14 Jun 2011

The Unknown

Here I am, taking another attempt in updating my so-called blog.

School has once again started (although I haven't exactly enrolled yet) and I'm trying to get in the zone. You know that feeling when school finishes and summer rolls by. At first you're nothing but thrilled but after a while you can't wait for classes to start again? We're all well aware that it's a routine. When you're stressing about homework all you'll be wishing for is for the next vacation to roll by.

This is my last year in college and it's all starting to sink in. After ten months or so, I'll be graduating and then later on unemployed. I'm not exactly looking forward to the unemployed part but I'm hoping to bag a job right after I finish college. Something that would either involve music, arts or traveling. Does that narrow down my choices?

The future isn't sure; nor are my plans. This school year I just want to do really good and make my parents proud - show them that nothing has been put to waste.

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