25 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas!

Bokeh shot for the Christmas season! No photoshop / photoshop brushes involved in this one. Just me, Tyler and some pretty awesome Christmas lights. My break-up doesn't dampen my mood to be festive! Anyway, last night has been really great. Forced my family to have Noche Buena. Of course I prepared the food. Not really cooked everything but I set everything up, heated the casserole, got the potato salad from the ref also the crema de fruta and all that. My night wasn't complete though, didn't have drinks with my cousin. Maybe today? Tee-hee.

In all honesty, I am fine, but I haven't moved on yet. Well slowly, I will get over this. Slowly but surely. I promise to not cry on my nineteenth birthday like I would normally do. I will smile and celebrate with the people who matter most to me.

This momentary depression whatever has got to stop.


24 Dec 2009

Read Slowly

This is exactly how I feel right now - I FEEL FANTASTIC. Honestly, I do. One more sleep to go and it's Christmas, could it get any better? I love the holidays. Can't wait for the Christmas money! I do hope I get a lot this Christmas '09. I don't wanna jinx everything though so I'll just shut up now.

Oh, and I have decided that I will start blogging here again. Not daily but you know, just update here. At least I get a little privacy since nobody's really checking this out. Haha!

19 Dec 2009

Long time no see

So I haven't posted in a while. A lot has happened lately, good and bad. But all in all things have been great. My friends are still awesome, they're always there for me. Okay let's cut the crap! I forgot the last time I posted something here.. but I'm pretty sure that was the time when my eyes were heart-shaped and I was all for love. And I guess I'm glad to say that I'm not that person anymore? Ah yes, the highlight of my year: My break-up. Well, most of you might think that I was the one who did the dirty job but you're wrong. My then-boyfriend was the one who broke up with me.. asshole tried to get back with me the same night. And I was like "WHAT?! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BROKE UP WITH ME AND NOW YOU'RE SAYING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ME?" Yeah well, long story short I didn't wanna be with him anymore. You know why? Because I know, deep inside, that he's got another girl on his tail. He's not hot or anything, he just has this huge sex appeal I guess. But he's a liar, you know, he lies about the little things and that annoys me. Can't just tell the truth. Thanks so much to Nicole (his ex who is now a good friend) I found out more stuff he lied about. Besides, I'm not ready for a real commitment yet. Sure it's nice that you can say that this guy was your boyfriend for ages but then it doesn't really matter. There was no more spark, no more kilig factor, no more exciting things going on, everyday with him has been average days - not fun-filled, exciting and out of the norm days. I'm not going to sit here and tell all of you how much of a clean person I am. Me = not girlfriend material, seriously. I get tired easily, I give up right away, I like checking other guys out, I like to drink, I like to party, and I'd choose my friends over any douche bag.

Other than that, I'm trying to live my life to the fullest - specifically my youth. I'll be nineteen next month and it is NOT thrilling me. My goal was to be forever seventeen but that's humanly impossible. Anyway, leaving my teen years would probably be the most awful thing ever. But then again, I know being twenty would be as much fun. Besides, I'm not the only one who's gonna be a year older from the teen numbers. Hey look, I'm trying to be positive here okay?

So, you want pictures? I'll give you pictures.. in another entry. Because I am too lazy right now to upload and choose. Oh, got my hair dyed a lighter shade, by the way. Loving it to the max. Aiming to get thinner over Christmas break. I need to fight all sort of distraction!

10 Nov 2009

I don't think I know you anymore

I recently got in a fight with my boyfriend because of MY stupidity. And now, we might just get in another one because of HIS. I swear if I didn't love him, I'd think we're drifting apart. I did my very best to save our relationship by just simply forgetting my pride which was a huge thing for me.

Anyway, I hope he doesn't find this. He has his way of finding out about my blogs which is NOT GOOD AT ALL. And if he does find this, then I guess I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

On the lighter side of life, I want Christmas lights in my room. It seems cool.

8 Nov 2009

I am so inlove with these shoes. My feet didn't hurt up until the sixth hour I was wearing them which is rare. Usually my feet would ache in three but it didn't! Too comfortable for heels, I must say.

Had so much fun with the accessories! Totally spiced up my outfit.

