7 Aug 2012

All Weekend Long

My mom once told me that I'm the type of girl who's very masawain (gets bored with things easily), oh how true her words are! So now I'm trying really hard to spice things up. You know how you love something, but then you also love a lot of other things? Yeah.

You all know my very good friend, Karla. Well, we just recently "launched" our first ever VLOG! Can you believe it? At first (before we even made a channel), it was just a joke between the two of us until I turned it into reality and made us a YouTube channel. Sometimes words just can't express how much of a great time we had, this is what the videos are for - to show y'all how fun we actually are! Let's just hope that this isn't just a phase.

Aside from being aspiring quote-unquote: vloggers, we're also trying to keep our artsy side intact by exploring other art forms that we're not exactly familiar with. This part is very important for me since I've been very fickle. So right now I'm getting to know film-making and the likes. My dad's an amazing animator and he's been showing me the ropes since I first showed interest in high school. Stopped, and then became in touch with it again during my junior year in college. Stopped again, and now I'm back. Although I must admit, my so-called skills are a little bit rusty.

Not to mention, the last weekend has been busy for the both of us! First up was Last Days (28 / July / 2012, Saturday) which was held at Warehouse 1, GEE Building - it was a warehouse party and Mono/Poly played. They were really good although I didn't really catch much of their set. We got charged for entrance and it didn't come with free drinks so I had to dance sober the entire night. I must admit, it was really fun! So fun that I still kept thinking about it the day after. Perfect way to end July.

Since we were so bitin during last days, Karla and I just knew that we had to go to the last Hipstars party (03 / August / 2012, Friday) that took place in Christopher de Venecia's place in Forbes Park. The theme / attire was "Space Cowboys and Neon Indians" and it got me so confused. I wasn't sure if I should dress up like a cowboy or an indian, or if my clothes should be space-like or neon. Ended up wearing my extremely colorful button-down shirt with a bandage skirt and Vans. You have no idea how happy I was that I went with the sneakers rather than my heels. I danced all night and was extremely intoxicated! Wish I had a video of that night 'cause right now, words just can't describe. But I will do my best! The crowd was great, music was great, free-flowing food and drinks, amazing company (there was a mechanical bull, too!). Eunice and I went around and put warpaint on random people's faces for the sake of socializing. I wish I can remember everybody's name. We had met quite a number.

If you were there, and your face was painted on but wasn't sure by who, that might be me. I was one of the two girls going around telling / asking people "Hey, do you want some warpaint? Come on, it's just a little lipstick". If you said yes and was painted on, leave a comment! Hopefully, the next party I go to, I'll see familiar faces and then I can talk to you people some more when I'm buzzed beyond belief since I've always been awkward when sober.

Got home at around 4:30AM the following day (Saturday) and as if it wasn't enough, I still went out that night. Still in Makati of course. Il Ponticello for my friends' gig (Designated DJs for the night).

This is the part wherein I call it a week.

I'm not really much of a party girl but I've been enjoying going out with my friends and just meeting people. Besides, it's not like I party all the time. ;)

So if you know anything amazeballs coming up this weekend, leave a comment and let me know about it then maybe we can get sloshed together! My friends and I will surely be looking for something to do. ;)

Photo Credits:
Karla Ynzon
The Other Joseph Pascual

Gabby Cantero
Al Avellana

Thank you to OS Accessories for loaning me your very beautiful Bone Gang necklace on the night of Hipstars.