18 Apr 2012


Just for the sake of posting something.

That's me a couple of weeks back, right before I head over to Maginhawa and see one of my best friends, Karla Ynzon. Wearing my brother's sort of army-type button-down (with a really, really weird fabric) on top of my white aztec tank top, leggings and sneakers.

It was a good day.

16 Apr 2012

Summer Essentials

Vans Authentics (A very late birthday gift from my dad)
Fringe Bag from H&M
Loose Tank top
Denim cut-offs

This is probably what you'll see me wearing on an extremely hot day, while hanging out with my friends in Maginhawa. Probably a little too heavy on the eyes but.. I'm always wearing black.

My real summer essentials, however.. are these.

L-R: Keds Hi-Top Champions, Vans Authentics in royal blue, Vans Authentics in Black

I'm always, always, always wearing sneakers. I own a couple of ballet flats and sandals but I rarely use them nowadays. I remember asking my friend this one time what suits me best: girly shoes or kicks, he went for the kicks. Not to mention, wearing sneakers is the best 'cause they're extremely comfortable, plus it means no dirty feet after a long day.

15 Apr 2012

Mission Accomplished

After two sleepless nights, and 850025741 attempts of installing Adobe Master Suite, I finally finished my Curriculum Vitae! Okay, no need to lecture me about how I'm not a graduate yet... but soon enough I will be receiving my diploma.

Here's my favorite part from my nine-page CV.

I've successfully submitted it to the company I'm being semi-referred to. So I'm keeping my lines open, and hopes up. Wish me luck!

5 Apr 2012

What's in My Bag V.3

I haven't done a "What's in My Bag" post for a long time now and I think it's only right if I do one now. You can spot the previous one over here. Not much change, really.

  1. A fan - 'Cause Philippine weather isn't exactly my best friend.
  2. Marlboro Lights
  3. Make-up Kit because every girl will always have this in her bag.
  4. iPod Nano. Can't leave the house without it!
  5. Sephora eye shadow and blush palette. This is heavenly! Remember, I got the huge Sephora palette for my birthday? Well, this is a part of that palette.
  6. Laminated Union Jack Accessorize wallet.
  7. A lighter.
  8. MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau
  9. Nokia phone (my Sun phone)
  10. BB Powder
  11. Two pairs of sunnies. I don't know why but.. I always carry around two with me.
  12. Alcohol
  13. My Blackberry
I forgot to include my umbrella and perfume. They weren't in my bag anyway. Lol