1 Jan 2011

Welcome, 2011

Twenty-ten has been good and I don't regret a single thing. Actually I don't really remember half the things I did this year. Sadly, I have short-term memory loss. But the other half, I remember. And these memories are the ones that I will bring to 2011.

How did I end my 2010, you ask? My friends and I had an extremely spontaneous trip to Tagaytay. If you're from Manila, you're well-aware where and what this place is. Basically it's like a nearer version of Baguio. Well, for me at least. Anyway, it was the 30th of December and we (we meaning Karla, Andrei, Kyla and I) came together via Twitter (follow me!) and agreed. It was amazing. Its spontaneity added more fun to the already amazing thought.

Karla, Andrei and I.

Top: Forever 21, Striped Cardigan: Andrei's, Military-inspired Jacket: Thrift, Skinny Jeans, Studded Boots: Summersault, Chain Necklace, Chained Bag: Thrifted.

What I wore when we went to Tagaytay. I promised myself not to buy anything and that my money was only reserved for food and the likes. But things turned upside down and I ended up buying two dresses, one top and a nice bomber jacket.

After "shopping" for a little while, we headed over to Starbucks. We literally froze our asses off over there.

This is Kyla. She wore shorts. HAHAHA.

Tagaytay fog's pretty thick.

We stayed until around 11 and then we headed back to Manila. We were actually supposed to stay up until 5am which I was totally okay with minus the fact that I didn't have any more money. But then Karla's parents called them up so we had to go back.

It was a great day.. or night, rather. :)

More importantly,
Happy New Year, everybody!


Pauline LeLoup said...

Hey same-named blog, I really fell in love with your Bowie-skull!

AV said...

Oooh! That makes the both of us young and reckless then. :D I love your blog layout by the way and thank you :)