11 Jun 2008

First Impressions and Swollen Throats

Today is about how my day went as a freshman.

I should have listened to my parents. Sleeping early and all that. I fell asleep around 1am which was already early compared to my usual 2.30 / 3am bedtime on regular days. I was all set, my stuff were already in the bag, and I already said my good nights to the people I was texting. The moment I woke up, the first thing I checked was the window - to see if the sun had already risen. And yes, it already has. So immediately I checked out my cellphone to see the time - LO AND BEHOLD - it was already 6 in the freaking morning!!!!! So you know how this goes right? I was supposed to wake up at 4, be ready by 5, leave home around 5.15. BUT I FAILED! I FAILED BADLY! D: Good thing the professor knew my dad and all so he signed my registration form. Whew.

Michael kept bugging me if my prof was done yet and when he (Sir Zamora) finally finished, I texted him then we hung out. Went to P. Noval then went to one of the pavs where I met uhh.. his friends. I forgot their names. They performed magic for me. HAHAHAHA! Flattering. And it was kind of funny because when we went to sit on one of the pavs, I noticed this Korean girl was looking at me. And when I looked t her, I totally flipped! It was Becky! Very surprising, I missed her a lot. I even greeted her on her birthday but she changed her number na pala. Oh well, I'm glad she's there.

At first I thought I wouldn't make any decent friends but I surprisingly did. My classmates were fun. But I didn't have the chance to meet the boys. Walang cute, pwede ba. Higher batches lang yun! Haha oh well. All in all, it wasn't a very bad day. Although I was practically panicking the moment I woke up and all, the day went surprisingly well. I'm relieved.

ME: Ano name mo?
CLASSMATE: *says her name* (sorry, I forgot). Eh ikaw?
ME: Anne. *smiles*
CLASSMATE: Ah! Ikaw yung late!

Awful first impression. Ah well, bawi nalang!

Second day tomorrow! Gotta be there on time.

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