20 Jul 2014

My Top 5 Go-To Restaurants in Manila

Okay, so I'll have you know that every time my boyfriend and I decide to eat out, we take forever to choose a restaurant unless either of us already has a specific cuisine in mind. On most times, it takes us more or less thirty minutes of arguing and rationalizing until we come to an agreement. But thank god for go-to restaurants! The boyfriend and I only have a few places we like to come back to every now and again that also gives us a bang for our buck, and here they are (in reverse chronological order). All the restaurants I chose have branches near the office (Makati) but have outlets in other cities as well. ;)

5. Burger Bar
There are times that I just crave for a burger that isn't from a fast food chain. Burger Bar serves yummy food at an affordable price! I usually order their Cheeseburgers (P195) and a side of fries of course. Another great thing about Burger Bar is that you can customize a burger however you want it to be. Although it costs a little over what I would spend for bread and a patty, it's alright. 8Cuts in Megamall is basically Burger Bar with a different name.

4. Tender Bob's
To be honest, I always come back for one entree, and that has got to be their pork chops. For only P260, you get two chops, vegetables, and the side of your choice (Garlic rice for me, please). The branch that we frequent is the one in Greenbelt 2 wherein we've already made ourselves familiar with the staff (Hi, Joel and Zeny!). They're all very welcoming and nice. The lack of a photo just proves that when I go to Tender Bob's, I'm too hungry to even take a photo. I'll add one next time. ;)

3. Tokyo Bubble Tea
Over there is my boyfriend, staring down at the food that he ordered. Anyway, Japanese has got to be one of my favorite cuisines. Before, when I'm in the mood for some raw fish and chicken teriyaki, I usually head over to a different Japanese resto franchise. But now, enter Tokyo Bubble Tea whose rolls are bigger and (not to mention) cheaper, has become my go-to Japanese resto (that isn't too expensive)!

2. Yabu
They claim to serve the best katsu in town, and I can't help but agree. I've known about Yabu for a few years now but it was only in December 2013 when my friends bugged me and the boyfriend to eat it with them. I remember them telling me that "You'll thank us for bringing you to Yabu." and indeed, we did! We usually order their Rosu Katsu (90g) that costs P340. Their katsu is very soft and juicy even if it's already gone cold. Aaaah!

1. Mary Grace
I don't know how it happened or why, but maybe it's my affinity for pastas and classy interiors and ambiance. Mary Grace happens to fall under this category. From what started out as a pastry stall in Shangri-La Plaza (To be honest, I don't know where their first branch is located) whose Lemon Squares I absolutely love, Mary Grace is now a full-blown restaurant. My dad would bring me here for coffee breaks usually in their Serendra branch, and then I started appearing for dinner. Whenever I go to a restaurant that serves pasta, I always go for their carbonara since it's always a safe choice. And that is exactly what I ordered in Mary Grace - their Classic Carbonara (P229)! The noodles are Al dente and it's really creamy and flavorful. After a few more times of ordering this dish, I decided to try out their other offerings. Mary Grace have really good sandwiches and cakes of course that are definitely worth the visit. They're all good, I tell you!

And there you have it, our top 5 go-to restos in Manila. I need to re-explore the metro for more noms. If you have any suggestions of cafes or restaurants that we can explore, then please let me know and comment. Tee-hee. :)

Disclaimer: I'm no food blogger or critic - just a food enthusiast.