18 Oct 2009


Misfits Shirt (Recto), Sheer floral tiered skirt (Thrifted), cut-out booties (Leaveland at The Ramp).

I'm quite apprehensive about this outfit. It's cute, sure and I'm aiming for something out of the norm, but being in this outfit just seems so wrong. I uploaded it in Lookbook but I think I'm going to delete it soon since it's not worthy at all. *Sighs*

Anyway, I'm still up to a lot. Not much time for my social life.. come to think about it, I'm not sure if I still have one. I've been stuck at home since I could remember and I haven't really had a decent trip to the mall. So what I'm planning is that.. tomorrow, when I go to Shang (probably the only mall I go to anymore), I might as well get myself a pair of lovely shoes. Maybe go to Megamall since they're on sale. Oh yes.

I want the sandals. But the lace-ups are so tempting. Plus, they're cheaper. Oh well, I'm sooo totally going to SM Megamall. Can't let that sale pass.

10 Oct 2009

Never The Hopeless

Changed my URL again. LOL. What can I say? I get easily bored! Anyway, I was thinking of you know.. reviving this blog. Seeing that Tumblr isn't so much of a real blog anyway. Lol. Well it is, but not a journal=blog type of thing. It's my photo blog. So I think you get that already.

I'm gonna come up with something soon. With the layout of this one and all that. See ya.