31 Dec 2013

Of Promises and Resolutions

The year is coming to a close and in the past week, all I could really think of are the promises I'm willing to make and the resolutions I plan to keep. Therefore, I came up with a list of my New Year's resolutions. Woohoo!
  1. Be punctual. It is no secret that I'm one of the worst people to set a certain time with. Seriously! Being on time has always been my Achilles' Heel. And for 2014, it's bound to be one of my biggest challenges.
  2. Work harder. Somehow it feels like 2013 has been a year of too much play for me. I would really like to change this by cancelling out procrastination and mediocrity in my life. Why settle for "Okay" when you can go for "Wow"?
  3. Make time for fitness. Another realization: no matter how much you diet, you will still be jiggly. I'm so tired of jiggling, guys!
  4. Travel more. I gotta cure this wanderlust. Starting with out of town trips, then upgrading to out of the country trips. I cannot wait.
  5. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. In the middle of 2013, I got a job. Therefore a taste of earning money on my own. It feels good to not ask for cash from my parents, and being independent is a really great thing! But then after all the good times, the shopping sprees, and long cab rides, you think of when you're 30 and your savings account. How much money do you want to be in it?
And that's it for my New Year's Resolutions. Anyway, since I wasn't able to update this blog last Christmas, let me show you guys the best present I got from the universe:

30 Sep 2013

The Most TMI Blog Post Ever

Hi y'all! I'm back from the dead - at least for now. I recently started working at this lovely start-up company called "BECAUSE, Inc". It's my first job and I must say that I'm really learning a lot. My unofficial title is "Social Media It Girl" slash-Graphic Designer-slash-Marketing Assistant. Really, everybody in the company (all ten of us) don't stick with our official roles, so to speak. Basically, we do a little bit of everything.

A quick intro to BECAUSE, it started last January and we focus on nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutricosmetics, and consumer health products. Too much? To put it simply, these are stuff that will definitely do you good. Don't we all want that?

Since I began working here, I became more conscious about the stuff that I use for my body. Which leads me to the first product that we will be releasing: Saforelle!

Okay, let me get this straight - I'm not really the type of girl who stands in front of the feminine wash section of the grocery, trying to decide which one to buy. Because guys, let's face it - as long as it's clean, we're (girls) good with it. But then I found out that these feminine washes in the market right now aren't really safe for everyday use. It makes you super dry down there which can lead to itchiness, and then *GASP* infection. Now who would want that?

What's great about Saforelle is that it's so gentle that you're good to use it everyday - it's clinically proven by French doctors, worry not. It also has burdock - a plant that has an anti-itch formula. I can attest to this because I have tried this on my feet when I had a slight rash (it's not just for your vajayjay) just to see if it really works. Lo and behold, two minutes after washing with Saforelle, the itch went away. I promise!

I know, I know. Who writes about their feminine washes? But just know that these things are important, too! Nothing to be ashamed of.

Product Features:

  • Specifically formulated for everyday use
  • Made with Burdock extract
  • Formulated by medical experts
  • Manufactured in France
  • Supported by clinical studies (AC Nielsen Data 2011)
  • Contains no soaps or parabens
Where can you grab your bottle of Saforelle? You can find this premium product in leading supermarkets nationwide (e.g Robinsons, Rustans, Shopwise, as well as pharmacies such as Mercury Drug, and South Star) We'll be releasing this amazing French product to the market this coming October so you better hang tight.

This may or may not be my first ever review in this blog.

Check out BECAUSE, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Saforelle Ph is on Facebook, too!

15 Jun 2013

The Perfect Song for This Kind of Weather

Right off of their latest album "Capacities", Parks has immediately captured my heart. Of course Indak will always be there stepping on my heart with its lyrics, and Turn It Well never fails to make my spirits soar. But this song is just perfect. There is no other way to describe it, really.

Yesterday I was walking around Greenbelt by my lonesome while the rain is pouring cats and dogs and I thought that "Hey, this is the perfect weather for some Up Dharma!", so I went through my iPhone and chose  song-above right away.

Guys, I'm serious! LISTEN. TO. IT. And be ready to fall in love and get your heart broken in a span of more or less five minutes.

9 Jun 2013

Venir Avec Moi

It's been a while since I decided to become productive-slash-creative. In college, we do it because it's a requirement, this time I just challenged myself. Contests aren't really my thing because I'm very insecure with my capabilities as an artist, but then again we all have different styles, right? Besides, I'm very broke as of the moment, I need the cash.

