24 Dec 2010

Because It's Christmas Eve

I kind of realized now that I should have made something rather Christmas-y for today. Seeing that it's the day before Christmas and all, but I did not. So I have decided to broadcast my Christmas Eve - yes, it is a live broadcast via stickam.com and it's going to be awesome. I'll be opening presents and be smoking cigarettes in my room just because! All you have to do is to go to my stickam account and join the chat thingy (I'm not really sure what it's officially called). It would be totally awesome if you guys could watch it.

I'll see you all later? ;)

16 Dec 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

You might have taken notice that I'm either really sad or bored every time I blog. And last night was probably one of those nights when my previous feelings for this certain someone have risen (again) from the ashes I thought they already were. It was a regular unproductive day since there weren't any classes and I decided to well, check his Facebook account. Not my brightest idea believe me. His new profile picture hit me like a humongous rock - on the chest. It was of him and his girlfriend and she had her arms around him. I instantly thought - that should be me. Pathetic, I know. But I can't help it, I'm a girl! I can't believe that I said that. It sounds so wrong on different levels, and not to mention: sexist. So yes, I have been emo (for the lack of the better term) last night. I lied around in my pajamas with the television on mute. It's like a part of my life has been ripped straight from an episode of The Hills. Drama drama drama.


But I just really miss him.

7 Dec 2010

Oh Hello There

You might have noticed that I only update this blog every time I'm in the computer lab. Just like this instance. Well, I honestly don't have anything better to do today so I would much rather be productive one way or the other. And this, my friend, is my own little way of not being stagnant.

Sleep has been the only thing I've been craving for since I was in my first year of college when I first experienced sleepless nights. Take note of the s after night. There was a time wherein I didn't sleep for a while week. I almost never slept. I'd have a couple of hours of sleep a day and that's it.

Anyway, it's December, fools! I can seriously smell and literally see the spirit of Christmas especially here in UST. Christmas lights everywhere, the tree's up as well (it's not a real tree, though). And how can I ever forget the fast-growing number of street kids singing Christmas carols in exchange for money? Malls have been going on sale as well which is pretty exciting. I honestly can't wait to get a hold of my Christmas cash.

Wants vs. Needs
What do I need?
I need a complete family.
A boyfriend who I specifically need to have scruffy hair, thick-rimmed glasses and a dominant creative side.
Money. Definitely money. To buy all my loved ones fancy gifts.

What do I want?
Clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. And I need to have my Infinite tattoo retouched.

1 Dec 2010

Brand new!

Yes, that's right. I finally managed to change my layout. Although I nicked to code from blogskins and edited it a little. Which isn't that bad since I left the credits on for future references and as a sign of respect.

I hope this sassy new layout gets me more awesome readers and followers on bloglovin'! Just saying. ;)


I will be posting more since I have computer lab subjects now. Which means = more time pondering upon design, animation, drawing, sketching and the likes. Which also means = overflowing creative juices. Only happens when I'm in school (and in the mood).