27 Jun 2008

Am I On The Right Track?

I don't know which one I should put first in my list! Is it my infinite love for fashion? Or my deep passion for photography? Or my future career as a graphic artist? Life is so difficult even when it comes to choosing!

Honestly, I want a lot of things. And there are series of dreams going through my mind right now. About what I really want and stuff like that. Hmm, what do I want?

I want front-row tickets to fashion show, be a style icon known world wide, own a boutique, be famous, get rich, high-fashion clothes, designer stuff, loads of fancy cameras.. the LIFE I've been dreaming of for so long. And I'm sharing this dream with my best friend of course. Who is (I'm telling you) an up and coming designer.

We have dreams of living abroad. A place such as Japan or New York or London. Own our own place, live the life, and the fact that we'd be able to do what we want is just glorious! The fun part between all the stress is doing what we love. Haha so I guess this is settled then? I'm actually for the fashion industry? But yes, I'm still going to fulfill my dreams of being a photographer.

Tyler could be just a stone's throw away. I know he is.♥

24 Jun 2008


I go out to dress up. So basically for me, that's having fun. Most of you go out to get drunk and dance. But it's not always like that. Getting dressed up for the event is what I'm always looking forward to. It always comes in a chronological order which is:
1) THE FASHION - getting dressed, prepping up, visualization, trying to come up with something. The first step is always exciting.
2) THE PEOPLE - may it be the people you're with or the people you meet.
3) THE MUSIC - yes, this one always counts.
4) THE DANCING - of course!
5) and lastly, HOW SMASHED UP WE GET - from the booze or whatever else you were taking that night.
Some things just make a lot of sense. Such as my list over here. Ha-ha!

The party I'm going to on Saturday sort of freaked me out in a bad way. Of course I was all giddy when I found out David was scoring me free tickets and that my friend (Mineza) had me guest listed together with the other people we're going with. But then it was a white party. Who wears white in clubs nowadays? It gets dirty so easily. So usually people wear black, any other color just not white. Oh well, I'm gonna have to treat this as a challenge. I don't like wearing white, I get dirty for a reason I don't know. Am I a dirt magnet or something? Gah. I've already thought of something to wear already, but I hope I pull it off wear. Even bought new shoes. Haha! I hope they arrive on time. Just before Saturday, I hope. Yeah, I ordered from Multiply.

Can somebody tell me how GCash works?

20 Jun 2008

Give It

I'll be back so soon you won't even have time to miss me. Look after my heart -- I've left it with you.

Two things.
1. I lost my phone yesterday.
2. I had my hair straightened today.

The first was horrid. Yesterday was a not-so-good day. Espana Boulevard was suddenly a river. We got so soaked, and we had to cross the damned street just so we'd be able to go to Makati (Jelly, Des and I). I met up with Aki, Aaron and Kate. Paulo went to Glorietta since I told him to do so. While I was in the MRT, I put my phone in my front pocket. The moment I sat down, I didn't have a phone anymore. Yeah, it's pretty tragic. To think that I just had it fixed last Sunday. :(

Second was a bit fun, at least. I met up with Desiree in school then we went to the salon to have our hair relaxed. At least my hair doesn't have its own life anymore. That's a relief. I hope tomorrow won't be miserable.

I finally finished drawing Jesus last night.. FOR LETTERING. Ang layo no?

17 Jun 2008


I was browsing my old blog. And I just realized how much of a vile person I was when I was in high school. I don't know, maybe up to now? HAHA! Well then, I was such of a war freak -- I practically hated everybody! At least now I'm more tamed when it comes to my post. Kasi before parang lagi akong galit. Or laging exage yung stories. At least now I know my post are kind of moderated (I hope I do send out that image).

My blogging fame is over a long time ago as most of you know. I don't even force anyone to read this anymore. For me blogging is a pastime. I realized that I shouldn't really make such a big fuss out of it. I blog for fun now, not for popularity. Because that's how it was before. When I was in second year high school. *snickers* I'm putting my past behind. I shouldn't lurk around my old blog anymore. It brings back the awful memory of my youth (as if I'm already an adult. HAH). High school is over, I've moved on, I've changed and I'm living my life to the fullest. Things go wrong and they get fixed. I am happy, content (somehow) and in college. This could be the peak of my life for all I know! But I'm obviously hoping for something better in the future.

Okay, time to work on my homeworks now! I'll start with the seven elements of art. Then I'll draw Jesus after. Or maybe I'll do the latter tomorrow. I'm so tired.

Wait For it to Come


Today was tiring as usual. Just like yesterday. And the other day. And the other, other day. *sighs* I know what I got myself in to, but I didn't think that it was going to be this stressful already! *thinks* It's the time. Waking up very early (for most of us) and going home in a not so reasonable time. Having three subjects per day at the most that lasts not less than three hours. And the heat makes it worse. That's it, I'm staying inside Beato tomorrow. And I'll just go out to eat. And only 'til after school with Dora since she's really coming (She promised). I hate my PE -- it's gonna be held outdoors. I hope it rains every time we have it. :| I'm not a fan of the sun.