The whole thing.

Anyway, I'm a little bit too lazy to update you on other stuff. Had fun that night though. I was with my high school friends.

6 Nov 2009

Blogging in a different dimension

(Pink tiered dress, ripped stockings, and peep toe booties)

All for the sake of updating my now-fashion-blog.

Halloween is probably my new favorite holiday besides Christmas. Yes, you can call me a loser for only discovering it now. It's only because of my religious mother who somehow doesn't allow me to celebrate and dress up. So this is my first Halloween party, thankyouverymuch. I dressed up as a modernized Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink. No, not really. It was an impromptu thing I did because I couldn't decide what to wear.

The shoes are new. Bought them last Friday (30th of October) even if it was mom's birthday. She really liked them, too. For me, of course. They're the most comfortable heels, I own! They don't hurt my feet in a jiff so I'm happy. Really good for normal days, I must say.

18 Oct 2009


Misfits Shirt (Recto), Sheer floral tiered skirt (Thrifted), cut-out booties (Leaveland at The Ramp).

I'm quite apprehensive about this outfit. It's cute, sure and I'm aiming for something out of the norm, but being in this outfit just seems so wrong. I uploaded it in Lookbook but I think I'm going to delete it soon since it's not worthy at all. *Sighs*

Anyway, I'm still up to a lot. Not much time for my social life.. come to think about it, I'm not sure if I still have one. I've been stuck at home since I could remember and I haven't really had a decent trip to the mall. So what I'm planning is that.. tomorrow, when I go to Shang (probably the only mall I go to anymore), I might as well get myself a pair of lovely shoes. Maybe go to Megamall since they're on sale. Oh yes.

I want the sandals. But the lace-ups are so tempting. Plus, they're cheaper. Oh well, I'm sooo totally going to SM Megamall. Can't let that sale pass.

10 Oct 2009

Never The Hopeless

Changed my URL again. LOL. What can I say? I get easily bored! Anyway, I was thinking of you know.. reviving this blog. Seeing that Tumblr isn't so much of a real blog anyway. Lol. Well it is, but not a journal=blog type of thing. It's my photo blog. So I think you get that already.

I'm gonna come up with something soon. With the layout of this one and all that. See ya.

11 Sep 2009

Late night dress up

(black top: Tiendesitas; Sequine-like belt: Germany; Bodycon skirt: self-made)
I'm so proud of myself for being able to make my own bodycon skirt! It's Japanese cotton by the way. It was a skirt I made two years ago in fashion school. It's really long, I had to fold it and pin it up so it wouldn't drop or whatever.

(Skeleton shirt; white tank: No Boundaries)
And yes, I am also very fond of DIY-ing my stuff. Skeleton shirt by yours truly.

(Shirt: mom's closet; vintage necklace; high-waisted shorts: Tiendesitas)

(Red faux snake skin belt: Germany; Plaid high-waist tulip skirt: Thrifted)
Found the striped tee in my mom's closet. It was pretty crisp. And there were parts that was eaten by ants / cockroaches. Ugh. Annoying much? This shirt looks great with high-waisted stuff.
That night I also decided to play with red lipstick.


Finally changed my incredibly boring URL into something.. a bit more fun. I mean, this is my NEW fashion blog after all, right? So it deserves a better whatev. LOL.

Anyway, no fashion for now. Just plates. I'm dying to sleep! It's not even my finals yet but I'm already spending my nights without sleeping. It's just sad. When I finish this soon (hopefully) and get to bed, I doubt that I'm going to wake up on time. My class is at 12 noon but that's not an excuse for me to oversleep. It actually gives me less reason to be late. Ugh, I don't know if I should be happy or not because my class isn't at 7am like it always was when I was a freshman. The only thing I'm afraid of right now is making this plate a mess. My blockmates' were so neat and mine is just.. UGLY. Ugh, I hope this gets better.

So yes, I take back the no fashion thingy.

26 Aug 2009

tell me about it

I found that green bangle at a train station yesterday. Got it for a really cheap price and I've been looking at it since god-knows-when. It was insane really, I only got to buy it yesterday.

Customized my v-neck tee with black studs that aren't really studs. Oh well, whatever. Haha!

