31 Oct 2008


I like boys who smell like cologne and cigarettes.
And boys who know when to stop.

22 Oct 2008

Into What?

Last night, I was watching She's The Man. It just made me realize that I miss playing football a lot already. Haven't played (or let alone, trained) for months. The last game I had was with the AB football team. It was a good game, too bad I had an asthma attack in the middle of the game.

I want to play this sem break since I won't be doing anything too interesting. Except for drawing on my wall.

Yun lang.

I must play football soon :D

21 Oct 2008

Ganito pala yon

Hindi ko alam kung ilalagay ko dito grades ko. Not to brag, but to show you that I am still a regular student of UST-CFAD. Honestly, my grades aren't blogging material, if you know what I mean. But I'm very happy that I didn't fail any subject. To think that I was extremely nervous to see my grades - whether I passed or not. And yesterday, Megi checked them out (my grades). Holly hell, was my morning amazing! Megi sent in my grades thru SMS and wow, I passed everything. Kahit isa lang uno ko, okay lang. My grades play in the line of two. Pwede na 'yon right? I'm still adjusting anyway. Eh ako pa, napaka-bagal ko lang naman mag-adjust!

I promise, next sem.. magkakaron na 'ko ng uno sa major subject :D