19 Dec 2014

My V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier Experience

It's the Christmas season so I decided to give myself a present in the form of the L'Oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond from V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier (Ortigas branch)! A couple of disclaimers before I begin with my post: I am not a beauty blogger, but I figured that since there are only a few reviews for this salon, I decided to give them one because I am truly happy with what they have done to my hair!

A Quick Back Story on My Hair
I never got a rebond in my life, but in the past I did get my hair straghtened (I was around 6th grade) and relaxed twice (second year high school, and 1st year college). Other than these, I also used to dye my hair a lot - and when I say a lot, I do mean A LOT. So you can imagine that my hair has been chemically treated (with dye) so much that I actually fried it. When I was in 5th year college - don't ask - I bleached my hair to achieve an ombre effect. I'm guessing by now you already know what I achieved instead. After a while I dyed it back to dark brown, and had my hair cut into a bob to get rid of the ends. Having short hair seemed okay for a while, but not until I managed to ruin it again by blow-drying it so much! Lol. Oops. My shoulder-length hair is thick, frizzy, and absolutely unmanageable.

Hellew! Don't be deceived by this photo. My hair was unruly IRL.

After years of having wavy hair, I finally decided to get a treatment. I had three options: hair relaxing, Brazilian blow-out, or volume rebond. Initially, having my hair rebonded was the last thing that I wanted to do because of the number of women that I come across who have rebonded hair. After a while, when it grows out, the roots become wavy and it scared the hell out of me! Then I heard about the L'Oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond and how beautiful and healthy (in some level, I guess) that it can make your hair. However, I still didn't want to do it because it was too expensive for my meager budget which was around PhP 3,000. I tried looking for vouchers on some known sites like Metrodeal, Ensogo, et cetera but was still apprehensive of getting anything at that low of a price because I was scared of how the salon might treat me and my hair. Then I stumbled upon V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier's post on Facebook.

'BUHAGHAG', FRIZZY, 'PATAY', SUPERDRY, 'CHAKA' (and God knows what else) are NOT the adjectives that you want to hear from other people about your hair at this time of the year! Get it done the right way today only with the world's best rebond system - the L'oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond. Still at a generous discount of 45% OFF at V/O Salon Premier - ORTIGAS.
PM us for more info or call/text 401-1625 and 0908-3595125.

Super enticing, right? I sent them a message right away, inquiring about their rates.

  • Conversation started 10 December
  • Anne Vitug
    Anne Vitug

    Hi! Can you give me a quote for your hair relaxing, volume rebonding, and Brazilian blow dry services for thick, shoulder-length hair? Thanks!
  • 10 December
  • V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier - Ortigas
    V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier - Ortigas

    Hi Ms. Anne! So sorry but we don't do Hair Relax. The Creative Team doesn't believe in it because it damages hair.

    So sorry but we don't carry the Brazilian Blowout or the Keratin Blowout at our branch. The team is not such a big fan of the BB for the reasons that it's expensive and the results do not last as long as the L'oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond which is now hailed as the best rebond system in the world by European Hairdressers. Do come and try the L'oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond ma'am. There is no dryness and frizziness and that's a promise! We can also do the Volume Rebond style via the L'oreal Keratin Steam Bond Rebond.
    Here is the promo info:
    5 REASONS why you should consider a STEAM BOND REBOND over any other rebond systems in the world:
    1) It's the world's first Steam Smoothing System that delivers a continuous and high-pressure steam to permanently straighten and smooth, treat and style hair. THE DIFFERENCE WITH OTHERS IS REMARKABLE!
    2) Steam gently opens up the hair cuticles and gradually heats the hair PREVENTING HEAT SHOCK thus avoiding hair breakage and dry and frizzy ends common to other rebond systems. STEAM BOND REBOND IS ONE OF THE SAFEST REBOND SYSTEMS FOR DRY & DAMAGED HAIR.
    3) We use L'oreal Xtenso with Pro-Keratin and Incell to reconstruct hair giving it nutrition and locking in hydration. PRODUCTS ARE FORMALDEHYDE - FREE!
    4) The results? Manageable tresses with long-lasting and incomparable smoothness and mirror-like shine after your service. TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!
    5) Can be purchased at V/O Salon Premier - ORTIGAS at an unbeatable discount of 45% OFF! Net price is P4,999 and includes a Keratin Steam Care Treatment with the Steam Pod. If with colour, promo package price is P7,549.00. OUR PRICE REMAINS UNBEATABLE AND GENUINE L'OREAL XTENSO MOISTURIST PRODUCTS ARE USED.
    Go ahead and experience the FRIZZ-FREE GLAM PERFECT LOOK instantly today! Also available with the same promo packages at our sister branch Sparkle Hair Rebond / Treatment Center, Salon & Spa in Merville, Paranaque (#'s 846-1301 / 0949-1660298).
    PM us for more info on the Steam Bond Promo packages or call/text 401-1625 / 0908-3595125. Stay beautiful always! 

