27 Jun 2008

Am I On The Right Track?

I don't know which one I should put first in my list! Is it my infinite love for fashion? Or my deep passion for photography? Or my future career as a graphic artist? Life is so difficult even when it comes to choosing!

Honestly, I want a lot of things. And there are series of dreams going through my mind right now. About what I really want and stuff like that. Hmm, what do I want?

I want front-row tickets to fashion show, be a style icon known world wide, own a boutique, be famous, get rich, high-fashion clothes, designer stuff, loads of fancy cameras.. the LIFE I've been dreaming of for so long. And I'm sharing this dream with my best friend of course. Who is (I'm telling you) an up and coming designer.

We have dreams of living abroad. A place such as Japan or New York or London. Own our own place, live the life, and the fact that we'd be able to do what we want is just glorious! The fun part between all the stress is doing what we love. Haha so I guess this is settled then? I'm actually for the fashion industry? But yes, I'm still going to fulfill my dreams of being a photographer.

Tyler could be just a stone's throw away. I know he is.♥

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