5 Jul 2011

Dreaming With a Broken Heart

Once in a blue moon, a girl like me would want to involve herself in a little drama - even if she's not the type of person who does. Our subconscious basically tells us we need it one way or the other. And honestly, I (the cold-hearted person that I am) avoid it at all costs. But then no matter how much I do, it finds me anyway. And it sucks! Of all the things I dislike, I probably loathe crying the most.. and feeling that hole in the cavity of your chest. Oh, and being overdramatic too. The only reason I cry about is my family, I mean that's pretty valid, right? But love? Oh gosh, are you serious?! But then again, I'm a girl and I haven't actually mastered the art of controlling your feelings just yet, so pardon my rant.

I just finished reading through a website about a person's hand-writing and I learned so much about myself. Like how I conceal my real emotions that it comes to a point when people think I'm a below twenty (degrees) kind of person - which I've been told.. several times.. by several different people. I don't know if it's a bad thing or what but it kind of bothers me seeing that some people called me "stone-hearted / cold-hearted". Well okay, it's true that I often keep (my feelings) to myself and if ever I do tell my friends about how I feel, I can't seem to find the appropriate emotion, often times I just smile or laugh even if the topic isn't exactly something that you could call happy.

It's true that we're all twisted in our own little ways and I know that this.. is mine.

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