After this, we sent a few more messages back and forth until I scheduled my appointment to December 20, at 1PM. But a day after I scheduled this, I realized that I wasn't doing anything for the weekend so re-scheduled my appointment to 1PM December 13. Unfortunately, they were fully-booked so I just said we'll do the whole thing the next day at the same time.

Come Sunday (14 December 2014), I woke up at 12:30PM and started panicking because I knew that I was going to be SUPER late for my 1PM appointment. Seeing that I live in Antipolo, it would take me forever to get to the salon. So I immediately texted them, notifying them that I will be rescheduling my appointment to 2PM. Which was no use, by the way. Ended up getting there at 3PM because of the traffic that Mega Mall causes + it's the holiday.

I walked from Mega to the salon which was actually quite easy to find. When I entered the salon, all seats were occupied (NOOOO!!!) but still proceeded to telling the receptionist who I was and about my appointment. She saw that I was booked for the 1PM slot, which I was 2 hours late for but they still accommodated me. Good thing one of the girls who had her hair done was finished so I was seated right away. The salon was small, they only had six seats all in all so it would always be best to book an appointment and not be late for it like me. Hehe.

To be sure of the promo price, I asked the people in the salon who were in charge of my rebond about it. Apparently, PhP 4,995 is already the discounted price. The entire time I thought that PhP 4,995 was the base price and 45% will still be taken off. Hah, apparently not. I still pushed through with it though.

Sometimes when my hair dries, it's super wavy. Pero ang-art ba? Chos.

The entire process lasted for about 5 hours for me - considering that my hair was really thick despite the length. We started at around 3:30PM where they washed my hair then applied the straightening product. After an hour and a half (5PM), they rinsed it off and blow-dried my hair. Next in line was the ironing process, which actually took the longest because they really iron thin sections of hair at a time to ensure that every strand is straight. For me, they curved the iron a bit while they went through my mane because I didn't want my hair to look pin-straight.

Hair already sectioned and good to go for ironing! Also had McDo for lunch c/o the boyfriend. Hehe.

The two other people in this photo are the ones responsible for the ironing. Almost done!

They weren't lying about the ironing part being the longest because I was already getting tired of sitting down! They used the L'Oreal x Rowenta steam iron and we finished at around 7:30PM. After which they applied the neutralizer, rinse, hair treatment, rinse. And by 8:30PM (actually almost 9PM) I was paid, and already walking to Shangri-La Mall with silky straight hair.

Right after my day at the salon, I met up with Karla and David.

The next day, Monday (15 December 2014) at Greenbelt with Karla. I wasn't allowed to wash it yet!

First time to wash my hair since having it rebonded.

Okay, so I was expecting something with more volume, but ended up still having almost pin-straight hair after shampooing. To achieve the "volume" part, I still Iron the ends of my hair inwards so it wouldn't look too... rebonded.

All in all, I'm very happy with my hair. It's very manageable! Except for the part where it gets really windy and my hair gets on my face. Every strand is shiny and it looks very natural. So I highly recommend V/O Victor Ortega Salon Premier!

Published this post tapos na-realize ko na wala pala'ng filter yung photos ko. So pinalitan ko lahat (except for the mirror shots) ng may filter.

Sorry if all of the photos include my face. Ganon talaga minsan, guys especially kapag personal experience. Ano daw???