7 Dec 2011

Somewhere Only We Know

You've been amazing.

To say that I'm going to miss you is an understatement.
Thank you for being a rockin' grandma for almost twenty-one years.
Christmas wouldn't be the same without you, but you're in a better place now.

I love you, nanay.
I'll see you when I see you.

21 Nov 2011

Revenge of The Sith.. and Minnie Mouse

Last Friday, I went out and had dinner with one of my closest friends, Ched. It was rather spontaneous. It was around 6.30 in the evening when she called to ask me where I am. Obviously, I told her that I was home and that I haven't even had a bath yet. My major plan for that day was to do nothing, and let me tell you, she ruined it. I couldn't say no to a free dinner so yes, I gave in and told her that we can meet up in Greenbelt.

As a girl, I would normally take an hour and thirty minutes to get ready. But I was surprised that by 7:18PM, I was already out of the house. Usually, my impromptu outfits suck, this one was a completely different story. When I hopped on the shower, I kept in mind that I have to wear my new booties. That was it! This is what I came up with.

Minus the Minnie Mouse ears, of course. Let's remember that it isn't Halloween anymore.

That lovely shirt over there is actually for sale in my online shop (Vintage Asylum, that has yet to launch a collection) but a button was missing, so I just decided that I'll have it for myself. That would have to be the highlight of my outfit (in my opinion). A lot of people tend to notice the bag - it's from my grandma in Germany. So, the boots. You know me, I can just live in my sneakers but these shoes make me want to buy more of it's kind! It's my first time to own a pair of wedges. Crazy, right? They'll be serving as my school shoes during days that wouldn't involve too much walking.

I kept my accessories down to a minimum seeing that the shirt itself is already a scene-stealer. The gold ring with the ruby heart is my mom's engagement ring, she also owns the Swiss Army watch and the ivory bracelets that I wear with everything, while the Darth Vader ring is from a bazaar in school and I love it!

So I met up with her in Greenbelt and we had dinner at My Thai. We were going to eat in Recipes but there were so many people. We even thought of eating at Krazy Garlik and Chili's but to no avail. My Thai was pretty empty. That doesn't mean they don't serve good food. You should totally try them out!

Her cousin who is also my other good friend dropped by and we had quite the chit chat. It was a fun night. :)

I really prefer having dinner with friends and coffee afterwards, rather than being guest listed in some club. Just saying.

I have this look posted on Lookbook. How lame could I get? Haha!

19 Nov 2011

I'm Really Going to Miss You

I was never one for cheesy blog posts about people but sometimes I just end up being one of those kids who write about how much they feel towards a certain someone. This is one of those times wherein I just couldn't help myself.

In 2008, I met a boy who was incredibly cute with long wavy hair and skater boy looks. My type I know, but it wasn't like that. He became one of my closest friends and I never thought that this day would come. He's leaving.. for good. His name is Toby and he's amazing! He's probably the only person who has his own album in my own Multiply account, the only person that I almost shared my soul to, the only person who said that I had an amazing taste in music. Toby is like my brother. I made him a Facebook account, a Twitter (which he soon deleted HAHAHA), heck even a Lookbook account (still standing, and his other friends make fun of him because of that). I never thought I'd ever have a friend like him. He's always the funniest in the bunch and there will never be a dull moment when he's around. So Tobs, this one is for you.

Thank you for being one of the people I can truly trust. Your philosophies in life and things will forever be etched in my mind since you always make a point. I'll miss the times when you'd ask me to put songs in your iPod (even if I never had the chance to), and times whenever we'd talk about bands and how much we like them, also when I'd call you out of the blue when I'm alone in Shang and you'd come to my rescue (sometimes). I know we aren't as close as we were before but you're still one of the best things that happened to my life.

Tobs with Penny. The puppy I gave him. He's the only person I gave a dog to!

With his little brothers, Lito and Rico (they're twins and they're super adorable)! :)

This isn't goodbye, just a see you later. I still remember how you got so excited when I told you that I'll surely come to visit no matter how long it takes! And yes, I promise that I will visit. Thanks for the memories, Toby. I hate how sugarcoated these words are but I don't know how else to express myself. I hate myself for not coming to see you before you left but we must live with no regrets. The next time we see each other will be epic, for sure. I love you, from the bottom of my heart!

