14 Aug 2010

Last Day of Manila Design Week 2010

Today was the last day of Manila Design Week and how can I miss it? I attended the first, I think it's just right that I should also attend the last, right? We got there around quarter to six. There weren't much people that's why we got to take pictures while the sun was still up.

We roamed around a bit, entering shops here and there. The interiors were nice and I love most of the stuff we saw.
I Love You Store

THE Clothing


We hung out in Mogwai a bit because we were too lazy to do anything else that time. There weren't much people and we were bored.
Me being bored and..
Nicole being infinitely cool.

After that we went around again and then had dinner in Future (yes, that's the restaurants name) and we had Lemon buttered chicken. EXCRUCIATINGLY GOOD. When I saw the plate my eyes almost popped out.

Six pieces of chicken. How are we ever going to finish this?
Nicole's a warrior!
We finished the chicken! Although we didn't eat the fatty parts. That's how we cheated.

We also watched Sinosikat? play. They had a great set. Too bad we weren't able to stay for the other bands!

Also met up with my beloved friends from fashion school! AKA my best friend, Dave Gargollo and also Karla Ynzon who I met because of Dave and the gang as well.
Stairs to the Junkie Shop

With Dave and my huge arm making a scene.
With Karla and Dave.

We left around 9.30PM because we had classes the next day. Thanks so much Mary Nicole for the night!

Let me leave you guys with one last photo: AN OUTFIT POST!
Rose print dress (Forever 21), Liquid leggings and black plimsolls (Keds).

Good night, my lovely readers (if I do have some).

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Cute finds. Some of the photos make me hungry though. LOL... :D