28 Jun 2011

Holy Shit, I Think I'm in Love!

No. 1 Reason Why I'm Single:
Lack of boys like this in the Philippines.
Please, get me out of here.

Jake Cooper

21 Jun 2011

Here I am again, blogging during class hours which isn't exactly allowed but I just couldn't help it! So a little update.

Last Saturday while I was in school, my brother was sick with a fever and my mom decided to bring him to the hospital. See, he was really ill and his fever wasn't exactly coming down. Plus, he felt extremely weak. He got confined, and still is. But right now, he's getting better so thank the heavens! Honestly, him getting sick was also kind of a blessing in disguise - he actually brought my family together.. on fathers' day. As in my mom and my dad in the same room, acting all civil as if nothing happened. It almost felt normal. I tried really hard not to cry of course because I clearly never thought that day would come so soon. Plus, every time I would look at my brother while he was lying on that hospital bed, it just tore me apart. We were never really super close but we'd talk and joke around on some occasions and it hurt me to see him like that. I couldn't help but wish that it was me instead of him. But anyway, he's all better now and I couldn't be any more thankful!

15 Jun 2011

Please No Disco!

I finally decided to blog about music, and I'm doing it here. Thank you so much Nicole for helping me out with the name. Thus, coming up with it. I've already put something up and it's about a band called White Lies. Didn't exactly say anything too fancy, it's just that I think they're pretty awesome (probably beyond what words can describe).

So if you're a Joy Division fan, I suggest you check out the blog post and listen to them. ;)

Oh, and please do follow!

14 Jun 2011

The Unknown

Here I am, taking another attempt in updating my so-called blog.

School has once again started (although I haven't exactly enrolled yet) and I'm trying to get in the zone. You know that feeling when school finishes and summer rolls by. At first you're nothing but thrilled but after a while you can't wait for classes to start again? We're all well aware that it's a routine. When you're stressing about homework all you'll be wishing for is for the next vacation to roll by.

This is my last year in college and it's all starting to sink in. After ten months or so, I'll be graduating and then later on unemployed. I'm not exactly looking forward to the unemployed part but I'm hoping to bag a job right after I finish college. Something that would either involve music, arts or traveling. Does that narrow down my choices?

The future isn't sure; nor are my plans. This school year I just want to do really good and make my parents proud - show them that nothing has been put to waste.

5 Jun 2011


I said goodbye to (semi) straight hair and side-swept bangs. This is my way of moving on towards a new chapter in my life. It's going to be my last year in college and I don't want to look like a fifteen-year-old hormone-crazed teenager who's obsessed with the front man of this year's it band. If that doesn't make sense to you now, someday it will. Someday you'll understand. It's been far too long since I decided to change my hair drastically. For a new semester I'd usually just dye it but this time I'm going for the extra mile.

My hair has been parted on the side for the longest time and I never thought that I would go back to this. Plus, I am fully embracing my wavy hair. Okay maybe it's not that wavy but still wavy nonetheless.



You may not be able to see the huge difference I've been blabbing about but I swear it's really out-of-character (for me, at least). This is my way of somewhat stepping out of my comfort zone. I swear I'll post a clearer photo soon!

I did not have it permed, nor processed into anything artificial (Except for the color, of course).