10 Jan 2011

Just Peachy

Like any of my other blog posts, I'd much rather it (my posts) be accompanied with images that reflect the mood. But seeing that it is currently 2:01 in the morning (Monday) then there's nothing really to upload with this entry.

So the thing is, I should be sleeping right now. I've never had a decent slumber every start of the week. I'm not used to having morning classes anymore (if you must know, my class starts at 7am and I should be up two hours from now). Do remind me to not take any of those next semester when I am about to take up my thesis and what not. Also known as the most dreaded year of my life as to I basically, still have no idea what topic would be perfect for me.

Anyway, that is all. I'd like to lay in bed now and ponder about the future. Goodbye.. for now, of course.

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