15 Jul 2010

John Clark, you saved my life

So I am now here in a cafe right beside my school, mooching off free wifi and charging all my gadgets (i.e, laptop, iPod and cellphone) just because Basyang's (the typhoon that hit our country) wind was too strong for any Filipino's (in Manila) likings. It came to a point wherein the tree infront of our house fell and crushed our fence. Right now, we haven't had electricity for more than 24 hours, and it sucks big time! Last night I've been waiting for the lights to suddenly turn on so I can start with my victory dance but to no avail. In addition, my mom has been trying to put me to sleep since nine in the evening and you know me, I don't sleep before twelve midnight.

Last week I had my second tattoo done.

Yes, it's a red paper crane. It's cool, isn't it? My mom told me that I should stop having tattoos done. I can't react with her comment because I'm planning on getting my third within the week supposedly (a candy skull). Now my paper crane looks like crap. The ink didn't stick well and I have to get it retouched ASAP.

12 Jul 2010


I know, I know.. I haven't blogged in ages! Why, you ask? Oh it's just because my dad has the laptop and I don't have my own (yet). So right now I am enduring the ugly monitors and almost worn-out keyboards of the Internet cafe near our house. The only way I get to go online is through my mom's lovely phone (a Nokia E71, which I hope she gives me). And with that, I get to post stuff on Facebook and Twitter with a little bit of Tumblr as well. But nothing beats having a big screen in front of you, a keyboard and DSL. Yes, that's just so much better.

Anyway, you must be aware of the World Cup craze, and I'm very much guilty for tweeting non-stop very, very early this morning due to the championship game wherein Spain and the Netherlands battled for the golden trophy (in a Louis Vuitton case, I might add). Look, I'm no sports enthusiast although I do a little football myself here and there but that doesn't make me want to go pro, but the game was just so intense - TOO INTENSE, actually. There weren't any goals on the first and second half of the game so they had to extend it. But God bless, Iniesta for that beautiful goal! There were only a few minutes left and we all knew that Spain did it. The dirty Dutch players didn't deserve that trophy and I swear I've never seen so many yellow cards in my life! In addition, I might have fallen in love with Jesus Navas (plus Sergio Ramos). ♥

God, I love football players.