18 Mar 2008

Once a month

If you haven't noticed I only update like, once a month now. If I'm in the mood, I write more. Especially if I'm feeling really talkative and I have lots to tell you guys about. See, nobody really visits my blog like before na super blogging is the in thing - I was in second year high school, trying to write something decent. And as I said, trying. Right now I have no idea what to talk about. Pero sobrang gusto ko lang magsulat tsaka gusto ko lang magsalita since wala naman makausap dito sa bahay. I'm home alone.

Today was a waste. Not totally because I've been so tired lately. I'm out everyday! So today I decided to just slack off. Because tomorrow is different - there's school. It's holy week so it's only up to tomorrow but we'll be getting back on our feet on Monday (agad). Lately I've been indulging in some good 'ol Tekken. I love it with all my heart I tell you and it's just very recent that I found the kid in me. And since I don't have a PSP or whatsoever I had to borrow David's because he's not using it anyway which is definitely yay for me. Actually I'm trying to save up for one. I think it wouldn't hurt if I try and save up at least seven grand and just ask my parents to add a few thousands. A PSP Slim doesn't cost as much. I hope what I think is right. Because a while ago my mom was discussing with me the benefits of having one - no, she was actually comparing it to an iPod Classic which was Plan A (was). But things change, I start making better choices.

So I've been into gadgets. *Shrugs* Like it matters though. But the whole I'm saving up for a PSP thing is kinda vague since I might get a DSLR soon :D There's this really big possibility that I will because of certain matters so the PSP.. I'm still thinking twice. ;) And my dad's debt will disappear when I do get Tyler (the DSLR). See! I even gave him a name already. Ah well, might just buy David's PSP since he doesn't use it anymore.

Wish me luck! Another short post by yours truly ;)

Ah well, at least I still update *shrug*.

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