26 Jul 2011

Two Hearts

This is like an extended post to my update on Please No Disco (It's in dire need of more readers). Well, my latest entry was about Digitalism's new single called "2 Hearts" and I swear to mother Mary that it's been playing in my head over and over for the past couple of weeks. But it's not the only thing I've been paying attention to. My 2' x 3' sized canvas has been seeking my attention since Thursday and seriously, I have been giving it too much. That's why right now, I'm in front of the laptop since I haven't been updating this blog for god-knows-how-long. So right, about the painting.

This is what I've accomplished the day I bought the canvas.
Barely pretty and not well-proportioned. The background looks like crap because it is not finished yet. I'm trying out glazing just like that mother-crapper, Johannes Vermeer's style. Decided to start early and work on it as much as I can so I wouldn't feel too bad when I see the other contender's paintings.

This was my progress on that same day (Thursday night). What? I was in the mood.

Picture taken today after I painted some of the hair. I know, it still looks a bit off but when I'm done with this, she will be a bomb shell.

Up close and personal? Nah. Well, she doesn't look that bad when I first started with her, right? So mad props to me for that. I LOL at my self-flattery. Her boobs look weird I know - I will fix them. The shading's quite scary as well - I'll fix that too. You probably noticed she has more hair now! And it's extremely stylish. Shaven on one side - so hipster! Wait for the background, you will be shitting triangles once this is all over. LOLOLOL.

Phew! This is the longest entry I've written in a while, isn't it? Pats self on the back. I'm not done yet, though so you must go on and read.

This afternoon, right after class, my blockmates and I decided to play RockBand. It's actually pretty cool, you know? I never thought I'd get close with them especially when I first thought of them as snobs (I hope they don't read this!). But they all turned out to be pretty cool, approachable and really funny so we all sort of just got along. Wish I have pictures to show you guys but I rarely bring my camera with me anymore since it's just too heavy for my life! But one of this days I'll be tagging Tyler along with me to school or to Yanna's monthly party (a get-together of our block at her place every first week of each month). Can't wait to show you guys my new blockmates. It's nice to finally know people from outside my previous block.

Anyway! What was I talking about? Oh, right - RockBand! So yes, we played and had an absolutely great time. We sang and played instruments (although not for real, it almost felt legit) and bonded over a couple of stupid stuff that we found hilarious. It was kind of awkward though 'cause of that tiny sexual tension between me and my crush who sat beside me 91% of the time. We don't talk much but we hang out - heck I barely even look at him! So I was ranting to Yanna about how I always end up liking drummers then she was joking around that maybe I should ask my crush if he plays the drums, which I didn't, but found out while playing RockBand that he in fact, did. The blood in my face almost drained when he started pounding on the make-shift set just like a real drummer would. I mean, it's pretty easy to tell when a guy plays the instrument right? Ugh. I got semi-frustrated. But it's okay since it's nothing serious. It's just a tiny crush! Besides, there's actually this one guy I'm kind of getting to know at the moment but it's a story for another post so maybe when we're done with our first date, I can just tell you about it.. or not.

He's a drummer, too. Funny.

12 Jul 2011

Holler from Class!

Me and my blockmate, Paeng during our TV Art class. Basically, this is all that we do - other than listening to our professor of course.

This is me, humiliating myself. Adios amigos.

5 Jul 2011

Dreaming With a Broken Heart

Once in a blue moon, a girl like me would want to involve herself in a little drama - even if she's not the type of person who does. Our subconscious basically tells us we need it one way or the other. And honestly, I (the cold-hearted person that I am) avoid it at all costs. But then no matter how much I do, it finds me anyway. And it sucks! Of all the things I dislike, I probably loathe crying the most.. and feeling that hole in the cavity of your chest. Oh, and being overdramatic too. The only reason I cry about is my family, I mean that's pretty valid, right? But love? Oh gosh, are you serious?! But then again, I'm a girl and I haven't actually mastered the art of controlling your feelings just yet, so pardon my rant.

I just finished reading through a website about a person's hand-writing and I learned so much about myself. Like how I conceal my real emotions that it comes to a point when people think I'm a below twenty (degrees) kind of person - which I've been told.. several times.. by several different people. I don't know if it's a bad thing or what but it kind of bothers me seeing that some people called me "stone-hearted / cold-hearted". Well okay, it's true that I often keep (my feelings) to myself and if ever I do tell my friends about how I feel, I can't seem to find the appropriate emotion, often times I just smile or laugh even if the topic isn't exactly something that you could call happy.

It's true that we're all twisted in our own little ways and I know that this.. is mine.