30 Aug 2010

My Planner is an Empty Book

I haven't been writing on my planner that much anymore and I feel semi-bad for leaving the blank pages unused. So what I do on my spare time is that I fill the empty days with random things I've done for that certain date. It's quite entertaining actually. I'm planning to do it again later when I'm too lazy to do anything else.

What's in my bag:
  • Xoxo wallet
  • Starbucks Planner
  • Two pairs of sunnies
  • Band aid
  • iPod Nano
  • Make up kit
  • Several felt-tip pens

14 Aug 2010

Last Day of Manila Design Week 2010

Today was the last day of Manila Design Week and how can I miss it? I attended the first, I think it's just right that I should also attend the last, right? We got there around quarter to six. There weren't much people that's why we got to take pictures while the sun was still up.

We roamed around a bit, entering shops here and there. The interiors were nice and I love most of the stuff we saw.
I Love You Store

THE Clothing


We hung out in Mogwai a bit because we were too lazy to do anything else that time. There weren't much people and we were bored.
Me being bored and..
Nicole being infinitely cool.

After that we went around again and then had dinner in Future (yes, that's the restaurants name) and we had Lemon buttered chicken. EXCRUCIATINGLY GOOD. When I saw the plate my eyes almost popped out.

Six pieces of chicken. How are we ever going to finish this?
Nicole's a warrior!
We finished the chicken! Although we didn't eat the fatty parts. That's how we cheated.

We also watched Sinosikat? play. They had a great set. Too bad we weren't able to stay for the other bands!

Also met up with my beloved friends from fashion school! AKA my best friend, Dave Gargollo and also Karla Ynzon who I met because of Dave and the gang as well.
Stairs to the Junkie Shop

With Dave and my huge arm making a scene.
With Karla and Dave.

We left around 9.30PM because we had classes the next day. Thanks so much Mary Nicole for the night!

Let me leave you guys with one last photo: AN OUTFIT POST!
Rose print dress (Forever 21), Liquid leggings and black plimsolls (Keds).

Good night, my lovely readers (if I do have some).

12 Aug 2010


I just had the hardest time categorizing my blog in Bloglovin'. I didn't know if I'm a fashion blogger or an art blogger or a photo blogger. Because I am all three! So what I did was that I categorized myself under art. Generally speaking. Fashion and photography still falls under art. Right?

Hmm, my blogging popularity has dropped greatly since I was an immature high-schooler with almost no originality (yes I am guilty as charged). And now I'm back on my feet - back to blogging. And I'm really hoping that people would appreciate this instead of dissing me countless of times because come on now, where will that take you? As we all know it, it will not get you anywhere.

So hello, let me re-introduce myself. I am Anne Vitug, nineteen, living and breathing the polluted air of Manila, studying the finest of all arts and is dreaming of becoming well, a well-known person in the art and fashion industry.

Nice to meet you, too.

Geldof Sisters

Last night, during Nicole and I's long chat conversations, we have attained a new obsession: Peaches and Pixie Geldof. The two girls are London's it girls. I mean how can they not? Look at their faces! More over, check out their style! It all started when Nicole posted this photo on my Facebook wall saying that they remind her of the two of us so I told her that they remind me of the both of us as well! Want proof?

I am so going to lose twenty pounds. Do you see the resemblance?

I don't want to flatter myself but we both have small faces short hair and long legs. Although she obviously looks a gazillion times better than me with her thin frame and lovely fashion statement. Not that I don't have style but I haven't been going out much. On my next night out or whatever with Nicole, we'll make sure to take a similar photo like that of Peaches and Pixie's picture.

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this. Ash Stymest with Pixie Geldof. Wow.

Do we remind you of Peaches and Pixie Geldof, too? :)

I am so going to have a little one-man shoot here in my room. Pixie Geldof-themed, of course!

8 Aug 2010

Manila Design Week 2010

Oh hey look! It's Manila Design Week once again and can I just say that I am nothing but stoked about this event? I will be completely honest with you though. This is my first time to attend any event under MDW just because I wasn't the type of person who was big on attending events such as this. Now I'm trying to involve myself a little bit more in the art scene.

Last night was (I think) the first event for MDW2010; Wall Lords. It's a competition between crews and the winner gets to go to China for another competition. Some of my friends were a part of the competition as well and their crews bagged the second and third place so congrats to you guys! Anyway, I went with Nicole since she likes these kinds of events. Went to her place first before we headed down to Makati. We had three outfit-changes and ended up with the first one. What's the lesson here? I don't know!

Kookoo Ramos' work



These are just a few of the photos. Maybe I'll upload some more when I'm not too lazy to rearrange them.

3 Aug 2010

It's That Ancient Love that You Won't Outgrow

Fish eye shots from Annie Alcantara, my Co-URock Jock on NU107.
  1. Me and my bestest friend evar, Mattew Santos-Viola. We've been best friends for three years now BUT this is our first photograph together and it screams of pure awesomeness.
  2. With Annie Alcantara, the owner of the camera. I've been with her what, four times? - and I already love her to bits! She's an awesome partner. I think we'll be going on air together a lot.
  3. Myself.. in Annie's lovely ski hat. What's the ski hat for? Just in case you aren't well aware, Cove (Saosin's vocalist) left the band.. and he loves ski hats.
These pictures were taken last July 26 in the NU 107 station. I don't know if my best friend knows about this blog but I'm gonna thank him anyway for coming with me to the station!

So lately I've been thinking of trying out as a court side reporter for my university on the next UAAP season. I mean, I don't think there are a lot of Thomasians who actually try out for this stint and I just wanna see how far my fine arts ass can go in broadcasting. And this is a really great opportunity for me as a student because this will look real good in my resume once I graduate. Plus, my being a URock Jock right now would help me land the job. So, what do you guys thing? I say I'm going to give it a shot. Wish me luck for next year! I hope I remember wanting this.