Tobs and I! Please ignore the fact that I just look like absolute crap in this photo next to him. HAHAHA!

I'm not sure if you'll ever get to see this, but it doesn't matter.

18 Nov 2011

Pre-Christmas Haul

I finally had the chance to remove a couple of things from my wishlist. I've been itching to do so since I came up with it and now I can already say "I just did!". Here are some of the things that I bought / has been given to me this month.

David Bowie shirt from Zara. Given to me by my mom's best friend, Tita D. She's so sweet!

Remember my birthday wishlist this year? This item is one of those. I'm really glad I can finally remove it from the list. Been looking for 'em forever!

I know that my Christmas Wishlist 2011 says that I wanted an iPhone 4(s). I do, honest! But I recently bought a Blackberry sine I obviously cannot afford an iPhone 4(s). But it's all good! I love my Blackberry! It's only a Curve 8520 but it isn't that bad. As long as I can Tweet and use Blackberry messenger then I'll be all right. What's so nice about it is that I can finally talk to my friends overseas who own a BB as well!

One of the things I was so excited about when a really good friend of mine came home from France is this wand. Yes, I asked him to get me a wand as pasalubong. Pretty geeky of me but still.. come on people! It's a freaking wand! A legit Harry Potter merchandise wand! I initially wanted Luna Lovegood's wand since she's definitely one of my favorite characters in the series but only a couple of wands were available (Voldemort's, Hermione's and the elder wand), so I chose Hermione's!

YES! I FINALLY HAVE A NEW PAIR OF VANS AND IT'S THE ONE I'VE BEEN WANTING SINCE I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! I was supposed to buy the all black Vans Authentics but they only have it in men's sizes (which I thought was incredibly sexist, by the way) which made me sad. So I thought of buying the Lo Pro Authentics (they're for women) in all black. But when I tried them on, they looked too much like my worn-out Keds Champions. I was already going to pay for them when I stopped the cashier and just opted for this one. I am so happy.

I never got around to owning a pair of wedges and nice lace up boots so I thought, why not hit two birds in one stone by buying this lovely pair of wedge booties?! I've had my eye on these babies since I saw a similar pair in Aldo (they cost four times more than this one did). They were so comfortable that I couldn't not buy them (I will also be using them for school)! Bought them on the same day as the Vans and I felt semi guilty. I've never spent so much money in a day. I swear I'm such a cheapskate but it doesn't happen everyday anyway and it's okay to spoil myself every once in a while.

Now this isn't included in my wishlist. Got them from some perfume store in Cash & Carry so they're a great steal!

I had rings in my wishlist right? I'm replacing those with these. A Darth Vader ring and cross earrings. Need I say more?

So that's it for my November haul. I know, I have a really bad case of impulse buying. Please remind me not to get anything unless I super need it!

14 Nov 2011

Six Months Late

Sometimes I wish that I was a consistent blogger but I'm just too much of a lazy person to do so. I find it hard to be productive. However, today is an exception. I finally decided to write and it's about what happened six months ago. I only got a hold of some photos today so don't look at me like that.

Last summer, I hung out with one of my favorite people, Annie. She's my URock partner (most of the time) back when NU107 was still standing. We had a Cinabbon date just like Lily and Robin from How I Met Your Mother except we didn't share a Cinnabon. She was so sweet, she paid for mine! Yep, like a real date. We hung out in Robinsons Galleria to relish our memories of the late NU107 and then to Shangri-La Mall 'cause she's never been there. I took the liberty to take her Shang virginity. Anyway, here are some pictures courtesy of Annie.

Awkward Anne and Annie are awkward.

This is Annie and I took this picture.

Her favorite photo from the set. My rings (The cigarette totally ruined the photo if you ask me) plus some of myself (legs, shoes, bag).

