20 Jun 2008

Give It

I'll be back so soon you won't even have time to miss me. Look after my heart -- I've left it with you.

Two things.
1. I lost my phone yesterday.
2. I had my hair straightened today.

The first was horrid. Yesterday was a not-so-good day. Espana Boulevard was suddenly a river. We got so soaked, and we had to cross the damned street just so we'd be able to go to Makati (Jelly, Des and I). I met up with Aki, Aaron and Kate. Paulo went to Glorietta since I told him to do so. While I was in the MRT, I put my phone in my front pocket. The moment I sat down, I didn't have a phone anymore. Yeah, it's pretty tragic. To think that I just had it fixed last Sunday. :(

Second was a bit fun, at least. I met up with Desiree in school then we went to the salon to have our hair relaxed. At least my hair doesn't have its own life anymore. That's a relief. I hope tomorrow won't be miserable.

I finally finished drawing Jesus last night.. FOR LETTERING. Ang layo no?

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