31 Mar 2008


Today hasn't been eventful. Nothing too exciting happened (except for the fact that I almost got hit by multiple cars). After school I just went to High Street to meet up with my parents. I bought a book, too; All-American Girl: Ready or Not. It's a sequel. Anyway, my mom also treated me to Sonja's. I've been bugging her about it every time we're in the area and I finally got it my way. Actually today isn't too bad. I got a book, a cupcake I've always wanted and a pair of bikini. Not so bad, I know. But the heat just wasn't very pleasing. It hurt my skin to the core. I felt it on every inch of my body. The sweat dripping through my forehead. You have no idea how much of a relief it was when I finally rode the cab. And then the moment I got to Bonifacio High Street, I went straight to Fully Booked. Other than that, I could describe today as not like any other day I have. Because today was extremely boring. And school didn't help me that much with that. I thought it was even more boring in school. It's just better when I'm out of it.

Ah. The down slides of not having a summer vacation. But the good thing is that, I still have allowance. Tell me about how much it rocks to have allowance over the summer.

30 Mar 2008

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

I haven't been telling you how addicted I am to the Twilight saga. Maybe you can check out my Multiply. Because that's where I rant endlessly about the book. The moment I read the first book, I knew there was no stopping here. Every other day, I just HAD to buy the sequel. Yes, I am that addicted. And no, it is not bad. Not at all. Not one bit. Reading has always been good to my soul and at the same time, it destroyed me. It's the complete contrast of what I had said earlier about reading being good. Sometimes I feel the characters' pains and hurts. That part isn't very healthy. But I'm good with it. It's better than not feeling anything at all.

Oh I'm such a dork. I have always been a sucker for books.

Anyway since everybody's talking about Twilight the movie in such manner that they criticize the ability of the cast chosen. Honestly, I wasn't very pleased but I started to cope up with it. Since I was in the middle of reading New Moon when I found out who the cast was, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen; I started imagining with them in it instead of who I want. Most people wanted Emily Browning but I think Kristen Stewart is just fine. As for Robert Pattison, I would have wanted Gaspard Ulliel (French men are hot) and that sort of disappointed me. But I managed to like him anyway (Pattison). It's all good. I bet the movie's going to be great! But the book is still the best. Don't you think so too?

I lack too much sleep. I'm going to continue reading.

29 Mar 2008

In that case, you don't interest me at all

The sun is up, the heat is on. And it's not helping one bit. Summer has never really been my thing at all. And the hotness of the environment doesn't make things better at all. Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to the closet and choose a decent attire anymore. Everything revolves around tank tops, shorts and flipflops. Oh yes, I said my goodbyes to my scarves, stockings and hoodies last February. I'm guessing I won't be using them too much. I welcomed back (with open arms) my Havs and more tank tops (thank God for Quiapo).. and shorts too! As for the skinnies, the black ones leave me sort of doubting whether I should or should NOT wear them. The same thing goes for the red ones David had given me. And the blue ones mom got me, well I'm thinking of them too. It's a bit hot. And right now I'm wearing my black skinnies.. I'm sort of thinking of changing in to my shorts now. Oh the doubts. Gahhhh. I haven't waxed my legs yet so that doesn't actually make me excited about the whole shorts thing. And also the fact that I'd be showing a bit too much skin, that doesn't really excite me. It would be better if I'm balanced. Besides, what could go wrong with black pants? The heat.

I need my vest back. :( I feel so under dressed right now. And my only accessory is this:

Okay, so it's cute. But I don't really think it helps the feeling that I'm missing something. I miss it a lot.. It's with Paul (one of my best friends) and I can't wait for him to return it. He had it during Fight Scene Production's first gig but I was too busy and occupied and stressed about the line-up. Ah well it's over now, and all I could do is wait.

Right now what keeps me sort of sane is that I'm actually going to Bonifacio High Street / Serendra / Market Market today. Haven't been able to have a decent stroll around that area since last year, November. So I'm a bit excited about that one. I'm still thinking if I'm going to Shang though.

Today is also David's graduation. And his family might just invite us for dinner out or something. Ah well, I'd have to return his PSP already. I don't use it as much as I do before. I only borrowed it from him due to my Tekken battle with King. When we met up last week, Wednesday.. I found out that the LAN of David's PSP might be broken. Ah well. :/

I'm currently reading Eclipse now. It makes me happy, really. I finished New Moon really early this morning (say, 4am). Honestly, I didn't mind the dark circles around my eyes. Even how I noticed that my eyes were starting to get smaller (if that's even possible). Ehhh, you know what happens to the eyes when you start sleeping late? They just feel heavy all the time and my lids don't have a fold anymore. You get me now? So that and the fact that I don't really care whether I'm starting to get paler and the breakouts (the latter being the unbearable one). No matter how much I wanted to sleep early, it's as if the book is talking to me.. teasing me with sweet words. Telling me about how great it would be to read him. Whenever I look at it, it just makes me step towards it and pick up where I've left off. What an inconsiderate book. I couldn't bear the fact that Breaking Dawn won't be out until August and that is not great - AT ALL. Oh and my copy of Eclipse is hardbound. Like you care, right? But really now.. My first hardbound book aside from the dictionary. That's pretty cool. I am enthralled by the Twilight Saga.

I just came home from Bonifacio High Street and I just fell in love with the most gorgeous sneakers I've seen so far. It totally captured my heart. It costs around PhP5,500 but the best part about it is that it's on sale! I think around 50% off. I tried it on and it's my size (def for me) plus it's super comfy.

It's love, I tell you.

