25 Aug 2011

Manilart 2011

Today was the opening of Manilart 2011 and I wasn't really supposed to go. Heck, I wasn't supposed to do anything. I was going to stay home and try to work on my thesis but things don't normally go as planned. So I went to school with the mentality that I will have my thesis checked but it was all put to waste when my friend and I decided to just get a hot oil (treatment). I even got disappointed that I had it done (my hair) 'cause I didn't even see my crush but it was all put to good use when my mom told me that she got me a VIP ticket for Manilart. Actually I really was supposed to attend today but then my blockmates backed out so it's just me. Good thing I brought an extra shirt with me but I still felt extremely under-dressed. Around 97% of the attendees were in either barongs / suits / ternos / dresses / gowns / heels and me? I wore a regular tank top, skinny jeans and flats. Good thing I brought my cropped blazer with me or else..

Anyway, it's time for photos!

With Lester, Daniel and Tita Tess.

I really like taking photos of moving people. It's challenging.

Daniel (middle) got recognized for being.. I forgot. But I do remember how the host mentioned that he's a "Singapore-based" artist and how he laughed at it after 'cause he lives in Antipolo.

These are some of the artworks showcased in the event. There are a gazillion more so I really have to go back and check them out.

Did some spying.

Can you guess who?

Yup! It's the beautiful, Sarah Gaugler. CFAD represent!

And then we saw.. do I really have to tell you guys who this person is? Tessa Prieto-Valdes in the house!

Sorry if I'm not able to recognize the artists on this post. As I have said, I didn't really get to go near to somewhat "inspect" the artworks and find out the artist's names. I will though! You can totally hold me to that.

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