30 Aug 2011

Manilart 2011 v.2

As most of you (probably) know, I went back to NBC tent for another round of Manilart 2011 just so I could take a better look at the artworks. I wasn't really able to get the titles of most of the artworks. Obviously I was too engrossed in taking their photos. Now, here are some of my favorites.

You know I've always had a thing for Photography.

27 Aug 2011

Time Bomb

Here I am once again, sitting in our computer lab.. blogging. One of the things I try to do as often as I can. My last post (as you can see / remember) was about Manilart 2011. This time I'll still be discussing art, but in a different form. It's actually one of my passions! Yup, you got it right, I'm talking about music.

This coming September 20, one of my favorite bands will be having Manila as one of their tour destinations and I can't help but be thrilled about it. At the same time, I feel extremely bad 'cause I don't really have the cash to see them. But thank the heavens for good people! One of my friends is giving me a ticket for the show which made me even more excited. The thing is, I don't know what seat we're going to have. Well, I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed for this one.

25 Aug 2011

Wedged Glory

I'm no fashion blogger, nor am I a super trendy person. But right now I just can't help but blog about this pair of shoes I came across online.

Wedge booties aren't the latest trend but when I saw these on Asian Vogue, I couldn't help but imagine myself wearing it on different occasions! Mostly in school, all I have to do is wear black socks and I'm good to go. Plus, they're not that expensive (which I'm really thankful for). Hopefully, I get to buy them in two weeks time. Keeping my fingers crossed! Besides, I'm in dire need of a pair of new shoes.

Manilart 2011

Today was the opening of Manilart 2011 and I wasn't really supposed to go. Heck, I wasn't supposed to do anything. I was going to stay home and try to work on my thesis but things don't normally go as planned. So I went to school with the mentality that I will have my thesis checked but it was all put to waste when my friend and I decided to just get a hot oil (treatment). I even got disappointed that I had it done (my hair) 'cause I didn't even see my crush but it was all put to good use when my mom told me that she got me a VIP ticket for Manilart. Actually I really was supposed to attend today but then my blockmates backed out so it's just me. Good thing I brought an extra shirt with me but I still felt extremely under-dressed. Around 97% of the attendees were in either barongs / suits / ternos / dresses / gowns / heels and me? I wore a regular tank top, skinny jeans and flats. Good thing I brought my cropped blazer with me or else..

Anyway, it's time for photos!

With Lester, Daniel and Tita Tess.

I really like taking photos of moving people. It's challenging.

Daniel (middle) got recognized for being.. I forgot. But I do remember how the host mentioned that he's a "Singapore-based" artist and how he laughed at it after 'cause he lives in Antipolo.

These are some of the artworks showcased in the event. There are a gazillion more so I really have to go back and check them out.

Did some spying.

Can you guess who?

Yup! It's the beautiful, Sarah Gaugler. CFAD represent!

And then we saw.. do I really have to tell you guys who this person is? Tessa Prieto-Valdes in the house!

Sorry if I'm not able to recognize the artists on this post. As I have said, I didn't really get to go near to somewhat "inspect" the artworks and find out the artist's names. I will though! You can totally hold me to that.

7 Aug 2011

Georgina x Mary Nicole

Yesterday marked the end of my sleepless nights (not really, but I'm hoping). I was finally able to submit my painting which I made using oil on canvas. I'm really happy about the painting even if I wasn't able to give her tattoos - oh, and just in case it isn't obvious yet, I named her (the painting) Georgina. Yeah, after the extremely gorgeous, Georgina Wilson. Even if she looks nothing like her. I actually made my friend, Ish Manuel my peg but it didn't look anything like her.

My peg for the painting is actually a friend of mine (Ish). I was also supposed to name it after her but since I had no idea what her real name was, I consulted my dear blockmates and "Georgina" is what I got.


Other than this, I had another entry for the Digital Fine Arts division but sadly, I wasn't able to submit it due to some annoying circumstances - my files got corrupted. Major bummer, I know. I spent all night working on it only to find out the following day that my efforts have been put to waste.

Inspired by one of my close friends, Mary Nicole (hence, the title of the artwork).

* * *

If you must know, this blog entry has been sitting around my drafts for weeks! But then I was blog-hopping so I got inspired. I have no idea how pro-bloggers do it. It's quite inspiring, though.

3 Aug 2011

Face lift

I need to give this blog a face lift - a new layout. This one is starting to make me vomit with all the bright colors. But then maybe I should just sleep it off, snap decisions don't really do good for me.