And then there's this. Taken with Annie's Vivitar film camera. It's pretty wicked if you ask me. This is my current photo on Facebook. Been trying to upload it on Twitter but it wouldn't let me. Ugh. The annoyance.
We actually have more photos but too bad they got messed up when she had them developed.

Well that's about it! For now that is. Pray that I decide to blog some more about other random stuff. :)

10 Nov 2011

In Some Way, Shape Or Form

I'm no music critic, we all know that. But since I'm so passionate about it (music) and all, I decided to blog about one of my favorite bands at the moment who recently released their newest album called In Some Way, Shape Or Form; which, if you haven't noticed, is my blog post title. Yes, this entry is about Four Year Strong. Even if I'm more of an A Day to Remember kind of girl, I still like them and it wouldn't hurt to write about the band. Right?

So during the past, couple of days, I've been hearing so much positive feedback on the album and I just wasn't one to be left out (although on most times, I always find myself being in that situation) so what I did, was that I hurriedly grabbed a copy of the album.

Track List:

  1. The Infected
  2. The Security of The Familiar, The Tranquility of Repetition
  3. Stuck in the Middle
  4. Just Drive
  5. Fairweather Fan
  6. Sweet Kerosene
  7. Falling On You
  8. Heaven Wasn't Built to Hold Me
  9. Unbreakable
  10. Bring On The World
  11. Fight The Future
  12. Only the Meek Get Pinched. The Bold Survive
To say that I was pleased is an understatement because to be completely honest, I love this album - all the tracks are awesome to the point that all the songs are my favorite! And I would just like to say that you did a good job, Four Year Strong. Now I know what the fuss was all about. ;)

So if you're into the whole rock thing, I suggest that you go to your nearest record store and go get yourself a copy. It's worth every penny.

6 Nov 2011

The Long Wait Is Over

Sort of. I mean, it's nothing big but I'm blogging about it because there isn't really anything to talk about.

Yes, you got it right. I finally managed to get myself a BlackBerry. Nothing too grand really, but almost all of my friends are on it (and BBM). Not to mention it's extremely convenient. It's just a Curve 8520, really basic but I get to tweet everywhere I am now. Yes, I'm a dork.

Send me your PINs!

18 Oct 2011

My Christmas Wishlist for 2011

This isn't new, really. I've posted it on my Facebook and I might just alter it a little bit since it's for a different setting (for the lack of a better term). I just find it appropriate to talk about something in regards of the holidays sooner than later. Now's the perfect time.

A couple of months back (just a month ago, really) I decided to compile my annual Christmas wishlist composed of random material things and not. On most times I really have a hard time looking for things that would really tickle my interest but I get the job done anyway, so it's all good!

So, shall we start? Okay, let me begin with the random material things that have been making me somewhat drool.

The first things I should definitely start piling in my closet are dresses.

Structured sleeve skater dress

Tuck shift dress

Crossover dress by LOVE

Lace sleeve dress

Ditsy contrast collar dress

Angle sleeve dress.

These are all from Topshop. While,

This fold over geo dress is from Forever 21 (it's on sale by the way).

In case you'd like to send me a couple of these items, in Topshop, I'm a size 8. Easily a medium everywhere else. For asian brands, I'm a large since our sizes here are somehow smaller than the European / American ones.

On to the outer wears!

A Gryffindor jacket from Hot Topic.

Double-knit blazer with heart patch

Letterman jacket

Peace dove open cardigan. All from Forever 21 as well.
While this Four Year Strong jacket is available.. Well honestly I have no idea. But I'm pretty sure these babies are available from their website.

That would be it for the jackets. Now for the tops.

Day of the dead tank top.

Blood is the New Black metal bears distressed tank top, both from Urban Outfitters. It sucks how expensive their stuff are. I swear.
I've also got a thing for band merch.

So I've included this Pierce the Veil raglan tee

And this Pierce the Veil heather gray tee

And a bunch of their other stuff like SD tank tops and stuff like that.

These Pierce the Veil shorts are absolutely adorable. I'd totally wear them out.

I've recently realized that my favorite skinny jeans are missing. I forgot where I last left them. I'm pretty sure they're at my dad's place though but I haven't really gotten the chance to just raid the closets for it. So I just decided to include jeans to my wishlist.