15 Aug 2009

Endearing enough? What about passion?

I've been battling with myself whether I should or should not wear this to my friend's 18th birthday. Seriously, the skirt's nice and all, but it's just too casual. Don't you think?

Also, I am looking for a pair of lovely, studded ankle boots for my other friend's Vegas-themed debut. I was hoping to get my hands on a really cheap yet worthy pair. Can you suggest a store that has these qualifications? Hmm, I was thinking of SM Department Store.This is Gucci so don't go telling me to get a pair of these hottie.

8 Aug 2009

Welcome back?

I am unpredictable, thus my sudden update here in my old, not-so-abandoned blog. Have you seen this coming? I haven't.

Lately, I've realized that my social life outside school is suddenly disappearing. I rarely - or NEVER see my friends outside UST anymore. Right now my life revolves around my family, College friends and boyfriend. Too much of the same thing isn't healthy. After classes, I would go straight home. No gimmicks on weekends, no alcoholic beverages or anything close to such. Maybe I'm complaining, maybe I'm not.. what can I say, I'm a very fickle person. I've been a good student, an obeying daughter and a good friend and girlfriend but it just feels like there's something missing? Only time will tell. Yes, me and my crazy head.

What's so fun about blogger is that you don't have to maintain any sort of "karma". I feel so carefree. If only I wasn't so lazy to update this blog.

6 Jun 2009

It wouldn't hurt to have two blogs

My Tumblr is basically a blog where I can dump a bunch of photos. But I haven't really ranted about what's going on in my head. So I thought: Hey, why don't I post something in my blogspot again? Which isn't such a bad idea to start with.

First and foremost, I don't know what's happening to me. There are a lot of things in my head right now and I don't know where to start so I'm really sorry if I'm keeping you from something better than reading this. So where do I start? Oh right.

My summer vacation has been extended. Great news for all Thomasians but I'm not really happy about it. I've been dying to see my friends. And I'm also dying to get my allowance already. Being broke isn't really my idea of a great summer. Also lately, I've been getting fevers. It's the weather. Hot n' cold.

It's bad enough that it's been raining non-stop but it's even worse that I can't get out anymore.

6 Apr 2009

Can I Do It?

After a very long time, I'm working with HTML again. You have no idea how stressful it is. Before, making a layout wasn't this stressful. Not until now, that is. I've been using Multiply's themes and customizing the colors using Multiply itself. It's really sad, you know. I miss having my own layout. Personalized and all that, y'know? But then again.. I have decided to stick with the ones in the site. Yes, it's my mistake. So now I'm trying to get it on with my creative juices and figure things out.

And the answer to my post's title is:
NO. A million times no. Not now, at least. I don't want to squeeze my brain for something worth it. I might just go back to reading Midnight Sun again. Or, I might just think of something to wear for Mineza's debut this coming 18th.

How I wish I own the nicest high-heels and the best dresses in the world. How I wish I had the money to buy all of these things that I have fallen in love with the moment I laid my eyes on them. But it's another no for me. That fact alone makes me sad. My love for shopping clothes and other useful things will be put to waste. Because summer means no allowance. Wait, LENT means no allowance. I have classes next week in fashion school. Although my allowance isn't enough for me to be able to buy myself a nice cocktail dress and nice strappy heels. Life is so bitter.

I hate summer. I hate the heat and I hate the fact that I don't get as much allowance as before. But I love it at the same time just because I don't have to worry about anything. No plates, no homeworks, no nothing. The only thing I have to worry of is thinking of what to do. And that's basically it. Making my summer worthwhile. Shopping seems very far-fetched at the moment. I wish money grew on trees. But that's even more impossible. Silly me, thinking of these things.

Anyway, my blockmate told me that I look like him (Me-LEFT, Him-Right). It's kinda weird cos he's like my boyfriend's bestfriend. But I'm totally cool with it. The thing is, WE DON'T LOOK ALIKE! What is it with you people? Ah well. Oh yeah, I have a boyfriend. Guess I haven't told you that one yet, huh? Now you know. I love him!

I'm weird like that, ya know. I can go from one topic to another. My brain works in this weird pattern. Hmm.