The facade probably shows that we’re relaxed, but inside our rooms the day before the deadline, we look like zombies painting and working our asses off.

As you can see, the picture above shows how much I will be craving for some deep slumber tonight.

God, help us.


14 Mar 2010

Sometimes I like the idea of posting random photos that are interesting and pretty at the same time.

Gotta love The Beatles. One day, I shall paint all my walls white, and put up a poster just like that. Wouldn't it be amazing?

I need a pair of DMs.


Because John O'Callaghan is a sex god. And he is a virgin. Yes, he said so in an interview. I don't know now, though.

What a girl must do every single day.

Anyway, since I have put up a new banner for my blog then it's time to write / type a new post. Seeing that I haven't updated for quite some time now. Well, I won't get to update that much for a while because of my finals. There are so many things to do and it still haven't settled in my head how I'm ever going to accomplish so many things in one week. I feel stressed already and there isn't that much to do yet, what more when the professors start bombarding us with work? Oh goodness. Must. Resist. Temptation.

For this finals week, my resolutions are
  • To go home early
  • Study for my lecture subjects WELL
  • Will not go online if work is not yet done
  • Start plates / papers early.
So there. Pray for me. Good night.

13 Mar 2010


Hopefully I stick with this (URL).

Time for me to make a new header.