17 Feb 2008

For the third time around

The fifteenth was great! Although a lot of pressure was put upon Desi and I because we only had thirty minutes of preparation because we still went to the mall with The Date (David Espina) since he still has to buy pants and shoes. I got myself a pair of lashes from The Face Shop (which I wasn't able to use due to lack of time prep), we got Desi a decent dress. It was great :) Went to Eastwood after, had Weng Weng! Haha. I love Weng Weng now. How it made me tipsy, I don't care. And the four-inch heels are just insane, I tell you. With the stockings especially. I should have shaved my legs.. Then I won't exactly have an awful time with the stilettos. Busog ang mata namin ni Desi. Period.

It was a great prom. :) At least better than the first and second one. But really, it was fun.. Way fun! Can't wait to attend some more. HAHAHAHAHA! I love these kinds of parties. :D

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