14 Mar 2010

Sometimes I like the idea of posting random photos that are interesting and pretty at the same time.

Gotta love The Beatles. One day, I shall paint all my walls white, and put up a poster just like that. Wouldn't it be amazing?

I need a pair of DMs.


Because John O'Callaghan is a sex god. And he is a virgin. Yes, he said so in an interview. I don't know now, though.

What a girl must do every single day.

Anyway, since I have put up a new banner for my blog then it's time to write / type a new post. Seeing that I haven't updated for quite some time now. Well, I won't get to update that much for a while because of my finals. There are so many things to do and it still haven't settled in my head how I'm ever going to accomplish so many things in one week. I feel stressed already and there isn't that much to do yet, what more when the professors start bombarding us with work? Oh goodness. Must. Resist. Temptation.

For this finals week, my resolutions are
  • To go home early
  • Study for my lecture subjects WELL
  • Will not go online if work is not yet done
  • Start plates / papers early.
So there. Pray for me. Good night.

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