24 Jun 2008


I go out to dress up. So basically for me, that's having fun. Most of you go out to get drunk and dance. But it's not always like that. Getting dressed up for the event is what I'm always looking forward to. It always comes in a chronological order which is:
1) THE FASHION - getting dressed, prepping up, visualization, trying to come up with something. The first step is always exciting.
2) THE PEOPLE - may it be the people you're with or the people you meet.
3) THE MUSIC - yes, this one always counts.
4) THE DANCING - of course!
5) and lastly, HOW SMASHED UP WE GET - from the booze or whatever else you were taking that night.
Some things just make a lot of sense. Such as my list over here. Ha-ha!

The party I'm going to on Saturday sort of freaked me out in a bad way. Of course I was all giddy when I found out David was scoring me free tickets and that my friend (Mineza) had me guest listed together with the other people we're going with. But then it was a white party. Who wears white in clubs nowadays? It gets dirty so easily. So usually people wear black, any other color just not white. Oh well, I'm gonna have to treat this as a challenge. I don't like wearing white, I get dirty for a reason I don't know. Am I a dirt magnet or something? Gah. I've already thought of something to wear already, but I hope I pull it off wear. Even bought new shoes. Haha! I hope they arrive on time. Just before Saturday, I hope. Yeah, I ordered from Multiply.

Can somebody tell me how GCash works?

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