22 Jan 2011

Something to Be Thrilled About

Other than my twentieth birthday that's coming up in four days (26), I got another thing to be excited / thrilled / ecstatic about with my awesome friend, Mary Nicole. And that is a concert this coming March! Yes, guys.. it's a show. They're not exactly my favorite band but an act like this is something that I just can't miss. Did I just rhyme? Most of you guys know that Anberlin's going to be here on March as well and that was our (Nicole and I) first choice. But then I found out about this other band and I just had to ditch Anberlin. Don't get me wrong, I think they're awesome and I absolutely love their tunes but I can't even, beyond words, explain how I felt when one of my playlist staples was going to be here!

Anberlin's poster.

As for the band I (sort of) forgot Anberlin for?

The Whitest Boy Alive!!!!

Okay, so they're not totally famous and not a lot of people can really appreciate music like theirs but I'm one of those few kids who do so shut up and let's dance to Burning!

Back to the subject of birthdays and the number twenty. I am less than thrilled because as I have experienced for the past two (almost) decades, there is no January 26 that I did not cry. I always do! It's so weird. Birthdays aren't my thing and you know that feeling wherein nothing ever goes your way and it's your freaking day? Yeah, well I don't want to be over dramatic or anything like that but it's just the way it is. Hopefully, all that goes well, ends well. To lighten up the mood, I have decided to share with you guys my wishlist!

A puppy - specifically a Beagle. Because I've always wanted one and it just seems like I never got my hands on these adorable creatures. I've had puppies sure (right now I have three dogs: a Labrador in yellow, a Border Collie, and a Pitbull. All boys.) but a Beagle would surely make my year! Also to make up for Pepper's loss. She died half a year ago. It was sad :( SO GIVE ME A BEAGLE, PLEASE!!!

Vans Authentics in royal blue. Just because I'm in dire need of blue shoes and a new pair of sneakers. So why not hit two birds in one stone?

Brown oxfords. Never had brown shoes, really. And I can see myself pairing them with anything!

An iPhone4. 'Nuff said.

A lipstick in neon orange. Not because it's my crush's favorite color but because I'd like to try out something new other than having nude lips all the time.

A Macbook Pro. Hello, daddy. :)

A new set of make up brushes! PLEASE.

Eye shadow palette. I don't want the tiny ones that come in so many colors. I'd rather have it in five-peso-coin sizes.

A Moleskine so I can hone my illustrating skills.

Back and forth plane tickets to the following destinations. But a one way ticket for London. ;)

Revlon Photo Ready liquid foundation just because it's perfect! It makes my skin glow, no kid.

Rosary necklace in black. I wore Nicole's in Wall Lords 2010 and I fell in love with it. Gives an ordinary outfit that added oomph!

These strappy wedges from Topshop. Karla and I tried them on and I swear to baby Jesus that I can run in those things. They are extraordinarily comfortable! I was surprised, myself.

A varsity jacket for those cold nights. Perfect for my forever default white-v-neck-and-shorts outfit.

Black platform pumps - preferably YSL but that's something long term. Also I would definitely go for the Tributes but black pumps would do for now!

Lace-up boots AKA combat boots. My dad's actually getting me a pair for my birthday so I'm pretty stoked.

Topshop cream cornelli neck dress to match the boots, the oxfords and the kicks. See, I don't buy anything just to use them once. I buy one thing that could match everything in my closet and shoe rack! Chos.

So there you go guys. My wishlist. I might add a few articles of clothing. I think I'm getting a new pair of jeans soon. My dark blue jeans just don't do anymore. Tee-hee.

If you want to get anything, you can reach me via comments! That easy!

18 Jan 2011

10 Jan 2011

Just Peachy

Like any of my other blog posts, I'd much rather it (my posts) be accompanied with images that reflect the mood. But seeing that it is currently 2:01 in the morning (Monday) then there's nothing really to upload with this entry.

So the thing is, I should be sleeping right now. I've never had a decent slumber every start of the week. I'm not used to having morning classes anymore (if you must know, my class starts at 7am and I should be up two hours from now). Do remind me to not take any of those next semester when I am about to take up my thesis and what not. Also known as the most dreaded year of my life as to I basically, still have no idea what topic would be perfect for me.

Anyway, that is all. I'd like to lay in bed now and ponder about the future. Goodbye.. for now, of course.

6 Jan 2011

Partially In Love

I think I might have partially fallen in love with Behance.net. Believe me when I say that my probably non-existent (or maybe just dry) creative juices have come to life and danced to a rather trippy song stuck in my head at the moment (preferably Young Blood by The Naked and Famous who aren't exactly naked but are the exact epitome of the latter).

It's a regular Thursday afternoon in school (yes, I am in school again as I am typing) and we're supposed to be working on our stop-motion plate. My chosen phrase is "Let it Be" and I was planning to take the audio from The Beatles' song and making John Lennon my character. As I was searching Google, illustrations that I can't take my eyes off came up.

There are two faces on the first letter (I).

Are they amazing or what? I have always been fascinated with illustrations and I wonder when I'll be capable of making such lovely works like what I just posted. Maybe when I'm less lazy when it comes to my chosen field?

1 Jan 2011

Welcome, 2011

Twenty-ten has been good and I don't regret a single thing. Actually I don't really remember half the things I did this year. Sadly, I have short-term memory loss. But the other half, I remember. And these memories are the ones that I will bring to 2011.

How did I end my 2010, you ask? My friends and I had an extremely spontaneous trip to Tagaytay. If you're from Manila, you're well-aware where and what this place is. Basically it's like a nearer version of Baguio. Well, for me at least. Anyway, it was the 30th of December and we (we meaning Karla, Andrei, Kyla and I) came together via Twitter (follow me!) and agreed. It was amazing. Its spontaneity added more fun to the already amazing thought.

Karla, Andrei and I.

Top: Forever 21, Striped Cardigan: Andrei's, Military-inspired Jacket: Thrift, Skinny Jeans, Studded Boots: Summersault, Chain Necklace, Chained Bag: Thrifted.

What I wore when we went to Tagaytay. I promised myself not to buy anything and that my money was only reserved for food and the likes. But things turned upside down and I ended up buying two dresses, one top and a nice bomber jacket.

After "shopping" for a little while, we headed over to Starbucks. We literally froze our asses off over there.

This is Kyla. She wore shorts. HAHAHA.

Tagaytay fog's pretty thick.

We stayed until around 11 and then we headed back to Manila. We were actually supposed to stay up until 5am which I was totally okay with minus the fact that I didn't have any more money. But then Karla's parents called them up so we had to go back.

It was a great day.. or night, rather. :)

More importantly,
Happy New Year, everybody!