I miss you so much :(

15 Jun 2008

Blow My Mind

1st and 2nd photo: Jelly, myself, Desiree and Mineza
FINALLY, pictures of the people I'm always with in school! Haha I love them already. Fun fun fun! :) Orientation tomorrow. I hope it doesn't get too hot. Literally.

13 Jun 2008

My Dog

I recently found out due to extensive observation that one of my dogs is a Border Collie (dog above is not mine). Everything about him (Saddam, the dog) resembles that of a real Border Collie. So we (my family and I) figured out while browsing through a book about dogs that he is one. Ignore the name if you may, please. None of it was my idea. It was purely Junichi's (my brother's friend). But it's my fault I asked him the night he was given to us. He's a very nice, loyal, sweet and very reserved dog. Believe it or not, he eats a piece of bread little by little. He's also very shy and fierce at the same time. Amazing huh? Maybe you should meet him. Together with our three black Labradors and two natives. *Sigh* I love animals.

It was just twelve midnight and I was already sleepy. Come one in the morning and I was already closing my eyes. During these times I'm not usually sleepy yet since I typically sleep around two or three. To think that I've only been to two days of school. And my body clock's already worked up. Which means I don't get to stay up a lot often. No parties, I guess. And no more late-night texting with Paulo. Haha oh well. Monday will roll by and his classes would start. The both of us will be starting to sleep earlier! Haha.

Can anyone hook me up with a four-year supply of band aid? You know, for my paltos. New shoes do this to me all the time. Even if they're just the right size. Ah well, at least I know I'm not the only one who's been getting paltos due to new school shoes! Haha! And I hate to admit it but I just bought those foot-stockings. The ones some college girls use for their school shoes. Yeah that, I just bought two pairs last night since this is an emergency. Although me and my classmates decided to bring flip flops with us everyday. And wear them every break time.. If we do have a break that is. I mean, our Saturday schedule is just dope. Mondays are okay, we only have to stay in one room for three minor subjects. I only have one subject on Tuesday which is PE. And I'm just thankful that Pau (my classmate) and I have the same PE schedule (and sport). So yes. It doesn't bother me anymore. The PE, I mean.

I need a new wallet. Mine might suddenly give up on me. Not very good. No, not good at all.

12 Jun 2008

Right On!

I figured that I haven't really posted any picture or some sort of my classmates. And here they are!

Cheryl and Manel
Krizeel (Krizel), Anne S., I forgot :(, Mika and Jobi
Hannah and Melai
There are more, obviously. But I was just too lazy to take pictures. Maybe around next week or something.. When we're all close. And when I already know their names. Well I know most of them but the others, I just can't remember. Hmm..


Second day palang namin ng class nag-malling na agad kami! After Anatomy (which started past seven and ended at 8.30am), we had a very LOOOONG break. Our next class was at 2pm which is Free Hand Drawing. So six hours, diba? Ano naman gagawin namin dun? :)) So yeah, we went around the school, back and forth, etc with my classmates. Then we (Desiree, Mineza, Jelly and I) went to SM San Lazaro then we watched a movie. Can you guess what?

YESSSS! I finally got to see it XD Honestly, it was okay. Not too grand, it was a bit funny. But we had fun. We were able to while away. And we got to bond! Not too bad, right?

After our last subject (Free Hand Drawing), we just hung out. And ate. We only realized how hungry we were while sitting in one of the pavs. So the four of us just ate pizza and bought iced tea.

Then after the hanging-out and all that, I met up with *coughpaulocough* in Legarda. Then he came with me all the way to Antipolo. And even treated me the fair! Haha, it was very sweet of him. He lives all the way in Paco. Faaaaar :| Oh well. It was a fun ride. Sabi nya mag-gel daw ako ng bangs. Salbahe. He hates my new hair but he can't do anything about it now. Pero wala lang, thank you parin Paulo :)


I'm going to Quiapo tomorrow to buy a nice umbrella! Bang's not replying though, and mom's tagging along.

11 Jun 2008

First Impressions and Swollen Throats

Today is about how my day went as a freshman.

I should have listened to my parents. Sleeping early and all that. I fell asleep around 1am which was already early compared to my usual 2.30 / 3am bedtime on regular days. I was all set, my stuff were already in the bag, and I already said my good nights to the people I was texting. The moment I woke up, the first thing I checked was the window - to see if the sun had already risen. And yes, it already has. So immediately I checked out my cellphone to see the time - LO AND BEHOLD - it was already 6 in the freaking morning!!!!! So you know how this goes right? I was supposed to wake up at 4, be ready by 5, leave home around 5.15. BUT I FAILED! I FAILED BADLY! D: Good thing the professor knew my dad and all so he signed my registration form. Whew.

Michael kept bugging me if my prof was done yet and when he (Sir Zamora) finally finished, I texted him then we hung out. Went to P. Noval then went to one of the pavs where I met uhh.. his friends. I forgot their names. They performed magic for me. HAHAHAHA! Flattering. And it was kind of funny because when we went to sit on one of the pavs, I noticed this Korean girl was looking at me. And when I looked t her, I totally flipped! It was Becky! Very surprising, I missed her a lot. I even greeted her on her birthday but she changed her number na pala. Oh well, I'm glad she's there.

