17 Feb 2008

For the third time around

The fifteenth was great! Although a lot of pressure was put upon Desi and I because we only had thirty minutes of preparation because we still went to the mall with The Date (David Espina) since he still has to buy pants and shoes. I got myself a pair of lashes from The Face Shop (which I wasn't able to use due to lack of time prep), we got Desi a decent dress. It was great :) Went to Eastwood after, had Weng Weng! Haha. I love Weng Weng now. How it made me tipsy, I don't care. And the four-inch heels are just insane, I tell you. With the stockings especially. I should have shaved my legs.. Then I won't exactly have an awful time with the stilettos. Busog ang mata namin ni Desi. Period.

It was a great prom. :) At least better than the first and second one. But really, it was fun.. Way fun! Can't wait to attend some more. HAHAHAHAHA! I love these kinds of parties. :D

13 Feb 2008

Funny how it started

I'm not this type of person who you can put in front of the camera too much. But somehow, Aki has this power over me to make me do things that I don't usually do. You know, like modeling. We all know that it's not my thing. Hello, behind-the-lens person over here! And I don't think I'm photogenic enough.. Or thin enough.. Or pretty enough to be before the camera unless I am cam-whoring by myself. LOL. In short, I am too insecure of the skinny, tall frames, pretty faces and flawless skin. I am insecure, period. But my mother always told me to be confident, and I can say that I have improved over the years. And voila - not yet the finished product but a little bit better than before. I am just glad you didn't meet me then. ;)

So about the modeling I did for Aki, I sort of modeled his jackets (he designed them). They're for sale by the way.

Click here if you're interested in any of them. It's free size so no worries. The jackets are comfy too. The hoods are great and the design itself is! :D I fell in love with the brocade (last picture) but I'm having another one done. The jacket I modeled was a bit loose. Anyway, do support my best friend (and sex guru, as he'd like to call himself), David "Aki" Gargollo with this! He's a really good designer, stylist and he's also very creative.

So 7th of February was practically spent with the lovers (Aki and Andrei) and Desi who was my girlfriend the following night in Shang. Desi and I had a sleep over, a little photo shoot and an incredibly indulging conversation.

The next day (or night), Desi and I hung out in Shang again. Well what can I say? It's our favorite place to hang out at. And remember when I said that I played the roll of her boyfriend?

Told 'ya I looked like some.. dude. But yeah that was some experience. Never looked this much of a guy in my life. Haha!

February 9 was the day (or the night)!
It was my production's first ever gig. I was fucked up nervous, you had no idea! I was cussing all over which wasn't so like me. The bands were late, some people won't pay the entrance fee which was just a hundred bucks, band line-up was crazy! And I ran up and down the stairs to make sure everything was okay. We had to rent amplifiers because the amps at the bar wasn't that great. The guest band didn't show up and we started late! But it was a great gig, a great experience. A lot of people came and supported and that was amazing. Despite the cursing, the endless stress and I wasn't even able to drink a whole bottle of beer. Pa-shot shot lang ako. But I'm telling you, all the stress is worth it. Although two of the bands who played still hasn't paid the other half of the remittance which was just UGH. But I'm soooooo getting it from them. Anyway, it was great. Got home around 6.30 since the gig ended around 5. Yes, five in the freaking morning. Got picked up by dad around 6 because he fell asleep but what the hell right? I was just glad to have the east kids around. And Yuiko! Haha, it's great having them.. as always.

Don't be too cocky, I've got a date too. I'm taking my mother out inc ase you think I'm taking some guy. We'll be watching PS I Love You at Shang, probably have dinner with Desi and maybe Yuiko as well. And I'm sending Bang chocolates just because I don't like to hear her whining about Vday. Besides, I'm everybody's "boyfriend". And I have this strange feeling that I would've made a good one (boyf) if I were a guy.. But I'm not. Good thing, right? Before the movie date I'm having with my mother, I'm not sure if I'm still going to meet up with my friends at W Grill. I might but only for a short while. Like thirty minutes or so because I don't wanna miss Yuiko in Shang. He's only available at 3pm-7pm since he still has work in Alabang.

Valentines is also declared as Pepper's birthday since we don't know exactly when she was born. Last year they cooked pancit for her. But she wasn't able to taste it. Oh well.

Oh yeah! It's on Friday, I've already fitted my whole outfit, figured out what make-up to use, and got my brother, Sam a date because his date isn't available on that day (or night). Who? Desi of course. LOL. She's excited alright! So am I.. And I love my dress.. I just do. My mom didn't let me go to school today because she says I need some rest. But I'm going to school tomorrow. Labo no? :P