And another great thing about High Street is Puma.. and their cute salesman. Of course there's a catch! He looks like one of my friends. Hahaha! And his Puma Clyde laces are purple. Definitely my favorite color. His voice is manly, I tell you! Oh jeezums. I'm gushing over his masculine voice, lovely hair, skinny frame and shoelaces! HAHA. You can freely laugh at me now. Hey, I'm laughing at myself.

On the other hand, my mood dampened a bit while we were on our way to Pasig. I don't know why, there was really nothing in particular that ticked me off. Mood swings. I wasn't in my best mood. But then we were on our way to High Street, I was starting to feel a bit better. Oh no, it was actually after we ate.


28 Mar 2008

I'm spilling my guts on you from now on

I realized that I don't necessarily need a looooooooooong post. Actually I think having a long post is boring. Like you don't have a social life. Pero joke lang. :)) Because writing and ranting is fun! Actually right now I've been practicing my words also known as writing. This only happens when I'm reading a really good book and it lifts my spirits. I remember it like it was yesterday. Writing is my first love. Until now actually but I'm starting to become more realistic and try all sorts of fields. Right now I'm focusing on my fashion designing, and then comes photography. Also I'm trying to put my production together. It's still a bit confusing but I'm starting to get used to it.

Right now I'm reading the Twilight Saga like everybody else. It's a very interesting book and a great read to think that I have an obsession with vampires since I don't know when. I learned about this book from Krista. And the moment I red what it has to say at the back, I know this was going to be a habit. So I'm right. I bought Twilight last Monday (March 24), finished it the following day which was a Tuesday. And since I was in Quiapo that Tuesday, I only began reading again around five in the afternoon when we were already on our way home. Then when I was done with it, I bought New Moon (Wednesday). I'm not really surprised why I'm not yet done with it now because I was basically preventing myself from reading it further because I still didn't have the third book which is Eclipse. I'm just so glad that my dad would rather splurge on books for me rather than clothes. But I'm good either way. He's buying me more black skinnies because of school this June. Anyway, he got me Eclipse a while ago since I've been bugging him about this whole thing since I reached half of New Moon on the first day that I was reading it. I was no other than devastated for New Moon to come to an end. So I stopped for a while. Deciding to watch Hana Kimi (Japanese version) first because I just don't want to read yet.

June excites me. I'm finally going to start going to college.. as in the real thing. Because this fashion school I'm in right now isn't really college - just a vocational course. Next semester I'll be taking up Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts in UST. Where, apparently, my parents graduated from college. Ah well. Can't wait for the new environment. It's a whole new thing. And to think that I get to hang out with Dora almost everyday, after school! :D Just the thought of it makes me happy. Dora's actually one of my best friends. She's awesome!

I think I'm so crazy about the Twilight saga that I even put a countdown timer of Breaking Down (fourth book). What can I say right? I love it to bits! Great now I can't wait for my dad to get home.

On the lighter side of life that doesn't involve books (at the moment), I still don't have any decent plan this summer that would be quite.. summer-y. Except for probably a lot of slacking off, too much heat and chilling in the mall (Shang, specifically). Although to be honest I still have school. And I still have to finish one last project which won't take me too long, hopefully. Anyway, I don't have swimming plans yet. Although I'm looking forward to one. Hopefully in Batangas or in the Subic area. Dig my toes in the sand, people watch and have a train of words echoing in my ear.. something that I could put in my next story.

Speaking of writing stories! I'm working on one right now.. again. It's sort of based on the Twilight Saga. Vampires and stuff like that. Hopefully I come up with something better. I want the story to be somewhat unpredictable.. And that's what I'm trying to do at the moment. Something that's all mine. I don't want it to be a reflection of Stephenie Meyer's books. Although that's what's happening right now. But I'll fix it up when I'm done with it. Hopefully it's long enough to be a novel. All I can do right now are mini novels. :))

So I shall go on with whatever it is that I'm doing. Maybe I'll tell you about something funny tomorrow.. just maybe.

18 Mar 2008

Once a month

If you haven't noticed I only update like, once a month now. If I'm in the mood, I write more. Especially if I'm feeling really talkative and I have lots to tell you guys about. See, nobody really visits my blog like before na super blogging is the in thing - I was in second year high school, trying to write something decent. And as I said, trying. Right now I have no idea what to talk about. Pero sobrang gusto ko lang magsulat tsaka gusto ko lang magsalita since wala naman makausap dito sa bahay. I'm home alone.

Today was a waste. Not totally because I've been so tired lately. I'm out everyday! So today I decided to just slack off. Because tomorrow is different - there's school. It's holy week so it's only up to tomorrow but we'll be getting back on our feet on Monday (agad). Lately I've been indulging in some good 'ol Tekken. I love it with all my heart I tell you and it's just very recent that I found the kid in me. And since I don't have a PSP or whatsoever I had to borrow David's because he's not using it anyway which is definitely yay for me. Actually I'm trying to save up for one. I think it wouldn't hurt if I try and save up at least seven grand and just ask my parents to add a few thousands. A PSP Slim doesn't cost as much. I hope what I think is right. Because a while ago my mom was discussing with me the benefits of having one - no, she was actually comparing it to an iPod Classic which was Plan A (was). But things change, I start making better choices.

So I've been into gadgets. *Shrugs* Like it matters though. But the whole I'm saving up for a PSP thing is kinda vague since I might get a DSLR soon :D There's this really big possibility that I will because of certain matters so the PSP.. I'm still thinking twice. ;) And my dad's debt will disappear when I do get Tyler (the DSLR). See! I even gave him a name already. Ah well, might just buy David's PSP since he doesn't use it anymore.

Wish me luck! Another short post by yours truly ;)

Ah well, at least I still update *shrug*.