So I'm going to have to ask for not even five minutes of your time to vote for my entry on talenthouse.com.

Venir Avec Moi by Anne Vitug (My entry)

All you gotta do is click on this link and vote via Facebook, Twitter, or BOTH if you're feeling generous. ;)

Thank you in advance! xx

6 Jun 2013

It's a Girl Thing

Assuming that most of the people who visit my blog are girls / ladies / women, here is a post that may (or may not be) interesting for you.

The other day, I was on the phone with David, talking about random stuff like we always do, when all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of my desk and how messy it was. Yes, I'm that kind of girl who has a messy room, but I know where things are placed. It also happens that I was semi-arranging my make up kit and realized how much make up I own - most of them I barely use anymore. So I decided to do a blog post on my make up! Yay (nay?)!

Say hello to my messy table.

Most of my make up. The ones that I use, at least.

My cheap yet nice make up brushes.

4 May 2013

My Top 5 90's Crushes

After weeks of not updating, I finally managed to get my blogging groove on and write about something that hopefully, most of my readers (If I have any, that is) can easily relate to. Never mind my supposed graduation post that was looong due, I think that this is more interesting than telling you about the three grueling hours of waiting for my name to be called, just to receive a piece of paper - that is sadly not my diploma, but a calendar. And so this is what I came up with. My top 5 crushes during the 90's.

It was really difficult to narrow down the list since 8-year-old me had countless of cute crushes back in the day. Celebrities, mostly. Because my grade school classmates just weren't my type. Lolsies.

Let's start.

1. Nick Carter
Why of course he's in this blog post. And don't you even try to deny that you did not have a crush on BSB's heartthrob. The Back Street Boys obviously were the sh*t back then, and I can say that - with no shame - I still listen to their tunes.

2. Freddie Prinze Jr.
*Insert grunt here* Sarah Michelle Gellar is so lucky to have him as her Prinze Charming (Sorry, I couldn't help it!). As a child, I probably didn't appreciate Cruel Intentions all that much but damn. Look at that smile! Hng.

3. Aaron Carter
Who didn't have a crush on Nick Carter's younger bro? He continuously makes me want to sing "I want candy" - the candy being his face because it just looks so sweet! I wouldn't mind getting cavities because of him (Although I really do).

4. Taylor Hanson
Okay, okay. Let's admit it; we all thought we were lesbians when we started crushing on one (or any) of the Hanson brothers just because their long hair was so misleading (Also longer than mine!). And we probably wouldn't mind at all! Taylor Hanson is extremely ermahgerd-worthy. And that voice... oh, that voice! I'm hoping that I wasn't the only girl who was thrilled when a couple of years after, The Hansons came back to the scene with their song "Penny and Me" looking like - yup - BOYS! Boys who are just so damn gorge. Luv ya, Tay.

We're down to the final one, guys. And I definitely saved the best for last. I can openly admit that I still think he's a fine piece of... Oh, you know what I mean!

5. Justin Timberlake
I first saw him in N*Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" music video, and my first thought was "Whoa, this boy's cute". Despite the badly bleached, and kinky hair that looks a little bit greasy, I still found him a lot cuter than JC Chasez (No ofense, JC) who all the girls in my grade totes crushed on. Fast forward to a decade, he makes a comeback and boom! His hair is a gazillion times better. This is probably my only celebrity crush whom I will gladly cry a river for. Oh, and for the record, I absolutely love their "It's Gonna Be Me" video.

19 Mar 2013

What's in My Bag v.4

Just thought of a quick post before heading over to UST for our Baccalaureate Mass.

I haven't had a What's in My Bag post for almost a year now and it's time for an update! Not to mention, I'm a sucker for making these kinds of entries.

I love using my Gucci body bag. It fits everything I need minus all the bulk!

Well this is all of it.

  •  Black sharp cat-eye sunnies
  • Maybelline pressed powder
  • "Baby Lips" by Maybelline
  • Vitress
  • Accessorize Union Jack Wallet

  •  Black and gold Cricket automatic lighter
  • Sephora custom palette (it came with my Colorista Palette)
  • Earphones
  • iPhone + Vans Waffle case
  • iPod Nano
  • Brown sharp cat-eye sunnies
  • Palladio lipstick in Coral Punch
  • Some body spray I nicked from my mom's dresser
  • Bayo perfume in "Powder" - This is what keeps me smell fresh all day!

And last but not the least, my wand. Because, seriously? What's a witch without it?

