6 Apr 2009

Can I Do It?

After a very long time, I'm working with HTML again. You have no idea how stressful it is. Before, making a layout wasn't this stressful. Not until now, that is. I've been using Multiply's themes and customizing the colors using Multiply itself. It's really sad, you know. I miss having my own layout. Personalized and all that, y'know? But then again.. I have decided to stick with the ones in the site. Yes, it's my mistake. So now I'm trying to get it on with my creative juices and figure things out.

And the answer to my post's title is:
NO. A million times no. Not now, at least. I don't want to squeeze my brain for something worth it. I might just go back to reading Midnight Sun again. Or, I might just think of something to wear for Mineza's debut this coming 18th.

How I wish I own the nicest high-heels and the best dresses in the world. How I wish I had the money to buy all of these things that I have fallen in love with the moment I laid my eyes on them. But it's another no for me. That fact alone makes me sad. My love for shopping clothes and other useful things will be put to waste. Because summer means no allowance. Wait, LENT means no allowance. I have classes next week in fashion school. Although my allowance isn't enough for me to be able to buy myself a nice cocktail dress and nice strappy heels. Life is so bitter.

I hate summer. I hate the heat and I hate the fact that I don't get as much allowance as before. But I love it at the same time just because I don't have to worry about anything. No plates, no homeworks, no nothing. The only thing I have to worry of is thinking of what to do. And that's basically it. Making my summer worthwhile. Shopping seems very far-fetched at the moment. I wish money grew on trees. But that's even more impossible. Silly me, thinking of these things.

Anyway, my blockmate told me that I look like him (Me-LEFT, Him-Right). It's kinda weird cos he's like my boyfriend's bestfriend. But I'm totally cool with it. The thing is, WE DON'T LOOK ALIKE! What is it with you people? Ah well. Oh yeah, I have a boyfriend. Guess I haven't told you that one yet, huh? Now you know. I love him!

I'm weird like that, ya know. I can go from one topic to another. My brain works in this weird pattern. Hmm.

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