12 Jun 2008

Right On!

I figured that I haven't really posted any picture or some sort of my classmates. And here they are!

Cheryl and Manel
Krizeel (Krizel), Anne S., I forgot :(, Mika and Jobi
Hannah and Melai
There are more, obviously. But I was just too lazy to take pictures. Maybe around next week or something.. When we're all close. And when I already know their names. Well I know most of them but the others, I just can't remember. Hmm..


Second day palang namin ng class nag-malling na agad kami! After Anatomy (which started past seven and ended at 8.30am), we had a very LOOOONG break. Our next class was at 2pm which is Free Hand Drawing. So six hours, diba? Ano naman gagawin namin dun? :)) So yeah, we went around the school, back and forth, etc with my classmates. Then we (Desiree, Mineza, Jelly and I) went to SM San Lazaro then we watched a movie. Can you guess what?

YESSSS! I finally got to see it XD Honestly, it was okay. Not too grand, it was a bit funny. But we had fun. We were able to while away. And we got to bond! Not too bad, right?

After our last subject (Free Hand Drawing), we just hung out. And ate. We only realized how hungry we were while sitting in one of the pavs. So the four of us just ate pizza and bought iced tea.

Then after the hanging-out and all that, I met up with *coughpaulocough* in Legarda. Then he came with me all the way to Antipolo. And even treated me the fair! Haha, it was very sweet of him. He lives all the way in Paco. Faaaaar :| Oh well. It was a fun ride. Sabi nya mag-gel daw ako ng bangs. Salbahe. He hates my new hair but he can't do anything about it now. Pero wala lang, thank you parin Paulo :)


I'm going to Quiapo tomorrow to buy a nice umbrella! Bang's not replying though, and mom's tagging along.

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