6 Jan 2011

Partially In Love

I think I might have partially fallen in love with Behance.net. Believe me when I say that my probably non-existent (or maybe just dry) creative juices have come to life and danced to a rather trippy song stuck in my head at the moment (preferably Young Blood by The Naked and Famous who aren't exactly naked but are the exact epitome of the latter).

It's a regular Thursday afternoon in school (yes, I am in school again as I am typing) and we're supposed to be working on our stop-motion plate. My chosen phrase is "Let it Be" and I was planning to take the audio from The Beatles' song and making John Lennon my character. As I was searching Google, illustrations that I can't take my eyes off came up.

There are two faces on the first letter (I).

Are they amazing or what? I have always been fascinated with illustrations and I wonder when I'll be capable of making such lovely works like what I just posted. Maybe when I'm less lazy when it comes to my chosen field?

1 comment:

Pauline LeLoup said...

means: no haircut at all? ;)