31 Dec 2013

Of Promises and Resolutions

The year is coming to a close and in the past week, all I could really think of are the promises I'm willing to make and the resolutions I plan to keep. Therefore, I came up with a list of my New Year's resolutions. Woohoo!
  1. Be punctual. It is no secret that I'm one of the worst people to set a certain time with. Seriously! Being on time has always been my Achilles' Heel. And for 2014, it's bound to be one of my biggest challenges.
  2. Work harder. Somehow it feels like 2013 has been a year of too much play for me. I would really like to change this by cancelling out procrastination and mediocrity in my life. Why settle for "Okay" when you can go for "Wow"?
  3. Make time for fitness. Another realization: no matter how much you diet, you will still be jiggly. I'm so tired of jiggling, guys!
  4. Travel more. I gotta cure this wanderlust. Starting with out of town trips, then upgrading to out of the country trips. I cannot wait.
  5. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. In the middle of 2013, I got a job. Therefore a taste of earning money on my own. It feels good to not ask for cash from my parents, and being independent is a really great thing! But then after all the good times, the shopping sprees, and long cab rides, you think of when you're 30 and your savings account. How much money do you want to be in it?
And that's it for my New Year's Resolutions. Anyway, since I wasn't able to update this blog last Christmas, let me show you guys the best present I got from the universe:

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