At first I thought I wouldn't make any decent friends but I surprisingly did. My classmates were fun. But I didn't have the chance to meet the boys. Walang cute, pwede ba. Higher batches lang yun! Haha oh well. All in all, it wasn't a very bad day. Although I was practically panicking the moment I woke up and all, the day went surprisingly well. I'm relieved.

ME: Ano name mo?
CLASSMATE: *says her name* (sorry, I forgot). Eh ikaw?
ME: Anne. *smiles*
CLASSMATE: Ah! Ikaw yung late!

Awful first impression. Ah well, bawi nalang!

Second day tomorrow! Gotta be there on time.

10 Jun 2008

I Kissed Makati Goodbye

Not quite yet. But I have accepted the fact that I won't be around the area as much as I've been in the past year (which was very great). I've grown attached to the place and moving on to a new environment might be quite hard. The nearest mall is in Cubao for crying out loud! But it's not like I'm going to hang out there. Oh I'm sorry, does it sound like I'm disgusted? Ah well, I don't know. I don't really find Gateway mall very entertaining. It's so small compared to what I'm used to (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Shang). And it's too crowded for my liking which is sad. Filled with college students with too long of a break. I'd choose P. Noval over that mall any day!

Oh well.. I'd get used to these new things. And no Gateway for me. Plus, Tuesday is Makati day. Seeing that I only have PE.


I'm having first-day jitters. Like butterflies in my stomach and whatnots. I'm more of scared than excited if you ask me. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

7 Jun 2008


I saw this movie last Wednesday with my friends from school (Aki, CJ, Aron, Jackie, Celine, Jonie, Bebang and Andrei although he doesn't go to my school). It was so funny! Especially this one part when Miranda found out that her husband cheated on him. It was funny for all of us since two people from the group can relate to the extremes. The rest of us were just suppressing our laughters. The clothes were amazing! Everything was just glorious. I can't wait to go to Manhattan.

New York is everything I've dreamed of. And also London, France, Italy!

Designer brands, high-living, fabulous life style, high-heels, stilettos, front-row seats, VIP passes, Celebrity status.

I want the ultimate Manhattan life.

And I'm willing to work hard for it. :D

Tyler, baby.. Please come home ♥
Mommy can't wait to finally have you in her hands. You're too precious to not look for. And you are for my career! XD

3 Jun 2008

You are a mystery

Everyone, meet Mystery Man. Well actually, he's no mystery to me.

Tomorrow is one of those days which got me excited since last week. It was all set, really. Until something comes up, of course.. and then I go all sulk-y and dull and boring and bratty and hot-headed.

Last week, MM and I had a plan for next week Wednesday (which is already tomorrow) to see a movie, have merienda and eventually hang out with my fashion school friends. It got me thrilled because I haven't seen him since last May 21 where I got all bitter (Hint!). I'm okay now, if you didn't know. And if you have no idea what's going on with my life then don't meddle, I guess. I don't think it will get you anywhere. So yes, back to the topic, everything was set, I already have something to wear (HAHA) and we're bound to see Sex and The City (SEX AND THE CITY!!!) with my friends. But of course he doesn't know that one yet. What he knows is that we'll be seeing Iron Man (Okay, I'm a loser.. I haven't seen it yet :|) alone.. together. But there had been some change of plans, so we'll be seeing the other movie. Also, tomorrow is my tita's birthday. She and Tita Dith will have a day off. So my mom was telling me (Not asking) to guard the shop in Tiendesitas. She didn't even ask me what I was going to do tomorrow. How inconsiderate. :( Now I'm all dull, and I don't know how to tell MM over here about the change of plans. I mean, I could have asked him to come with me to Tiendesitas but all the tinderas there would just gossip about me, being with someone else. And this someone else is a guy! So it means trouble. You see, I haven't introduced him to my parents yet. And no, we are not an item. Yet. So there, I'm going to try and discuss things with my mom. I hope she doesn't go all cranky with me since I'm just going to tell her what I have to do tomorrow. Not about MM, of course.

This week is my last week in Slim's (Fashion & Art's School). And I'd love to spend time with my Makati friends. And I would also highly appreciate it if she considers my plans. I was going to buy tita Beng pizza from Yellow Cab tomorrow but if mom insists on me, staying at the shop then no more pizza. And I'd be all suplada tomorrow, most probably. THE WEATHER WILL PROBABLY MAKE HYSTERICAL AND GROSS. And if she doesn't let me go to school tomorrow, I'd look awful. No make up, no efforts in dressing up, I'd look like trash. Something that hasn't taken a bath for weeks. No. Someone who looks absolutely hopeless. The sole fact that I'm thinking of not looking a bit decent is awful, but I'm trying to be rebellious. *Fails badly*. I'm the greatest wuss, I think. But if, I really, really don't end up going to school tomorrow, I'm drowning myself in Wuthering Heights. I love you Emily Bronte.

I'm so sorry, baby :(