31 Jul 2012

Stud Crazy

Some time last week, I got bored and decided to be a little bit productive - so I proceeded to DIY my stuff! I'd like to think that I've always had a knack for all things Do It Yourself, although I'm not really the most fashionable person out there.

First item I decided to stud were my old (not to mention, plain and boring) brogues. Imagine how happy I was that the material used for the shoes were very soft! Easier to stud. Teehee.

For those of you who don't know where to get studs, there are a lot of varieties that can be found in online stores that range from Php100-Php150. But if you're too lazy to wait for them to get shipped, you can always use an old studded belt (like I have). It causes extra work though, since you'll have to remove the studs by hand (or plies).

Second thing I decided to customize via pyramid studs was my chevron-patterned friendship bracelet. Thought that I should give them a little extra "oomph". These three bracelets you see in the photos are DIY-ed as well. Thank you very much, YouTube!

If you like to DIY, drop me some comments! Show me what you've done and let's get inspired together :)