7 Mar 2013

Art and Stuff

Recently, I've been trying to get inspired so I can produce more artworks - become more productive and all that so I can put something in my portfolio that doesn't look too god-awful. That's why last weekend over my dad's place, I was happy to have made something that's pretty pleasing to the eye: my first ever go at digital painting. Why not, right? The tablet was there, and I was never really any good when it came to digital painting. This wasn't so bad, though.

Lana Del Rey served as my muse. Maybe I should send this to her?

See my online portfolio here.

4 Mar 2013

Graduation 101

At times, I find it hard to believe that a few more weeks from now, I'm finally graduating from college. This is it, I kept telling myself, but it hasn't really sunk in yet. Maybe it won't until I find the perfect dress to wear, or the best heels to walk in. I'm probably not the only one who has no freaking clue what to wear for their graduation day. There are probably a ton of you who are probably just as confused as I am. But I will do my best to help you sort it out!

Here are some tips and tricks that I picked up from a couple of friends who had to endure their graduation march:

Dress accordingly. Keep in mind that you're attending a graduation, not a party. Also that your professors are there to keep an eye on / judge / scold you. Not to mention, your love interest's parentals - in a sea of other parents. Yikes!

Wear shoes that you can walk in. Do you want to trip in the middle of the stage while receiving your diploma? The answer is a big NO. For girls, please refrain from sky-high stilettos. Do settle for sturdy heels that you're sure that you can comfortably walk in (Tip: Make sure you can still tip-toe about an inch from the ground while wearing them). For boys, always go for something classic. Maybe a pair of soft leather loafers, or dress shoes, but definitely no sneakers. This is a formal event.

Don't cake it up. Let's try and avoid a thick layer of make up. Who wants to look like a freaking clown when they come up the stage? No one. Berry-colored lips are really making a hit on the runways this Spring/Summer 2013; thick and bold eyebrows are definitely making a statement, and these will make you look younger (Believe me!). But the best make up trend that will surely last forever? Glowing skin. The one that makes you look like you're in love. Yup, definitely the best.

Keep it classy. Probably the best advice I can give you, regardless of gender.

20 Feb 2013

Belated 22nd

I'm not really big on birthdays but it doesn't necessarily mean I don't celebrate it. After all, it's another year added to my lifespan, therefore it's something to be thankful for.

Started the day with a run in UP, Diliman with my good friend from high school, Kyle. He treated me for lunch in Roku, a Japanese restaurant that can be found in the 5th floor of Oracle Building along Katipunan Avenue. I love their sushi!

I ordered their best sellers (the rolls) and Chicken Teriyaki (Japanese food default / fave). The one in the upper-right corner is some sort of tuna tempura type of roll, below that are tuna and salmon rolls and Kyle's ramen. Sorry, I totally forgot what the food are called! In my defense, this happened a month ago.

Had dinner with my dad and not-so-little brother at Omakase in Ayala Triangle. Sadly, mom couldn't make it because she wasn't feeling very well. Double whammy on Japanese food!

Sam and papa, enjoying the sushi (I forgot the name again). Also, funny story. The three of us were wearing blue that day! Well you wouldn't see my outfit but I was wearing a light-washed denim vest. Scouts' honor!

After dinner and dessert with my two favorite men, I headed over to Eunice's place to hang out / catch up / relax / wait for David to come pick us up.

From Eunice.

When David got there, we headed over to Dillingers to have a small pre-graming. Plus David's rib eye steak.

After that, we went straight to Today x Future to celebrate my birthday (like what I did last year) with my other friends. Sadly, I don't have pictures for that but it was a really fun night. Thank you for making my night extra fun and special!

5 Feb 2013

Top 10 Favorite Songs in 2012

Maybe a little bit late for a count-down because duh, it's already 2013. And maybe you're thinking that you don't want any of that 2012 crap. But here I am, listing down ten songs that I have been constantly listening to since the previous year started. They aren't necessarily "new", they're just pretty much a random listing of tracks that I kept singing to over and over again.

In no particular order, of course.

1. Bruised - Jack's Mannequin

2. Ridin' feat. Lana Del Rey - A$AP Rocky

3. Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime - Sleeping With Sirens

4. Hold On 'Til May - Pierce The Veil

5. I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket - Pierce The Veil

6. Breezeblocks - ALT-J

7. House - Kindness

8. Detlef Schrempf - Band of Horses

9. Complete - Austin Gibbs

10. Latch feat. Sam Smith - Disclosure