Classic skinny jeans

Essential skinny jeans
Both from Forever 21. You might have noticed that I included quite a number of clothes that are from Forever 21. It's because, first and foremost: they're not that expensive. And secondly, there's basically a Forever 21 anywhere in the world. I'm a size 30. Shut up, I gained weight.

And now, for my ultimate favorite. I never really considered myself as a shoe collector but with the number of footwear I currently own, it's not hard to classify myself as one.

Vans Authentics in royal blue. Also in black, red and orange. Recently I've been loving everything with bright colors just to steer clear from a little bit of black. But the next things I'm about to post is going to contradict what I just said but what the hell.

Keds hi-top Champions in black.

Cooperative suede oxford wedge from Urban Outfitters. They look extremely sturdy and comfortable. Like I can wear them on a regular day and not worry how much they're going to hurt my feet but I'm most positive that they won't. There's a similar pair from Aldo. I'm going to have to save up for those. Aldo isn't exactly the cheapest there is.

Brown oxfords just because.

Minnetonka moccasins. I think this is a closet (or shoe rack) staple.

Ecote leather criss cross lace up boots from Urban Outfitters. Again, too expensive.

T-strap floral flats from Ichigo. Cheapest footwear on my wishlist.
I'm usually a size 7.5 (US Women's). Sometimes 8. Obviously bigger for Asian footwear. I'm a 9 for those.

I also decided to add a couple of accessories to my list!

Ecote around the world backpack from UO. They're so cute!

Cat eye sunnies from Urban Outfitters. I'm still trying to find a compensation for this. I'm currently using the one from my friend - I sort of switched sunnies with her. She has my flat-topped pair of tortoise sun glasses.

Free spirit leatherette necklace from Forever 21.

Harry Potter silly bandz! Don't ask.

That would be it for the accessories. On to other material things!

An iPhone 4. I would have posted a picture of the iPhone 4s but it wasn't existing at the time I made this list.

A room make over I've been bugging my mother for already a year, I think. White walls and Christmas lights. I'd like it to be a little bit messier than this of course.

A MacBook Pro and a new dog.

I also decided on putting up stuff that cannot be represented through photos but I still tried. These things are bigger than the rest of my wishlist but I still think that having some of those material things wouldn't hurt. Anyway, the next few stuff I'll be posting will also include some feelings as I explain. Hmm. Ready?

What's written is pretty much self-explanatory. Although I would like to expound. Most of you must be aware that I've always wanted to leave the Philippines. I can't remember when this want blossomed but I'm pretty solid on my thoughts. My mom approves, my dad approves. Now, the only problem I have are the visas, fares and stuff like that. I've decided on a couple of countries already but I'll decide later on really where I want to be. Once I graduate from my Fine Arts course, I'd like to pursue art history. I'm still not sure whether I want a masteral or a second degree. Either would definitely look good on my credentials.

Another thing I've been setting my hopes on was going to Vans Warped Tour. Photography has been one of my passions since I was in high school - back then it wasn't as overrated as it is today. Just admit it. I've been really hooked on event photography. I like taking pictures of musicians and random people. Never really a fan of the studio and a set, honestly. I just want everything to be spontaneous. It would also be a great thing since music has got to be the one thing I love next to my family and friends. I can never live a day without it - it's a part of who I am.

And last but not the least. This has got to be the cheesiest thing on my wishlist ever. True love. Overrated but I couldn't help myself. I'm just a girl after all. I know I wouldn't find it here. I don't know how, but I just do.

So that's it, folks. Oh and another thing that I really want is to finally get that (tattoo) sleeve I've been itching to get for more than a month now. I have the design and all so hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to fulfill.

Phew! This is one long blog post. Longest I've ever made, perhaps? If not then whatever. Who cares right? If you have nothing better to do maybe you should take some time and think of the things you really want. Christmas is not always about the material things in life. As you can see, I ended this wishlist not with those, but things that I know are irreplaceable - things that nobody can ever take away from me. Well okay, maybe some people can but a girl can only hope.